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“Do Not Look to Government to Reveal”

Andrew Eardley has shared two excerpts from readings with Archangels Valdar and Michael that shed more light on the delegations and their progress.

There is a significant body of knowledge “out there” in the form of people’s readings with Linda. I encourage anyone else who has a helpful commentary from a reading to share it with us if at all possible. Using pseudonyms is fine.

Archangel Valdar in a personal reading with Andrew Eardley through Linda Dillon, May 22, 2019

Andrew: Recently in various blog postings there has been the suggestion that this imminent extra-terrestrial disclosure might bypass official governmental circles which may still be reluctant to admit to past contacts with Star beings and that it would come about via ‘Delegations’. Can you enlarge on this subject and perhaps explain what is meant by ‘Delegations’ and how this procedure might in practice proceed?

Archangel Valdar: Do not look to the United States government – or any government – at this point to be the revealer or the primary agent of what you term and what we call Disclosure. The intent of the United States government is more related to control and usurping of control and authority and the use and control of mechanisms rather than sharing – and that [Dislcosure] simply will not be permitted.

Insofar as the Delegations are concerned, these come from people with, shall we say, credibility and  authority – both human and Divine.

Insofar as the Delegations are concerned, what we suggest to you is that there are individuals who… yes, have credibility or authority – either known by us or known by the human race – in order to step forward.

These Delegations are by intent – and this has been part of the shift as well – by intent, not in positions of manipulation, not in positions to – or a desire to, which is even more important – control or usurp the power or [access] to such technologies.

So various Delegations will take place and already have started taking place, by the way, in various places around the planet, and these are done… think of them as gatherings or meet-ups that are occurring between the Delegations either from UFOG [Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies] or from the Intergalactic Council and selected human beings.

The purpose in these meetings is that there will be the presence… First of all, they will be protected – they will be under a cloak – so that they cannot be interfered with, but the whole idea is that they will be recorded to some extent – not all of them, but to some extent – so that the release of this information can be made ‘viral’ in a very public way so that it can’t be controlled.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Andrew Eardley through Linda Dillon, July 29, 2019

Archangel Michael: The Delegations are – seen and unseen – already underway. Your role is not really part of the Delegations. It is lying elsewhere. But there is an assumption that those who are part of the Delegations are merely Lightworkers, and that is not so.

In fact a large number of them are physicists, astronomers, astrophysicists, politicians of the highest realm and yes, those who have been kept under cover. What is happening with these Delegations [is that] it is already people who either know – or who have scientifically or spiritually known – that there is a connection with their Star family. But it is to reach the broadest base possible, so that is not particularly your role. Your role comes later. But yes, they are already underway.

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