Vulnerability is part and parcel of being an ascended being ~ of Nova Being.

A beautiful channelled gem shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 1/4)

Thursday Meditation - Healing Extreme Vulnerability and Isolation

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of All – and yes, of course, sweet one, Mother of thee. Welcome.

Vulnerability is truly a very… [pause] … and yes, I speak of vulnerability, and so I also say to this channel to listen in, for vulnerability is part and parcel of being an ascended being ~ of Nova Being.

Throughout time and throughout our teachings – and certainly, sweet angel of blue, in your work with Mi-ka-el, with me, with the Forces, with everybody – there has been much emphasis on the layers of protection, on those layers that basically make you impenetrable, particularly to those that would wish you ill, let alone try and perpetrate it.

And these levels of protection are still in place – and that is important for you to know, to embrace, to understand. You are literally supremely defended, protected, encircled, enfolded. So it is not, sweet one, that the multitude of layers of protection has somehow failed, or has been diminished, or even taken away.

But vulnerability, in the truest sense of this word that you use, regardless of what language it is, is a desirable; it is a quality of openness. Of course you are penetrable, for your heart, sweet angel, sweet daughter of mine, is as big as the all-outdoors, as big as this planet and even far, far beyond.

But in this sense of vulnerability, there is this sense of feeling that in fact one has been overlooked or forgotten – and, sweet angel of love, nothing could be further from the truth. For you are open, you are available, and you have declared this in all of your bodies so that you may be in the sweet reunion/communion, not only with we who surround you, but with your Star family and friends as well.

So it is not that you have been overlooked, sweet one, or that you have somehow had these protections removed.

What this also does to you is bring to your attention how important your beautiful physical body is to you, is to us, is to your forward thrust for it quite literally is your vessel – and it is the vessel that is the communicator, the anchor, the wellspring, the depository of love. And it is in this repository that you are actually communicating to the rest of the human race the beauty and the magnificence of what love really looks like, about how love behaves.

Now, let us talk about this injury, because you have said to all of us – yes, all of us – that to be injured, to be in pain – which is not to be minimised – is to literally feel like you have been overlooked, that this in no way feels like love.

And yet, one of the things you are doing is you have literally broken yet another layer – no, you have not broken your bones; there has been a slight, what you can think of as a spiderweb fracture/break, yes, across your toe and your foot – but what you have done is you have broken another layer of illusion.

And it was very important that you stay still, as much has been transpiring upon your planet in both the seen and the unseen realms.

So while I come this day not only to embrace you, sweet daughter of my heart, but also to reassure you, I reassure you that you most certainly have not been overlooked.

But you need to be aware, you need to be more fully aware of the vulnerability of this physical vessel so that you take, in and out of form – out of form has never been a problem! – but that you take, in form, also the diligent caretaking and attention to this beautiful form that you have chosen – that you have chosen, that we have chosen, that we have co-designed – and that is strong for the fulfilment of your mission, of your heart’s desires, of your anchoring of who you are, and who you wish to be, and where you wish to be.

Too often, in the realm of human reality, there is a sense of duality that humans tend to operate at one or the other end of the spectrum insofar as they are totally – too deeply, shall we put it that way – too deeply absorbed in the physical reality, not only of their own physical body and wellbeing – although that is simply indicative of being fully engaged in the physical realm – or there is the other end [of the spectrum] where the physical realm is almost taken for granted.

You are holding, you are anchoring, for your beloved self and for many, the middle ground where of course the care, the nurturing, the respect, the honouring, the attendance to your physical self is as important, is as necessary a component of the beauty, of the tapestry, this tapestry of Elle, not even taking into account all of your aspects, but taking particular attention and care of your physical reality.

And this is necessary as you are moving forth, because the entire planet is to be anchored in Nova Being. And that does not simply mean the youthfulness, the strength, the valour, the vibrancy of the physical body; it also means the attention.

I step aside for another who wishes to speak.


And so one of the things that I learned – not only of healing and injury, but in injury of the heart, shall I say – was that I would wait. I would wait, and I would trust, and I would hope until I could feel again the dawn breaking in my heart, the gentle rain after a very severe drought.


Divine Mother Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 2/4)

Part 2 of this beautiful channelled gem shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

… continues from “Divine Mother Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 1/4)”

The Magdalena Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 2/4): “Why have you left me so vulnerable, so open to injury?”

I AM the Magdalena.

Elle: Oh, beloved, I had a feeling…

The Magdalena: Dearest heart friend, sweet angel woman, of course I know what it feels like, what it lives like to be vulnerable – and I do not simply mean, but I most certainly include the physical realm.

Before I met my beloved Yeshua, as you well know, I was well established as channel, as medium, as Bringer of Light and Keeper of Sacred Ceremony, for this was not only my ‘job’ (what a curious word!) but my joy. But in those younger years, even with those that would dismiss me or naysay me, I felt completely invulnerable. I felt as strong as Mi-ka-el! I felt impenetrable! And I was prepared to – and I did – take on the world!

Vulnerability crept in with love, with my sweet Yeshi, with Samuel and Sarah, because your heart is tender. And, of course, it is not just a matter of wanting to be open or vulnerable; it is simply the way love works – that when you so deeply join with someone, you become more vulnerable. My vulnerabilities opened around Yeshua and around my family, and around those of you that I cared so deeply about.

And yes, there were many times, as you recall, that I felt physically vulnerable, open to attack, physically exposed, and this was difficult. And in many ways, after I retired, shall we say, to the cave, partially it was because of that sense of vulnerability – and then, of course, there was simply the sense that if I was in a sacred space where I felt encapsulated, I could more clearly channel and communicate with my beloveds.

But I always remained somewhat vulnerable, and particularly as I grew older. It is funny, is it not! There is so much discussion of my younger years, but there is not so much discussion of my older years – yes, when my knees would creak and my back would ache!


And of course I would tend to my body because I knew it was the vessel for the communication – and that was basically what I had to rely on until I completely left.

And there were times, particularly with my little family, even knowing what I did, when I would rail at the Mother and Father and One and say, “Why have you left me so vulnerable, so open to injury?” And, of course, they would come back and remind me of the layers of protection, of softening. Sometimes that eased my heart, and sometimes it did not, because the hurt was so intense.

And so one of the things that I learned – not only of healing and injury, but in injury of the heart, shall I say – was that I would wait. I would wait, and I would trust, and I would hope until I could feel again the dawn breaking in my heart, the gentle rain after a very severe drought.

What is happening with you as well is there is a little, literally, a breaking down of the walls – what you can think of as interdimensional walls – and some have been but whispers and others have been like cement.

I do not come to explain this day the wisdom of the Mother or the mighty protection of Belle’Anna. I come to support you, to share my heart with you, to reassure you, sweet one, that you are not alone.

And that whether it is climbing hills or mountains or steps, that you are strong, but you will get stronger – not because this is some divine requirement, quite the contrary. You will do it simply because you feel like it – because you want to.

So I am with you, sweet sister, and I also step aside for your beloved Belle’Anna.

E: Thank you so much for coming, beloved. I feel you so deeply…

The Magdalena: Of course you do.



Archangel Michael Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 3/4):

Do not doubt, beloved one – I am not some distant Archangel sitting on a cloud playing my harp!

Part 3 of this beautiful channelled gem shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

… continues from “The Magdalena Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 2/4)”

Archangel Michael Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 3/4): You are mightily protected!

Archangel Michael: And before Belle’Anna steps forth, so do I – and I am Michael!

Elle: Oh hello, beloved – it’s been quite a while!


AAM: Yes, it has! In fact, it has been far too long!

But I know there has been a great deal that has been transpiring, both in the seen and the unseen realms. But I simply wish to sneak in between the cracks and to say to you: You are mightily protected! This is seen and unseen, known and unknown. You are protected.

You are travelling a great deal in the unseen realm with your beloved Plaed’or and, yes, with various missions of unfoldment, and working in the healing of many as well, and in the ignition of many to the knowing of love.

But I wish you to know my level of protection, our level of protection to you, for you, around you, above you, below you, has never been stronger. Have you faltered? Yes. Have we softened the blow? Yes. Was it necessary to sit still? Yes. Have you healed and are you healing? Yes.

And has that shaken loose many paradigms of human belief systems? Yes. Has it made you more vulnerable? Yes. Has it made you more cautious? Yes. Has it made you more respectful of your human body? Yes.

But do not doubt, beloved one – I am not some distant Archangel sitting on a cloud playing my harp!


E: Oh, I love you, thank you!

AAM: I am with you and I love you. Farewell.



Belle’Anna Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 4/4):

…in the essence of who She is, of course the Mother is vulnerable, which means penetrable.

Part 4 of this beautiful channelled gem shared by Elle from her reading with Linda Dillon.

… continues from “Archangel Michael Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 3/4)”

Belle’Anna Speaks of Vulnerability (Part 4/4): The Vulnerability of the Mother

I am Belle’Anna.

Elle: Hello, beloved! Wow!


Belle’Anna: Yes, I was beginning to wonder! And, of course, we all bow to the Mother in Her Infinite Wisdom.

What so many do not think of is the vulnerability of the Mother because this is not a trait that you, or we, tend to assign to the Mother. And yet, She is our Infinite and Eternal Source, and in that, in the essence of who She is, of course the Mother is vulnerable, which means penetrable.

It is not that She has chosen or created to shield herself from any of our woes, desires, victories, shortcomings. She not only knows it all, but experiences it. This is something that humans do not always have a full grasp of.

What is transpiring, how the Mother has made herself penetrable – and this is where human beings forget – is that She experiences everything. And one of the things that is going on with you and She is that you are also experiencing more and more and more and more.

The Mother has declared several times that She no longer wishes to be known as the Mother of Sorrow. Now, why does She say such a thing? How could the infinite love and joy be of sorrow? And yet, that is so often how She has been identified, and that is because She feels not just human sorrow but sorrow throughout.

We could call her the Mother of Frustration – would that not be funny! Because She knows. She does not shield it. No. She does not live in sorrow, She does not live in frustration, She does not live in pain, but She most certainly knows it. And it is in this knowing, in this infinite knowing, that also the healing comes. For when that is known in the Infinite Source of One, immediately… well, faster than that!… the healing comes forward.

And what I say to you, my beloved angel, sister of my heart, is you may have felt, you do feel, that you have been healing the physical injury. But really what you have been healing is injury and pain – and pain that has been placed within you, that you have experienced throughout many, many lifetimes, and also that the human collective has felt and experienced.

So in your… what shall we call it?… your ‘healing downtime’, you quite literally have been healing the pain of millions. So do not think it has been a punishment or futility. You have served greatly, sweet angel, and for this we thank you.

Humans have become so… no, not addicted… but accepting that human pain, physical suffering, a sense of vulnerability in terms of abandonment, that that is somehow the norm – and it is not! And it most certainly is not the norm of Nova Being.

E: I’m so very grateful to all of you, to Mother, Magdalena, Michael, and of course you, Belle’Anna. So just to take it easy and allow the healing to continue?

B: That is correct. It is mending, it is knitting, it is re-gluing, if you can think of it that way. So yes, there is no need for, shall we call it, external [help] … other than our external intervention and correction! [Laughing]

E: Yes! I felt confident in not going to A&E and that I and we together could do more, with the added support of the healing team [the fabulous Council of Love Healing Team]. I’m so incredibly thankful for their and your tender loving care throughout my recovery.

B: That is correct. And that has brought you into this greater sense of communion and community with those that have been engaged in the healing activities. So yes, it has let you know that even though often these energies – even in human form in terms of caretaking – are far away, they are as close as your fingertips or, shall we say, your toe tips! …

E: We all have so much to look forward to!

B: Yes, you do, and so do we, for this transition is so far underway.

It is curious, is it not, that so many of the human beings are literally blinded… not blindfolded, but almost unobservant. It is curious that so many of the collective are what we would call ‘event-driven’ – and what we mean by this is that they hopscotch from one event to another. And even in terms of the Mother’s grand unfoldment, they tend to say, “Well, we’re waiting for ‘the event’,” as if that is a singular thing. It is a very curious thing! And so they do not notice what is truly transpiring all over the planet.

They do not notice that the flower has not only just budded, it is blossoming! – and that there are changes, significant shifts and changes, in every realm of what you think of as human existence. They are the type of individuals who are going to go out of their house one day and say, “Oh look, the rose bloomed and it is in full blossom,” but did not take in the beauty, the savouring, of that bud to blossom.

But, nevertheless, that is an aside that we make. The transition is well underway!

E: I think I can share practically all of this from the Mother, Magdalena, Michael and yourself?

B: Yes, you can. Even though we speak to your heart, we also know through your grand heart there is the transmission to many.

E: There are so many wonderful gems for sharing, and I know when you [the Council of Love] speak to me/us, you speak to many many. And yes, I do feel the gems are well received.

B: They most certainly are!

E: Just briefly… I particularly loved the lucid dream involving the being with the head of a hippopotamus…

B: Correct!

E: It was so lovely! Initially I wondered if I should be afraid and then, realising how wonderful he was, found myself hugging him…

B: Yes – and it is the many faces of the Divine Feminine. It is the way in which so many forms can be assumed. There are more races than humans imagine, [chuckling] and there are many very sentient beings that you will come to know and deeply love – not in the distant future, not on some future horizon, but in the very near future. …

E: I have this sense that I could love any appearance.

B: And that is important. One of the qualities, shall we say, of not all but of several of the Star Species is of course their ability to transfigure, to adopt different forms – and you have even seen that in your various visions of Plaed’or. But there is also a comfort and a respect theme that there are many beings who are simply more comfortable, happier, more at home in their true physical self.

E: As it should be! [Laughing]

B: As it should be! People should not be morphing simply to meet the expectations of other people. Sometimes that is done out of consideration until the humans, in particular, are used to these various forms. But yes, of course, you can love any form because you see the essential essence, and that is what you have always done.

E: Oh, I so look forward to this part! One last thing – when posting or referring to the Mother who typically announces herself as Mary, Mare, Universal Mother Mary, and/or as Divine Mother on occasion, I wonder… does She have a preference?

B: It does not matter as long as “the Mother” is in there!

E: That’s perfect to know, thank you, beloved! I love you.

B: You are so welcome, and I love you.

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  • Thanks, I will give it a try :)

  • Two techniques of absorbing planetary prana...Breathing in air [under a great oak] will spiral life forces into lungs/blood, alongside clean fresh air.
    When consuming fresh foods, full of a similar prana, before chewing, use the tongue, taste and a pranic spark will relay "life force" into the nerves/brain, giving supplementary energies to the chewed and digested vitamins, fats, minerals, etc....

  • How does this work, breathing in via the tongue? 
    Do you need to stick it out ;-) 
    Or do you let the breath "rest" on the tongue before inhaling? 

  • Very interesting you mentioned an electric feeling on the tongue...I have felt in the last three days a type of a current in the back of my tongue and I was wondering what it was...At the same time I feel a current in the Medulla Oblongata at the base of the cerebellum..That I know what it means...(two things actually)....That is the Ascension chakra...I also did Sun-gazing from 2009 to 2014...I was getting my energy from the Sun through my eyes ...My energy levels were so high and I slept and ate very little...At that time I was experiencing many things and seeing the tree auras...I needed that energy for what I was doing at that time part of my mission which was daily and constant for years out in nature working with the energies...I do not talk much about these things, yet you are sharing with me which I appreciate so much and I am returning the same...Blessings

  • As the salmon naturally 'flies' against and above the water current, using tellurian forces, so can humans 'float' naturally. Albeit, the technique is forgotten by most. One can breath-in and ingest prana, via the tongue, like electricity, straight into the nerves...This form of personal aether, compliments bodily life forces....Solar prana is also freely abundant...

    Martial arts in East Asia, Tibetan monks and Indian adepts retain much useful knowledge of the life force, using names such as; "Chi, Vril and Prana.."

    The most comprehensive knowledge is held by Samanet and Atarmunck Sirians, initiated into the Blue Lodge.....

  • I agree with what you say...People be it in high or low positions, experts or not, tend to  limit themselves with their lacking belief systems...Like we used to be deep down into the programming so they still remain...All is possible when we believe it is...and we are proof of this at this time...Our bodies are transcending all that was thought to be impossible... That is why I always reverse this sentence..."See it to believe it!"  to "Believing is seeing!" 

    Blessings of Peace, Love and Light Drexk Omega...

  • A very important lesson, in this time of global "health fears," being artificially promoted by "medical experts," is that everyone is responsible for their own good health....
    The body is a vehicle, through which the true Spiritual self, may experience lessons to be learnt..


    The government health ministers and doctors may give health advice, truthful, or false.....


    Personally I have found my own sources for perfect health knowledge & application, such that my fitness is verging on the super-human and running up flights of stairs is rapidly conflating with a [psyco-kinetic] "floating" vector, with low strain effects on heart-rate, or breathing....

    The human body has so many natural potentialities, that often elude modern medicine's incomplete understanding....

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