Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Seem to Be Starting Fires in California and Oregon

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Are-Directed-Energy-Weapons-Starting-Fires-in-California-and-Oregon-e1599746644917-300x181.png?profile=RESIZE_710xDirected Energy Weapons (DEW) Seem to Be Starting Fires in California and Oregon

Mac Slavo, Humans are Free, September 10, 2020


YouTuber Dutchsinse has discovered something unbelievable while looking at the fires in the Western United States and studying the earthquakes occurring around the world.

When it’s first noticed, Dutchsinse called it “some kind of ray or beam of some kind.”

If you have trouble seeing, it at first, adjust the brightness on your device. But it is an incredible find:

The video below is a shorter version and has been brightened so the DEW can be seen better. Go to the 20” mark.

After this, Dutchsinse discovered another DEW last night.

That’s at least two nights in a row. This one appears to come from the ocean and into a fire that has just started in Oregon:

Video Player

After this was discovered, Dutchsinse noticed that someone decided to “censor” the beam by literally putting a black censorship bar right over the heat signature.

The energy beam which was beaming down has been BLACKED OUT ON PURPOSE— LOOK CLOSE wth????? To try to hide it… they tried to match the black of the background but.. because its a live feed grey black its impossible to perfectly match.. so now we have a black line hiding the original beam HAHAHAHAHAAH  Look close you’ll see it! the black censorship line over it ! hahahahah epic fail. – Dutchsinse, YouTube Community post


Steve: The contrast between the censored grey energy beam and the black background is more visible in the .gif here:

It’s not visible in the above still photo because the energy flash was not in the photo so don’t be straining your eyes to find it – like I did!

The website used to discover this can be found here.

Is this just a coincidence this happened two nights in a row? Is this just a coincidence these beams go into the fires? Is it just a coincidence that there’s now a censor bar over the beams?

How many coincidences do we need?

If this is not a DEW, what the hell is it?

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  • You are most welcome Hellen...My gratitude goes to Supreme Creator and Father/Mother God...They are the one inspiring me...All I do is in Their Name and Glory...With much Love to you always...

  • Most definitely....deep state's time is up...that is the reason they are panicking...They know their previous power over humanity is slipping through their fingers and they cannot do anything about it, no matter how much they try...

  • Yes there is a lot of stuff they are doing yet we are protected...We need stay in faith and our Love centered heart thoughts and send them love...That will work miracles...Also let us all send Love to the fires. and ask Goddess Pele of Fire to soften the fury and ask for gentle rains until all the fires are put out...Thank you Hellen and much Love to you and you are most welcome...

  • Dear Carolin it is deep state aka the illuminati or shadow government...Those same ones that are aiming for one world order...their total control of humanity, but they are acting up more lately because they are desperate...They know their time is up, they missed their timeline and they are fricking out if I may say so...Also Creator is very "personally" involved in this earthly experience...So there is nothing at all we have to be afraid or doubt about...This is about the Mother's plan which we agreed to before coming down to this planet....Nothing will stop this ascension...I truly feel compassion for those at the bottom of the pit...I hope there is a chance their God spark can lit up...and they can remember who they truly are...I am aware of their foul intentions yet theirs is the hardest of any missions...

  • The DeepState knows now that the Mask's that we're supposed to wear is failing and falling apart, so they are trying to foul our air & continue to compromise our immune systems, which is not going to work either. Times up, they so lost.  

  • Thank You for posting this information

  •  This is has been going on for decades it's the chemicals that they spray coming from airplanes these chemicals cause drought in such places as Calfornia, Texas, Nevada more quickly than other places and the chemicals make the sun even hotter which can evaporate lakes and river. The sun does not have it's origin color because it's clouded with a white haze and the clouds have gotten much darker almost turning the color of black this is not normal.

  • Again? I wonder on who's authority these fires are being started. Who controls the hardware/software to do so?

    Pray for divine intervention!

This reply was deleted.

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