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Today's Message from the Goddess of Creation for Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reach to your divinity: 

You have the opportunity to create change in your life. With every moment that you wake up you have the opportunity to make choices as you move through your day.

You have the opportunity to expand your consciousness in whatever direction you feel inclined to do so. It is your choice.

There is such energy, there is such opportunity. Feel what that is to you. 

As you feel your consciousness merge with your divinity, allow it to expand even further. You do this on a consistent basis. Therefore as you merge with your I AM Presence have a sense of feeling the warmth, the golden light, that essence of who you are from other lifetimes and from that experience of just pure conscious, love and acceptance. Take a deep breath in and just breathe that as it moves all the way through every level of your consciousness. 

--- The Goddess of Creation

  Excerpt from: Balancing through the Universe and Gaia on Sunday March 20, 2016

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