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June 28, 2019 
So in the US they want the Banks to forgive student debt, then they want the tax-payers to bail-out the banks who "forgave" the debt. And that is a hot-topic right now. The other hot topic there is the "reparations" issue. Blacks want reparations for pre-Civil War era slavery. Whites want reparations for their forebears that died freeing the slaves. Those mindless zombies the "LGBT[A-Z 0-9]" crowd want reparations too (FOR WHAT? Being insane???) Just about everybody is jumping up saying "we want reparations"

So there is this meme or two running around saying "you took out a loan, pay it back" (pic)

this led to a conversation, these are my comments on that, comment #3 is the big one that I want to draw your attention to, but the others set-it up:



it wasn't a loan ... it was fraud 

(((they))) never had the money, they simply created numbers on a computer screen in your account and called it a "loan"

Banks don't loan money .... they create "debt" (numbers in a computer screen) and call it "money", and you get suckered every time. 

They charge interest on money that never existed, it's called: money out of thin air (Google that)

a loan (any bank loan) is a contract ... in order for a bank loan to be "LAWFUL" ... there has to be what they term: "equal consideration" there also has to be "informed consent" (with no details left out) under the "full disclosure" requirement

the student "loan" is UNLAWFUL because there was no equal consideration (the banks never had the money) but they extracted "consideration" out of the student in the form of "future payments" and "security" if payments are not made.

the "loan" is again nullified because the banks did not give full disclosure as to their non-money status, therefore the student was not duly informed, contract is nullified.



I agree with everything you said except this: "... I was fully aware that I was taking money from somewhere ..." 

there was no money involved ... it was all fraud and deception, they simply typed numbers into a computer screen. Drop the guilt. You intended to do the right thing, they created a crime - they must pay for that

Kazakhstan to forgive debts of the poor, end bank bailouts

In a first major policy announcement, the newly elected president of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said he will write off bad loans held by as much as a sixth of the country’s population.

also research the banking history of Iceland ... they jailed the politicians and banksters that caused the 2008 crash, then they re-wrote their constitution, all publicly and crowd funded - truly awesome


Then he goes on about forgiving various other types of debt, credit unions, this is not fair, that is not justice, this is not sustainable, kids need to learn this and that etc. and yes he has valid concerns which would all disappear if he knew about "the other stuff", so I jumped in with #3



ok - let me come at this from another angle. I am going to "throw you in the deep-end" as it were. Get ready, Take a deep-breath.

The owners of the Fed and the Banks (aka the Cabal / Deep State / Illuminati / the 1% / whatevah) will want a tax-payer bail out (again) - no surprise there, they do this every few years and enrich themselves obscenely in the process while claiming poverty.

You, the masses, the 99%, will have to stand together in unison and say "no" to them. You can't do that if you are all bickering about who should pay; how should it get paid; was it a loan; did the banks have the money; was it fraud etc. etc. etc. You simply have to collectively agree to show them the middle finger. That is priority #1. Stand your ground.

Next you can figure out who gets reparations and how much. "Reparations???" you say, ... yes. Reparations. Ahhhh not that bloody word again, it's like it's fashion or something. But yes, I am serious. 

(((They))) have been stealing from you whole-sale for about a hundred years and all of that has already been sequestered for you and is ready for re-distribution. 

Here are the cliff-notes for you, should you want to go down that rabbit-h***: 

All the treasures of Atlantis has been stored, and re-collected in recent times. Added to that are the riches generated by 12,500 years of trade, mining, human ingenuity etc. These funds and treasures are collected into various world-trusts which were kept "off-book" and unacknowledged specifically for "end-times" use. 

Congratulations. We are in the end-times right now. These world trusts were opened about a hundred years ago. They are called The Global Collateral Accounts (Google that)

The 13 Illuminati Banking families "won" (read: stole) the tender to distribute "the inheritance of the world to the world." Their mandate was to give the people of the world the money they would need to live their lives on it. What these banksters did instead was to steal YOUR money. The Global Collateral Accounts pre-pay for everything, they are incredibly vast in value - beyond anything you can imagine. (some bank accounts have over 200 zeros in them)

On the public side, these accounts pre-pay municipalities and governments (meaning ALL taxation is theft) but this money is hidden in off-shore accounts and you are told to "pay taxes for roads, schools etc.", even though the funds for it all already exist. You can search for Consolidated Annual Financial Reports or CAFR for more info on that. 

On the private side these accounts provide for a personal trust fund for each individual on the planet. When you are born you are "registered" and the government creates a "cest tui que trust" in your name (Google that) it is also called your strawman account. They again did not tell you that this trust fund exists, or that it is so massive it pre-pays for everything in your life, and that too, was also stolen by "them."

In 1994 their "tender" to control the world's financial system ran out, and the East have been suing the West for control of the world's financial system ever since. For more info on that fight, see here: 

FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time

In the West, the "White Hats" have been fighting the banking families and have also made huge strides, this resulted in a gun being put to Bill Clinton's head with the instruction: "sign this NESARA law or we pull this trigger" 

For more info on the history of the NESARA / GESARA laws, please see:

HISTORY OF NESARA: The National Economic Security & Reformation Act 
-- by Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div., and; 
NESARA: or The Abundance Program 
-- by Steve Beckow 

Still (((they))) delayed everything by using quantum annealing (aka tunnelling) with a combination of CERN Large Hadron Collider and D-Wave quantum computers to hack into other dimensions (nope that is not a joke, Geordie Rose, the CEO of D-Wave himself says that) - this allowed them to stall their inevitable collapse. This caused the Mandela Effetcs (history has altered itself in places.) 

In 2012-2013 in a series of submissions by the One Peoples Public Trust to the Uniform Commercial Codes, the UCC, (((they))) were duly foreclosed. The UCC are the international courts/rules system by which the world actually "does business." During these foreclosures all our stolen strawman accounts were sequestered and each person on the planet has already been awarded USD5-Billion in EQUITY and another USD5-Billion in DAMAGES. 

For more on that please see the OPPT-Absolute section here: 

These trust funds are available today, but they go under an obscure name called the Treasury Direct Deposit Accounts (TDDAs) and if you dare access your own money right now, "the system" will falsely claim you "committed a crime" and throw you in prison (as has happened with Heather and Randy) ... the timing is not yet available for us to get in, we have to "arrest the banksters" and all the corrupt politicians, judges, police, prisons etc. that are helping them. 

The BRICS-Alliance of nations have built a new financial system (because the Rothschilds refuse to give up theirs and blew up the Twin Towers in 11 Sept 2001 to retain control of it - all of that is detailed in the links above.)

• Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) replaces Bank of International Settlements (BIS)
• BRICS Development Bank replaces The World Bank & the International Monetry Fund
• Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System (CIPS) replaces Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)
• Russian Payment System (RPS) replaces Mastercard & VISA

... and much more. 

All of this is under a new Financial System NOT controlled by the Rothschilds called the Quantum Financial System (QFS) .... this is waiting for the announcement/release of GESARA. GESARA is the international version of NESARA (which is US only) It is unlikely that any world-leader will stand on a podium and say "this is GESARA", but GESARA-compliance is being rolled out around the world in many ways: 

• Trump administration
• The Paris Accords
• the HR 5404 Bill aka the Gold Standard bill

... and much more.

All of the Global Collateral Accounts, the other world trusts like the Rodrigues Trust, the St. Germaine Trusts, the various SWISSINDO trusts etc. are all accounted for in the new QFS, everything has been transferred to the QFS including the "hidden" (read: stolen) money like the CAFRs the TDDAs and the money they stole from black budgets (eg the Pentagon is missing 21 TRILLION USDs); and the criminally rigged stock markets, etc... All of that is ready to be returned to all of the world in the form of .... Reparations. (That nasty word I used at the top.) 

On this note Google: "SWISSINDO payments 1-11" see what comes up. THAT is just ONE example of "reparations" - there are others. (I have already mentioned one of the others above.)

We are almost there ... [DECLAS] is going to "bring the house down" (the DEM "House" specifically) There are over 100,000 sealed indictments ready to be actioned. Q has set this up beautifully over the past year and a half. There will likely be mass-arrests. Many house-hold name actors, politicians, business people, bankers, judges etc. will all be arrested, tried and convicted. 

Once the house is clean, we will get access to what we should have been given about a 100 years ago: our birthright. 



Now comes the big shocker: When you go to a bank and ask for a "loan", as above , they just type numbers in a computer screen.... THOSE numbers are kept in the OFFICIAL RECORDS, which when they "claim poverty" and ask for another tax-payer funded bail-out, they show you these books, the public books. 

If you had done the research as hinted at above, you would have learned that they adopted a trick from Al Capone: they have TWO sets of books. That is what the CAFRs are - the second set of UNACKNOWLEDGED accounting, it is THESE records that all the stolen money gets put into. 

So what actually happens behind closed doors, super secret, the banks then take the money you need to study from your own "cest tui que trust" - that's right. That means YOUR trust fund pays for your studies, the banks took the money from your strawman, then transferred it to their CAFR, then claimed poverty by showing you empty accounting books. That is the other BIG FRAUD that they do.

Drop the guilt. Your student loan has already BEEN PAID. 

You are entitled to reparations as per the USD5-Billion per person from the OPPT filings in the UCC.

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Comment by amparo alvarez on July 12, 2019 at 9:04pm

Done...Sorry about that...Sometimes I am not sure where I am hahahaha....

Comment by Steve Beckow on July 12, 2019 at 8:46pm


Why do you have my name at the beginning of this article, dear heart?

I'm not aware of what article you're referring to and I have no opinions about student loans, etc.

Might I ask you with all respect to remove my name please?

Many thanks,

Steve Beckow


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