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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Saturday, October 26, 2019

You are awakened consciousness. 

You do not realize this quite yet
because you still honor form. 
You still trust what the eyes see.
What if you were to receive yourself
beyond the belief in form?
Art by Ellen Love Vaman


You are not learning how to attract from without.

You are learning how to identify with it from within. 
There is no thing that you cannot have once you realize it is already within you. 
First you must recognize your Wholeness, your Innocence.
You must recognize that all that you seemingly receive from without- the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect circumstances, 
it all begins when you decide to recognize it already is you. 
Your loving cup is already full.
Life is an experience of consciousness.
Wake up to the divinity, the divine plan within you. 
And watch your life unfold quite effortlessly. 
All that you need resides already within your chalice of love. 
And so it is. 


Greetings dear and holy ones of the Light, as the energies are stirring and bringing up various opportunities for clearing, it is indeed a feather in your cap that you have arrived at this words. You see, you are rising to your power, rising to your glory moment to moment. As the energies continue to swirl about, it is giving you opportunity for clearing, opportunity for re-membering your true Self. In other words, who are you? This is the question of the hour. So it is for you to determine, yes?
Are you the memory, are you the doubt, are you the fear, you see? As these energies surface, it provides you an opportunity for clearing, an opportunity for a new stage of your continued discovery of Truth.  You see, you are the ones in authority -  as you claim it. As you come to an ever-increasing understanding of your true power. In the past, it was the doubts, the fears, that seemed to have the "one up" on things, the power stance. What you are coming to dear ones of the Light, is a holy place now where you are affording yourself the opportunity to choose. To choose the light over the darkness of your own consciousness.  You see you are washing your windows, you are cleaning them once and for all. 
So again, it is in tribute to you, that you are demonstrating the great willingness and aptitude to discern. To discern what is your truth. To discern in truth, what is you.  There is the tendency for the ebb and flow. In other words, going towards the Light, swaying back a bit. What you are doing in fact is learning how to stand up straight, stand up tall and create a new tomorrow. We are here to report that the backlash is having less of an opportunity to make a stand or have any type of true grip on your reality now. While it is still coming up for consideration, you are now showing yourselves to be the pros, to be the ones who have the power, you see? 
Even in the moments where there seems to be the appearance of the darkness, even in the moments of the momentary, temporary despairs, you are now demonstrating an ability to discern. You see, you are learning how to be the good meditators. You no longer have to be troubled with this thought, with this memory, with this feeling, with this emotion. You see, the meditator allows all to surface, to pass through. And the sign of a good meditator is one who has the fine ability to observe without the judgment. 
As you continue to arrive at a place of attunement with Self, you are better able to observe this debris that appears to have the weight, that appears to have the hold on you, and have the power. You see, you have all been creating quite unconsciously. So on first glance, it all appears to be mighty real and seems to be giving you less of an ability to create to your heart's delight.  As you develop the ability to be the master however, you will continue to develop the skill of discerning what energies one is going to create from. Well then, you have great promise now, because you get to choose. You see when the darkness comes up, when the unconscious matter, fear or past karmic predispositions arise, you no longer have to engage in the unconscious process of having to deem them to be real and having them come through as full manifestations in the physical.  As you maintain the position of power, as you stand erect, shall we say, and become the store owner of the store. You are now in charge. 
You now have great opportunity to observe. To observe with clear discernment and authority as you rule your Kingdom from your I AM presence, from your holiness, from your oneness with Truth.  As you choose to serve from your place of strength and attunement to the whole, what you do, is you create a new paradigm.  You create a new world view and from there you are quite a powerful position to create the storybook of Love. You see, what you are returning to dear ones is that you are returning to a position of power of Love. Now your power does not stem from the egoic power structure, but from the aptitude of Love. That is power, that is true power. And that is what this talk is all about. 
As you determine that you are the seer, you are your future, that you are the one seeing your future, and creating it, determining it, moment by moment. What you will find dear ones is that you will bring the Love for Self forward and you will begin to bring it forward to create. To create with love. To create with truth. and you will want to continue to bring these gemstones of love to yourself and to others. You indeed will be creating a world of love You do this by disengaging from the fears as they come up. You do not yell at them. You do not get angry that they appear because of course that is the nature of the duality, the dualism. 
Due to your willingness to be the first to arrive, to be the first wave of ascension, you have the markings of one that is in the holy process of truly creating a new tomorrow. Understand the power that is derived from your holy presence. Understand the power that is derived from your willingness to continue to create from your holy place of power, your holy place of attunement with Self. 
Now there are some of you, many of you, the channeler included that have had the moments of the doubts, who have the moments of the fears. "I feel like I no longer have the upper hand. I feel like I am being tossed and swayed by these external realities."  Dear ones of the Light, as you take the holy pause, as you take the moment to turn within, you will reestablish your holiness and your power and your discernment. You will reestablish your reign. You see it is all you. When you feel the walls caving in. When you feel moments of the doubt it is because you have the incorrect belief that there is somehow this external power outside of you. You see?  "These emotions, this heaviness, it is too much for me." As if there is one that can override your personal will. 
When you come to the place of holiness within. When you recognize in truth, it is all you, it is a turning point. It is a moment of glory. It is not some external factor pounding on my door. It is simply an extension of Self. When you realize it is only you, well dear ones, you are in full control of you, are you not?  You see? It is indeed your little children coming home. Different aspects of self that you have been feeding. As you entertain them, as you engage in the dialogue of the truth, in the dialogue of I understanding that I was believing in emotions, in these energies, but I now I have good reason to let them go. You see? I will trust in my power of Love. I will not judge myself for having these erroneous beliefs.  For you see dear ones, when you bring the clear awareness back to self, when you recognize you are fully in charge and it has been your own mirage all along, your own projections of the fear, of the ego, well then you are in the holy right to change your mind quite literally . To change your holy mind and to trust. To turn your attention back to self. To turn your attention back to Divine Will. To turn your attention back to opening up and to serving the Light. To serving your Higher Self and to serving your higher wisdom. It is you and you are always in charge.
Any time you feel that you not, it is a grand opportunity for healing and clearing. It is a no- thing as you recognize it as such and all it requires is taking the holy pause, taking the holy breath and turning within back to truth. You see, it can be done anywhere, anytime. It does not require fancy equipment with monthly payments. So you see your internal guide is always within, your Master Teacher is always within. So remember to attune, to attune to your holiness, to attune to your true Self. And in truth you will be gliding back to freedom in no time. 
So we salute you, we salute the brave souls that have arrived at this gathering, and the brave souls that have arrived to the recording or written words at a "later" time.  In truth, there is only the now and everyone that will be listening to these words, reading this holy transcript is doing so in the now. We salute you. It is a time of grand merriment, it is a time of grand reunion with Self. It is also a time of the how shall we say, a bit of the personal struggle, yes?  Each holy candidate must determine for themselves which voice they will listen to. Which energies they will follow. It is the sign of the times that there will be ones who will skip their way to their divine appointment. It is the sign of the times that others will grapple with their fears if they have been feeding them too much all along the way. There is no judgment about this, you will simply notice this for yourselves and notice where you are. Where you have been extending your energies. Who you have been feeding. You see? Are you serving the love? Are you serving the fear?  And as you notice your choices, remember it is a grand opportunity to again applaud yourselves for the willingness to give yourself the golden opportunity to choose again and release that which you find is no longer of service to you. You see, it is simply a matter of priority. How fast do I want to arrive? How soon do I want to feel the peace of God?
How quickly do I wish to ascend?
You are ascending dear ones, moment by moment by moment as you tune into the higher consciousness. So let us provide additional attunement. yes? We ask each of you to relax, to relax the holy self, to relax all the beautiful cells.  You see, you are in charge and we ask you to now fill your cells with light. We ask you to choose to fill them with your holiness, with remembrance of your true selves. As you surrender to your holiness, feel yourselves being recharged with the holiness of your golden light.  In truth, we are simply affirming your right to know your holy self. We are not gifting you with something foreign to you, foreign matter. Do you see? What you are due to receive, what you are able to receive is simply an extension, or reminder, or remembrance of who you truly are. And as you recognize yourself, your holy self, your truest vibration, you simply open up to that which you truly are. You see? You respond to that familiar vibration and calling . It is because it is your own call of awakening. You are stepping into the dream you are having and you are in fact waking yourselves up dears. You are saying, yes, I wish to gift myself with the gift of my truth. The gift of my awakening, the gift of my true power.  
So we invite you now to continue to completely relax, to let go of all the illusions that may have been wearing you out a bit, leaving you a bit worn, a bit weary. We ask you to release all of that now. To allow yourself the ample opportunity to fill up your loving cup. So let us proceed. We invite you to relax, to let go and to receive now. (Please pause and receive that which you are and have always truly been. You are uniting, reuniting with your true being, your true essence now. Take a moment to receive this.) 
Dear ones of the light, we ask you to open up to your true ascension powers. Indeed you are all quite powerful masters. Quite powerful beings of light.  As you continue to open up to this great possibility, we ask you to receive the attunement which is given for the benefit of the whole. You see, it is no small thing when you accept your power. And as you do, you hold the example for others to do so as well. That is the gift that you give to the others of your human family. 
You see when people notice your energy, your frequency, your attunement to love, they will receive the appropriate signal that they too are a candidate to be one with such frequencies. That is your gift. You bring them great gifts and opportunity for healing as you display your willingness to be healed yourself. So do not be bashful, do not be shy at this time as you afford yourselves the opportunity to receive.  You see, you are the bringer of the good news as you continue to rise in frequency. You do this moment by moment. 
You have the ability to do this at your own pace. What this means is that you need not wait for a tap on the shoulder. You need not wait for the next channeled material. The opportunity to open up to love is available to you always. The ability to open up to the grace of love that heaven wishes to bestow upon you is inherently yours, as you are willing to receive it. You are the only one that can open up to it, that ultimately says yes, "I will be the first to go. I will show the others how it is done." You need not do anything beyond opening the heart fully to you. Opening the heart completely to your self and to the others. And you do so as you continue to wake up from the mirage, from the dream of lower consciousness. 
You will succeed. You are succeeding, and you are determining the speed. You determine how much grace you are willing to receive day by day. Know yourselves to be worthy of this. Know yourselves to be worthy of this love. Truly your Father/Mother God loves you dearly . It is time to come home and receive this love once and for all. It is for you to truly recognize you have already been forgiven. As you forgive yourself and all others, you will be an extension of the pardoning that will take place for the entire world. Allow yourselves to receive these gifts. Allow yourselves to have holy contact with your higher self, with your holy self. What you are doing dear ones in these days of restoration is you are attuning to your highest truth. You are allowing the higher self and the I AM presence to integrate most fully now. You are in the holy process of merging completely, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day. Continue to allow this merging to take place. Continue to allow this higher voice to speak through you, to speak as you. You see, you are ascending now. And so it is.
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  • I, in my I AM presence now choose to reign with Light. Therefore my Light, from my I AM consciousness is now en-lightening me of the need for change, the need for healing and the need for releasing of all that does not serve my true I AM. I AM at the helm. I welcome now all opportunities that help me to recognize old patterns of belief that I can now let go of. I dismiss and release these old patterns to the Light. I have the tools I have been searching for, for I recognize that I am actually the Light itself. I proclaim my right to be a sovereign master of my kingdom. The kingdom that I am now creating through my consciousness. I AM easily allowing anything unlike LOVE for my I AM presence to come up for healing, for the AWAKENING of ALL.  I gladly go first in this procession of TRUTH, making the way clear and easy for ALL others. I AM AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS now, and I easily and graciously serve as a MIRROR of TRUTH for ALL others. May ASCENSION occur easily and effortlessly for all my brothers and sisters that are to follow in my footsteps as my I AM presence leads the way for us ALL. And so it is. 

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