Today's Message from the Goddess of Creation for Thursday, February 25, 2016

Love has a belief system associated with it; love is within your mental body, your thoughts.  As we are here in the All That Is I invite you to just open up for all the many ways in which you feel, see, sense and perceive love in your life.  Okay for some it is as if you see images of when you feel loved the strongest.  For others it is just that flow of love that is undefined.  It is just simply moving through you. 

These are all varied ways in which you receive information.  As you open to that perception or that awareness you then kind of let it move off to the side so to speak.  I the Goddess and the other energies and light beings here are creating an immense ball of energy and light that has as its foundations love and this ball, this energy, is sent to you so that you may receive it within your heart.

--- The Goddess of Creation

Today's Message from the Goddess of Creation for Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Allow your focus to open up to love.  What is love?  For most people it is a feeling that you may associate with a partner, family members, friends, a job, an experience.  Love is something that is intrinsically within every part of your life.  Therefore allow it to be the reflection of everything that you are doing. 

You are walking down the road there is a love for being alive, a love for feeling the earth beneath your feet, a love for feeling the energies that are around you.  Everything that you do within your life is filtered by the human that you are.  For some that filter may consist of fear, frustration, anger, lack and minimalism.  You have the opportunity and the potential to create a change so that the primary filter within you is from love. 

--- The Goddess of Creation

  Excerpt from: Your Life Filtered through Love on Sunday February 7, 2016
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