Current State of Affairs - KH - April, 2014

Current State of Affairs
Exit:  "Stage" left:
Act ONE...."Scene" ONE...
  And with the brush of a mystical hand, the noise between that of the East and West, comprised between the North and South, comes to a silent stand still.  Like that of a "thief in the night". Position(s) taken....awaiting "orders" from a mouth piece that no longer shout hysterics from carefully "staged" balconies, like that of the Mussolini's of yesteryear.  Gone ARE the "commands".  Gone ARE those who you can NOW point your fingers at.  Why?  Answer(s) not needed.  Why?
Enter:  "Stage" right:
Act ONE.... "Scene" TWO...
  Here WE BE.  Audience "in hand".... left with the general numbness that most usually ensues when the previous "scene" failed miserably.... yet craving more as our "popcorn bowls" run at near empty and our soda's now have a rather flat taste to them....not to say that the taste was strange to begin with... it was.  But who are WE to judge?  Sit we do......and fidget.  Patiently waiting....Silently at times......but as the dull emptiness both on "stage" as well as that, that IS welling up within us ALL allows for us ALL to see that not is all that it appears.  Huh?  What? 
Yet here we ALL are....
Herded in mass by carefully prepared "Shepard's"
Like that of Spectators....or a flock....
When is it that WE conclude that the "current" script lacks everything truly needed to BE creative for a means to our OWN ending?
When is that WE start to throw this stale popcorn upon the stage of life itself and spit out our sour tasting drool and just....
For the answer to:  Are You Not Entertained?
Is simply....
Not anymore.
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"Justin, that is point

I will shoot anyone who tries to vaccinate me---just saying"
18 minutes ago
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"It's Fumetsu and it means indestructible, because i always believe in my Soul. It make sense, because i got some very Strong Soulmates. 💮

My inspiration"
28 minutes ago
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"SAN 不滅 Well, your Japanese characters mean; "Mrs Immortal." SAN Fumetsu...Can you explain why you chose this name...? It is interesting...😊

As for Pet Rock....He's definitely not "Illuminati blue beam," or whatever it was you suggested...
No, he…"
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"Woah are they really saying shortages are gonna continue until we get vaccinated? They are really screwing themselves over right there with those choice of words. More people are gonna wake up once they see that the tyrants said that to us."
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"government officials saying shortages will remain until all vaccinated. i guess they continue forever then.

or until all politicians and globalists are drawn and quartered in public squares.

Tarring and feathering would also be good

You can see…"
3 hours ago