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March 1, 2020 

Of all the emotions, fear is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted in the human psyche. The survival of all species has relied on it for protection and safety. For those of you traveling your path, it is important to remember the role it plays in your everyday existence. Rather than working to eliminate it completely, allow The Universe to show you its place in your world. All emotions, including fear, are only as big as you allow them to become. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

With the amount of effort it takes to hold onto and feed just ONE of your angers, hurts, disappointments or resentments, you could change a thousand lives. Changing your outlook from negative to positive may seem like a worthless effort in the beginning but, the ‘pay offs’ are enormous. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

When you were young, did you ever think that you would be where you are now, doing what you are doing and being the person you are now? An infinite number of choices and personal decisions brought you to where you are in this moment. Just think about that for a moment…(smiling)…extraordinary, yes? Now, imagine all the decisions of a lifetime condensed into a few short weeks. Just think of all the things you could accomplish!

The newest incoming wave of energy from The Universe will be giving you that opportunity! So, what would you like to do dearest child? Watch it pass you by or jump in and get to work? Regardless of what you choose, know that you are loved, protected and cherished. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

There will be moments when you are tempted to project your past experiences into your current existence. Something may come up that you have not resolved and, rather than thinking through it, you will often react/feel the same way you did when the negative event first occurred. It is very important to remember…you have tools and skills you did not have before and it is time to release it. Let you conscious be your guide to the where and when of it and allow The Universe to help you be free of it once and for all. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley


My darling child…take a moment and think back on all the changes you have been through, the choices you have made and the healing you have accomplished. While you were in the midst of your greatest changes there were times when you said, “I can’t take one more second of this! Please make it stop!!” But, at the conclusion and in the peaceful quiet, you often said, “There…it is done! That wasn’t so bad. I’ve learned so much!”

The Universe wants you to know that you now have the skills, knowledge and wisdom to make each major shift you move through more graceful and easy. In the very near future, you will be able to integrate these major changes with the blink of an eye…if you choose. (Smiling) Remember, you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Why? Because you are a part of All That Is! ~ Creator

A great deal of information is being delivered to your Earth plane and you may be feeling overly tired due to the teachings you are receiving during your sleep time. The Universe would like you to know that if, for any reason, you feel this is not beneficial, you can ask it to be changed. You are in control of any teachings given and/or learning accepted. It will be altered to a form that is most acceptable for your highest and best. Always remember, you have to ability and power to direct your destiny! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

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