Create and Empower Yourself and Your Reality Through Affirmations
Affirmations change your vibration when focused upon
for concentrated periods of time
Through the power of positive thoughts we bring greater clarity to our spiritual practices, aiding
greater awareness. Mental focus can  aid the development of meditation, allowing us to achieve a
deeper state of stillness. When we all program our minds to produce only positive thought forms
about ourselves and our realities, we will not only create the reality we wish to exist within, but assist
in raising the consciousness of humanity.
It is important to think of each thought as a bubble that is so precious; it influences your life greatly
and attracts different energies either positive or negative into your life. When you focus on love and
positivity throughout the day you will begin to naturally program your mind to think in this way
eternally, thus achieving a greater consciousness, ascension and liberation. Through the practice of
focusing upon an affirmation or even a word we create a sacred space in our minds to allow our soul
to emerge into. When the soul integrates with the mind all thoughts are then inspiration from the soul
guiding us forward. Fear is dissolved and a connection with the Creator enhanced.
With our thoughts we manifest our reality and so it is important to be conscious of your thoughts,
what you wish to achieve in your reality and to be aware of the negative habits of your mind such as
victim thoughts or self pity.
If you repeat an affirmation for long enough it will change the vibration of your entire being
and reality thus you will see changes and transitions naturally occurring in your reality.
Focusing upon an affirmation every day all day for a month can have a powerful effect in your reality
whatever you wish to achieve.
You can use affirmations to bring you back into balance, as a healing or to remind you of your truth
but when they are used with focus every day for a month or a concentrated length of time the energy
that the affirmation creates integrates with your being and so you exist as the same vibration as your
affirmation. This means that new energies, abundance and people will be attracted to your new
energy vibration.
Affirmation can also be used to bring security to your reality, to dissolve the ego, to focus upon
healing yourself and to overcome fear.
The affirmations below can be used in their original state or they can be adjusted to suit your needs,
they are examples to assist you in understanding that affirmations must be said as if you have what
you desire already in your life. You are affirming that what you desire is already in your life even if it
is not; this is the key to manifesting your dreams.
How to begin......
1.Choose one affirmations  
2. Repeat the affirmation to yourself throughout the day in your mind until it naturally and
automatically runs through your mind. It is far more beneficial than allowing your mind to worry, doubt
or judge. The affirmations have their own energy vibration, so as you repeat them they are
energising your energy and light quotient, allowing you to achieve mastery on many levels.
3. Set aside some time to close your eyes and focus on saying the affirmation out loud or inside for
at least 10 mins. Try to maintain your focus upon the words you are saying.
4. Put the affirmation on a wall, mirror or have it in your bag so that you can see and look at it several
times. Saying the affirmation to yourself as you look into the mirror into your eyes is very powerful.
Please make use of these affirmations and share them with friends if you wish. There are many
subject matters so you should find something to suit your needs. If you do share the affirmations,
please give credit to
‘I continuously flow in unison with the Era of Love, I am Love, my reality responds lovingly to me.’
‘I welcome all forms of the loving supportive Abundance of the Creator, for my continued experience
in my reality.’
‘I am the Christ Consciousness in active presence upon the Earth.’
‘My heart speaks of peace and brings peace to all.’
‘My alignment with the Creator is eternal and fulfilled.’
‘On this day I experience fulfilment.’
‘My soul guides me easily in every moment.’
‘I am Love in complete and fulfilled manifestation.’
‘I am spiritual successful, my ascension is accelerating.’
‘This is the perfect time for me to spiritually blossom.’
‘I receive healing from the Era of Love.’
'I invoke now the high vibrational light of the Eternal Wave of Transformational Love to flow through
being and connect with my soul.'
‘I am the golden cup from which the light of ascension is drunk.'
‘I am the brilliant jewel in the night sky.'
‘I am the winding and flowing river that leads to unity within the Creator's soul.'
‘I am the deep blue petal of the magnificent rose, I have a purpose and a meaning, I am an aspect of
Creator's soul.'
‘I am Love in all its beauty and abundant manifestations.'
‘I am always in perfect radiant health, the vitality and exuberance of the Creator channels constantly
my being and manifests into my life now. ‘
‘I am now the Master of my being, all aspects of my being emanate and express love of the purest
vibration. I am an Ascended Master in manifestation on the Earth.’
‘I now channel the love and the luminous energy of my soul into my mind, eliminating all negative
forms, beliefs, habits and fears eternally. I allow positivity and love to be expressed in every thought I
‘I am the beauty of the Creator in manifestation. I anchor the vitality and vibrancy of youth into every
cell of
my body and eliminate the programming of aging from my subconscious mind. I am youthful and
‘I anchor the divine of the Creator deep within my being. I see and honour the magnificence of the
in my loved ones, friends and the people I meet throughout the day. I recognise that humanity is a
manifestation of the Creator’s love.’
‘I anchor the energy of positivity and love into my life. Every situation in my life is a gift from the
allowing me to grow and master my being with joy and bliss in my heart.’
‘All my chakras are now cleansed, healed, energised and activated, positivity influencing my life and
enhancing my spiritual development.’
‘I am a channel for healing energy. I channel the healing energy of the Creator and my soul to all
areas of
conflict, poverty and trauma in the world and pain within the hearts of many. May peace and love be
restored on the Earth.’
‘Mother Earth is now cleansed, healed and uplifted, her energy of love and divine powers are now in
manifestation on the Earth.’
‘With my soul I heal Mother Earth, removing all fears, pain and trauma from her soul and being. I ask
Creator to heal the Earth now.’
‘I am a beacon of peace and blissful joy, all my situations and experiences express the happiness
my being.’
‘Creator, restore peace to the Earth, let us all live in harmony with each other, respecting the divine
sacred energy within everyone, whatever their circumstances or appearance. Let fear be removed
from the Earth and the conscious mind of humanity.’
‘I am always safe and protected in the world, only love and light is allowed into my being and reality.’
‘I am always abundantly provided for, the energy of the Creator’s abundance continually channels
into my
being. I always have plenty of money to spend and share with others.’
‘I am worthy; I love myself unconditionally and accept the energy of the Creator within my being.’
‘I am the Creator in manifestation, I love my body unconditionally, I allow all past negative judgments
my body to be dissolved in love.’
‘I am fit, toned and beautiful; I have now achieved my ideal weight.’
‘I invoke the divine positive cosmic Masters and Master Vywamus to expand my spiritual awareness
raise me to a higher level of spiritual consciousness, eliminating any negative or unwanted beliefs
from my
subconscious mind.
Let it be.’ (From Master Vywamus)
‘I am the Light and Love of my soul. My beloved soul is now integrating into my physical being,
guiding and
inspiring me to achieve greater enlightenment and a body of Love. Every cell in my body is
comprised of
pure Love. I am Love in its purest form.’ (From Master Kuthumi)
‘From the divine within me, I honour the master, I honour the soul and love of my being.’ (From
Joshua David Stone)
‘I invoke the energy and light from the twelve rays of light that is most needed in my life now to
anchor into
my being. I ask the Mahachohan Saint Germain to oversee this process and assist me in integrating
the energy, light and the Chohans that are most appropriate for my spiritual development now. I ask
that I
gain an understanding and connection with the rays of light that now channel into my being.’ (From
Mahachohan Saint Germain)
‘I now radiate the light of my soul and the light of the Creator outwards to bless the world, and in so
create miracles in my life.’
‘Every aspect of my being is charged with the love and light of my angels and guides.’
‘I can easily still my mind to hear clearly the wisdom of my soul.’
‘I can easily still my mind to access my inner wisdom and peace.’
‘With every loving thought I communicate and with every loving action I undertake, I am truly
the love of the Creator to all.’
‘I have faith in my guides and faith in my psychic abilities, the more I trust myself the more my
abilities grow.’
Enjoy the Journey of the Affirmation!

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  • I have experienced the power of affirmations...The spoken word carries energy, when positive so is the energy,  and the same goes when negative words are said...That is why I try not to say negative things.  Blessings Valana

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