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Jesus' channeled message from pages 90 and 91 in the book "The Jesus Book"...

You are my bringers and holders of compassion and vision... You do the work and creation of Nova Earth and you do so because you are Nova Beings... You have come from the past the future and the now and you carry within you all codes, all knowing, all love, all sweetness.

Do not doubt yourself; do not doubt your ability, capacity and gifts.  They are not only what you think of as divinely given, they are also , my beloved ones, self proclaimed and self claimed.  You brought them with you, and they are stored, like seeds, in the blessed infinity and essence of your heart.

I come this day to ask you, and to remind you, to be true to yourself, know yourself...

Knowing yourself is not only of the sweetness of your heart, but of the dreams, the desires of what you wish to create--for your sweet self, your family, your soul family and the journey back to One--in this life, in this time, in this body, and by this name.

Do you know yourself?..  Are you being absolutely honest, forthright, diligent and vigilant? Are you digging deep and then deeper into what you truly desire?

The invitation is not a fool's errand.  Too often as I walk, sit and even dine with you, I feel and hear and see your dreams; I see what you wish to create in both the personal ways (which you think of as smaller), and in the global ways.

Too often I hear you censure yourself, thinking, "That isn't possible," or "That will never happen," or "I don't believe that will happen,"  Those statements, as subtle as they are, are statements of lack of self-worth, lack of self love, and limitation of your creative power...

Let me be practical. You say, "Jesus, I yearn for a sacred union relationship where I am free to express my heart, thoughts, moods and my most secret dreams without fear.  I will join with another to bring forth not only what I desire, but what they desire."  Then you add, "Oh, I can't even meet somebody, how is that ever going to happen? I'd better let that go."

Or you dream of a home, a sacred space; not a mansion in the sky but a place that is in nature, where the birds, bees, bunnies and foxes all are with you--even the coyotes, the mountain lions, the bears and deer.  A home anchored upon the heart-space of Gaia, where there is a place for your altar, and a table to share food, laughter and nourishment of every description with friends.  Then I hear you say, "Oh, I barely have money for rent.  I can't do that."  Then you let go..

What I am asking of you this day is to have extraordinary courage: to have the courage to truly not only explore your dreams, your desires, of what you choose to bring forth--but also to have the courage to claim your dreams...

You are extraordinary in working for world peace, for an end to drought, for an end to war, persecution, mayhem and chaos..  All these things you work to destroy in order to bring forth the new.  And, dear hearts, your are stellar at this...

I could bring you kudos from Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabrielle, and far beyond..  What I ask of you, because I love you, because I cherish you, is to have the courage to explore the dreams of your heart.  Don't let them go...

♥ ▌♥

With so much Love...I brought you this message for I felt it is very important we start creating our dreams...and allow for them to materialize...Do not fear being happy, or being in the abundance...These and more are all gifts of  Mother/Father...We have been for such a long time made believed that we are not worthy...How far from the truth this is...Blessings and give a chance at Love, Abundance, Trust and Manifestation of the dreams you and I always cherished yet we did not trust in the possibility of them ever manifesting...I Am with you in the Love, Peace and Light of my heart...




I Am Yeshua. I come as brother of your heart. I come as sister of your heart. I come as Peace, I come as Joy, I come as Love. 

You have been asking about history, my history of what has come before and what is to come after. Humanity has created history. We have been there always, your guides, your teachers, the angelic realms, all the elementals, all of the kingdoms. We have all been with you every moment to guide you, to bring you home and bring you Love. 

It has not always been easy for you in what you would term the past to reach us. But the veils have thinned, the time has come that this partnership of Joy, this sacred union can now be. There are those that see us as Gods. But beloved we have come to show you that you are the Divine. You are the Divine sparks. 

I do not come as history has termed or defined me. And yes, there will be many who do not understand and accept that I can come this way for all, for all of humanity. That I do not come with the stories that history has painted. Were there stories? Yes. Have they been manipulated? Yes. Does my name, the name that so many know me as, Jesus, not my Hebrew name,  bring fear? 

It has been my sorrow that my name has been associated with persecution and war and horror. But that is not what I came to teach. That is not what I came to emulate. I came with one message, Sh’ma Yisrael, Hear O God, God is One. And what is that Oneness? The Oneness is you. That Oneness is you with me with all the kingdoms. That we are all one unified Tapestry of Love.

You have grown up with the word, God. And so it does not phase you to use it. It does not have the connotations of persecution for you. But for many it does. These are just the stories, the stories  that have formed from the experiences that are not the truth. 

I bring from the realms how this can all be erased with Love. And as it is erased, it is also going up the golden spiral to be transmuted into stories of truth. 

Look deep within your heart. What is your truth beloved? And I speak to each of you, not only to the channel. Look deep within your heart. What is the truth of who you are? What is the truth of who I am? 

Am I saying to disregard your religions, your upbringings? No. I am asking you to look deep within and find the truth that is within each, for it is there. To find the truth and put aside that which is not truth. That your heart tells you is not the truth. Consider your heart as God. For that is your connection and where you will find the answers. 

I leave you with much Love that you may each find your way in a path of Love. Call on me and I will come just as the others will. Moses and Joshua and Michael and Raphael and Shechina, the Divine Mother. Know that we are always with you. We are as close as your heart. Call on us. Farewell.  

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