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This is the time that many hearts will begin to open and expand, allowing a great wave of love and transformation to unfold. It is a time to be kind to yourself and others, forgive oneself and forgive others, a time to let go let of previous limitations & illusions and to seek your inner truth. 

Humanity is given another choice, it is the birthing of the collective heart. A new day for all to embrace. Through thought, followed by action we can choose to embrace love and consciously live in balance with all creation and all life fearlessly. The choice must be made to release fear,  move beyond the illusions to see the truths hidden from the masses, to embrace change and dismantle all that no longer serves the betterment of all.   It is then we move into accountability not only for ourselves but for the whole. Not just humanity, but Mother Earth and all life upon her. A return to co-creating through unity, balance and respect with all life.

This is the beginning of our collective awakening. A remembrance of who we are and the unfolding of our truths.

What we choose today will impact the future in ways we can not imagine. We must be diligent, tenacious and accountable for future generations. The changes may be challenging, but necessary to evolve into higher potentials while maintaining our integrity and spiritual connection to all creation. 

When we choose love, we live consciously in alignment with our divinity. We walk forward fearlessly, in love, peace, balance and joy with all creation.

This is the world we can choose to create.  It will not manifest without effort and the dismantling of the old programs and ideals. New innovative ways and higher perspective resolutions are emerging around the world, free from the destructive patterns of previous agendas invoking fear and greed.
The time is here for all of humanity to choose, giving us the choice to move forward consciously. Be aware of your energy and the power you possess. Your voice, your action and the focus of your energy accumulate impacting the whole. 
Your very presence upon this planet at this time is no accident. Awaken to all that you are and allow your uniqueness to move humanity forward into new paradigms and new ways of being through love.

Choose Love ~♥~ Live Consciously
In Loving Service,

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