There is a fundamental problem with this site, and most likely with other sites too, and the problem is simply the channelers. I do believe in channeling, I can somewhat channel and so can my sister. But the channelings here are not right. 

To put it simply there is no reason for channeled messages made for broadcast to all the starseeds. You were sent here with a mission. That mission is imprinted on your soul , and that happened when you signed your soul contract before you were incarnated/reincarnated. What you need to achieve is already in your soul. 

So ask yourself what is the point to having a message that is made for everyone? If your come here with the information already inscribed in you soul why would they then send these massive chain letters? If you then say its to let us know that our star families are are with us and support us. Sure, that is true. But then it would happen the organic way wouldn't it. A one on one bases. In your dreams or a psychic. Not on the internet. Some people don't use the internet, so what about them?

There is no reason for the higher dimensions to communicate ths way. If they wanted to tell you something they could on a one on one bases with everyone simultaniously. The only messages I believe in are the ones that go on about love and light blah blah blah. If were meant to receive messages from the higher dimensions on a regular bases then you would be sent with someone who would be close to you so you could receive the messages easily. Like myself. If you weren't sent with one then that sucks,  but you agreed to that before you came here. Nobody forced you to sign the contract.

The Council would never choose to mass broadcast. Everyones mission is different, so each message would need to be different. They would also never give dates, not even the vague ones. Dates are unimportant. They are unimportant becasuse if you were meant to do something at a certain time in a certain place then you would know what to do when that happened. They keep throwing dates at you (and they keep being wrong) to make you think that there is some kind of process going on. But there isn't. The only process that involves you is the one that is your mission. Anything else isn't important to you because your own mission is your priority, there is no need for you to knwo about anybody elses.

You all need to get your heads screwed on straight, because in my opinion this seeding is a massive failure. If you want messages from the higher realms, get them yourselves, that way you can know its true.

Stop trusting people you have never met. Remember when mommy said to be careful who you talk to on the internet, same applies here, use your head.

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  • I've done a full 360 where I trusted my own guidance, then found all these channelings, had a wild journey, went a bit mad, got a bit disappointed, felt a bit depressed, then realised that putting my energy into all of these experts and their predictions has allowed my own connection to slide. I realise now that the depression was able to set in, because I'd taken my focus off God I AM, my spirit guides and higher vibrations, and got lost in fear, worrying about who was telling the truth. I can't worry anymore about when the amazing future I wish for will happen. I have to get over it and accept it might happen, it might not and make the most of life anyway, without this permanent distraction in my system. Back to meditating! :))

    Great post Mathias, thanks xxx


  • j&k twinflames don't presume you know how I feel. I'm not angry, more disappointed than anything else. Starseeds are supposed to be wiser than the average person, yet they are duped so easily.

  • I believe the channelings that focus on different attributes and teaches you about self-mastery are the good ones of benefit. The Nidle ones are just confusing in my opinion. I agree with all you said and I begin to understand it myself, I was also new to all this and it was easy getting caught up reading every channeling. But just after a while you couldn't resist to see the flaws and contradictions being made and later you began to see the negative side of that.

  • oh my , when feeling the energy in this posting we feel alot of anger , we feel u need to have some quiet time on why these postings that some people put on here affect you so much,we feel on every posting before we read them and some times we dont like or agree with it but we also get knowledge or energy feed back from the postings that are not comming from love and higher energies, so..... this then gives us a learning of the energies being given out by that particular posting which we now have in our spiritual tool box to use again when we need to

    love and lite always

  • I'm not one of those who prone lies or accept lies for a raising frequency event , it is the same as those secret cults who say let's kill few peoples so we can save the world . I do not believe in false claims as to be a positive ways to change for the better this teaching is the YING/YANG form of thinking . Of course the YING/YANG is a good balance to look into the world but when it come to purify the soul with truth , lies is not the way , But some will tell you it is .

  • I agree with what you are saying Feather Winger, the legitimate channeled messages are the ones about raising ones vibrations and love. Messages about missions are false. There ia no need for mass messages, you are sent here with all you need to accomplish your mission. The 'galactics' do not give dates because they are unncecssary, as I said in my post

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