Born again every day

  • Born again every day

  • The sun is reborn every day. New light, new consciousness. New opportunities and possibilities.
  • Every beginning of the day is a new turning point.
  • To see things differently and feel, experience and grow differently.
  • To start over, do it differently or maybe more of the same.
  • Every day is a new choice and a moment of new attunement.
  • Aligning with that which is, will or can be.
  • Every day our consciousness is stretched further, vibrated and our light ignited.
  • New every day. Every day growth, expansion and in fact new birth of more consciousness.
    We are invited daily to grow with the light that is available.
  • With this our consciousness as human beings continues to stretch.
    The body consciousness expands, so that more light can enter.

  • The alchemy between light / consciousness and matter can take place, merging with each other.
  • Animate matter is what we are.
  • And what we learn to remember and experience more deeply every day.
    Every day an opportunity for further expansion, alchemy, growth, melting.
    Inspiration that nestles in matter, directing in all your feeling, experiencing, acting, seeing and doing.
  • The choice is ours, our intention and focus, which determines what we are attuned to.
    On renewal or more of the old.
  • On resistance or for vibration enhancement.
  • The inner drives, driven by consciousness or influenced by unconscious states of being
  • . Everything resonates to be reborn daily.
  • The major and minor cycles of Life, connected to creation.
    And associated laws. Only humans have lost this connection.
    Moving with life doesn't seem so simple anymore.
    Yet it is our natural human state of being to sway with what Is.
  • To move with the cycles of day and night, light and shadow.
    Without judgment and in connection.
  • Consciousness must return for that
  • .
    Attunement to your own light, which connects with creation, connection with self and All.
  • The sun reflected, helps to remember: born again every day in the radiant light that it is.

  • That this reflection may shine on your matter, may remind you of an expansion of consciousness
    in which matter is illuminated, is and may be from within.
  • As a result of which the light that you Are may re-member and be embodied, radiating over the world,
    as the sun radiates its life-giving luminosity on earth every day.

  • Do what you are good at, that which is the nature of your being: and shine your light into the world every day.
  • Only together we create the new original world!


(transelated from Dutch)

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  • Thanks Albertha 💛
  • Again one from Willemien, she has it so spot on at the moment. That what we need to hear in these strange times.
    She has done a marvellous healing with me years ago. Something from a past life what I didn't understand but after that the pain in my heart was gone!
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