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I was born in Hamburg, a city in the north of Germany. The city of Hamburg lies on the river Elbe. Hamburg used to be a castle, the so-called Hamm castle, that was at the time of the knights. As a port city, it grew very quickly. Hamburg was founded by Mr. Störtebecker, who was a pirate.
I was born on October 19, 1978 at 9:45 a.m. in Elim Hospital. The Elim Hospital is an evangelical hospital. My mother wanted me to be born in a Christian hospital. She had more confidence in this Christian hospital than in the others because people who believe in God work there. My birth was very difficult because I had the umbilical cord around my neck when I was still in the belly of my butter. The contractions had not started at my mother's, they were started. The amniotic sac burst on the toilet, but I didn't come. I hadn't moved in her stomach anymore, so the doctors felt forced to pull me out with a so-called "suction cup". My mother was very happy to have me on her breast when I was born. She told me that it was the happiest moment in her life. My mother told me that she got pregnant very quickly and unexpectedly. My father had always dreamed of a big family, but my mother was too quick. She said he was too pushy for her. She broke up with him when I was 4 years old. I don't really remember that time. Back then I always came to a house where you looked after the children whose parents worked. I also work in such a house today. As a child, I always wanted to bring and distribute bananas to all the children, my grandmother told me. I sometimes dreamed of a weekly market in the place where we used to live in Hamburg, which was called Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg Kirchdorf-Süd in German.
Maybe my mother visited this weekly market with me when I was 3 or 4 and bought bananas with me there? Interesting that I only see the place in a dream and not in my memory. It's probably more of a memory from the subconscious. I went to preschool and school in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg Kirchdorf - Süd. I was teased at school. The kids called me Skeletor and I was never good at sports because I had chronic asthma. I was threatened every day that I get beaten up after school. Nobody did it after school. Once I was beaten up in front of the sports hall when the teacher was a little late for teaching. Then the teachers put me on the bench with nosebleeds. I was also annoyed with rosehip, which was stuck under my T-shirt on my back, it had burned a lot and I had neurodermatitis. Once I fell down the stairs in school, I don't even know if I was pushed or fell myself. Neurodermatitis was also a problem. I was sent to the cure alone. Once to Wyk auf Föhr and once to Nordernay Insel in the North Sea.I also had a pulmonary emphysema in which the alveoli had destroyed themselves. I was healed of this at the age of 12, which is clinically impossible. I remember being the last one on the bench in physical education, a so-called outsider. Loved by nobody, almost no friends, maybe only 1 or 2. My mother broke up with my father when I was 4 years old and then went back to work. I was looked after in this house where you looked after children from parents who had to work. I don't know the English name for it. After school I was alone at home because my mother was working. Sometimes we went to my grandparents, then they looked after me on vacation. I was sometimes allowed to visit my father. I could ask for it at any time. My father didn't speak German well because he grew up in Quetta, Pakistan and spoke Urdu, Fasi and Asragie. His family were Mongolians of Russian descent, as he said. They immigrated to Mongolia from Pakistan when the war was over. There his parents had chosen the middle name Yawar because they actually had no middle names in Mongolia. My paternal grandmother had Yawar as a first name. Yawar means helping or standing by. My father always wanted to call me Fatma a name derived from Fatima, my mother Sandra, that means protector. Neither could they agree on my father's request to give me two names. Now it has stayed with Sandra because my mother wanted it that way.  I was very lonely very often in my childhood. When I got home after school, my mother had provided me with a can of lunch. I always made myself warm in a saucepan. The wooden spoon I used to stir was the same with which I sometimes got a flap on the butt. My mother used to hit me with it whenever I did something. Once I was outside too long and had forgotten the time and that it should be home when it gets dark. For that my mother slapped me on the face, she said why I lie to her and don't come up to the house (skyscraper / playground was in front of it) if I had told her so before. Maybe I just didn't hear it right when I ran across the playground to go up when it gets dark. We moved two more times until my mother passed away in 2006. She had cancer and died the way she feared it most. She asked me earlier if she should go to the hospital or if she might die. She never wanted to be a nursing case, so I told her that maybe everyone would go to the hospital to cure it if it was possible not to become a nursing case. But I'm not a doctor and I said that she has to make her own decision and yes I can feel that she could possibly die. It was like that in the end. My grandmother sometimes had strange dreams, she dreamed of deceased people and shortly afterwards people who she knew kept dying. Perhaps this is a gift that I have inherited in other ways.When I had my first boyfriend and my mother asked if I should get closer to him or if I should rather wait until the wedding, she said I should decide for myself. I did it because I was curious, but he later broke up with me because of another one. It was an absolute disater for me, it hurt me a lot. Today I don't want to have anything to do with him anymore and I'm glad that he has another one, I would never want him back. The thought occurred to me that it was not worth mine sometime after he had hurt me again and again and no longer gave me Chanche. He just didn't want to and I didn't want to either.He had promised to marry me if I let him touch me. I was probably too naive to believe him and I had always vowed never to fall for something like this and I did. I was very angry about myself because of that. The church helped me a lot to forgive me, because I found out that I will be forgiven by Goztt, who haunted me again with his Holy Spirit and just made me happy and satisfied with his presence. I felt loved by God, from then on my life took a different direction because I found God's love in me. The feeling of being loved by God as I am has made my soul very strong, but also the many separations that were there and later came to this day. The grief and the hard life somehow made my soul stronger because I still feel loved by God.When my father and grandmother died, I heard God in my mind as if I were talking to myself inside. He said that my grandmother and then shortly afterwards (4 weeks later) my father would die. He said I think to me in January 2015. My grandmother died first in February 2015 and my father died four weeks later. Then I got a 39 C fever. I had also changed employers at the same time because I was underpaid for the old one in an old people's home and it was just too many hours. Often work 13 days straight. That was too much for me, so I had to find a new direction. I started my profession again and that was good for me. God has always stood by me and answered many prayers. I am very grateful to him for that. Unfortunately I don't pray that often, but I want to start again. At the moment I'm a little in a crisis because I don't understand why God allows certain things in my life (my feelings), sometimes I think I should be tormented, but that's something where I have to fight with my ego for God to praise.One more thing, when I was vaccinated against hepatitis B, the value was over 10,000 ... positive. Also very rare in humans. The laboratory had made no mistakes, the doctor was also amazed and trembled when he told me. Even 10 years later I was still immune to hepatitis B. My blood is fighting very hard and is very aggressive. That can also quickly lead to collabs, I think. I am also allergy sufferer. Have hay fever and neurodermatitis, dust mites cannot. I responded to everything in the test except for mold. At the moment I am trying to heal myself through silent meditation, i.e. pure concentration on my body and what I specifically want to heal. It is partially effective and goes very quickly. I would like to show my light (chakra) to an eagle and what I have learned and understood so far, but actually I do not know where one is. I think ben is one? But it's too far away from me and I can't go there at the moment.There are so many things that I have seen or experienced in my life and so many miracles, once I even healed a child from his skin disease. I can tell you a lot, but this is getting way too long. You are welcome to contact me and maybe I will tell you more about my life if it is in your spiritual interest, how God acted in my life and in relation to my chakras, how I feel them and what I have experienced with them. There are also numerous unforgettable dreams that I had that were very strange. For example, I dreamed very often that I would be killed, but always in a different way ... a message? or an experience from past life? Maybe my soul is very old. Namaste Your Sandra ligthworker !

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Comment by amparo alvarez on August 4, 2020 at 10:47pm

We are all very powerful...Yet we have forgotten this since we fell into the lower vibrations...I try not to extend my self too much...I know it is up to me to write only that which I need to write...I do not speak of all the things (miracles) I have gone through and I see everyday...There is a point when one concentrates too much of speaking of themselves where ego can take over, and I don't allow for that to happen..My ego is in I only speak of that which I know will help others...I also concentrate mostly on the Joy, and positive things I can transmit to others...I like your openness...

Comment by sandra (Ranma´s Soulmate) on August 4, 2020 at 2:33pm

yes, it´s no easy find short words for all these wonders in my life and all what happen, i thank god giver all lifes for my life and i love each Day as it is..i never try healing my self, it just happen. I have wach now the Movie Heal on Netflix Channel and i was Inspired to try this healing my self with meditation. I only sit there silence and try only worked with the chakra i feel and i try to concentrain it on my Body then i imagen how it coud be healing and it works perfectly in some seconds, i coud do it sometimes inbetween work for seconds. This feels like a ligthnig up and i know i can ligthning up others, too with. For that i also concentrain on my chakra. I work with my Breathing, first in then out and try flash anyone arround and lift up or something (no easy to describe). It feels like i am a Flower or something, close then open and give nice smell of ligth away, wich is healing anyone vody and soul.I am maybe not that powerful, but some other Humans arround get sometimes a littel Bless i think, cause they are getting a red face afther i concentrain and spread out ligth like this..I did heal my daddys headache one day and the neurodermitis on a young boy on his legs (it was just a normal cream). His Mother was very wondering about, cause she try healing it with exatly the same cream.

Comment by amparo alvarez on August 4, 2020 at 6:25am

Hi Sandra...I appreciate your sharing with us...A bit too long, I almost did not read it...

My name Amparo means "protection, shelter, help" in Spanish...I am from Spain, residing in the USA...

I had a pulmonary disease at 11 years of age and I got healed at 12...I have been to Germany and lived there for 4 years in the city of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg,

The place where children go to be watched over by professionals  is called "day care center" or "day nursery"..."day care center" is more common...One person taking care of one or more children is called "babysitter"...

I also healed, but in my case I healed myself and helped others heal too...

We are all here with one or more purposes and we would not be here had we not be strong...All is changing at this moment for the better yet we are still in for some bumpy rides...

I am concentrating in positive thoughts, feelings and actions without ignoring the suffering going on, yet I need to concentrate on my self at this moment so I will be able in the future to help others...

It is good that you share, try a little bit less words for many won't read it because of the length...I like the similarities in both of us...

Blessings and thank you for being here at ACC...


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