Becoming The Conductors Of Light

Becoming The Conductors Of Light, Channeled through Divine Light.


Beautiful Day Dear Family of Light,


So much is happening within, as without, as we come closer to the 11 11 portal. It is a reflection image of our inner self. I am being Shown By Divine light, that The final test of our inner being is that of courage, and strength, to view our own Truth. Many of us are stepping into the higher Consciousness of higher 4th and 5th dimensions. With that experience comes a knowing of your ancient truth. But as we grow in the Light, we leave all of that behind. All of Those past lives are now transformed into One knowing.


Many of us came from the Light, and entered the Darkness, to transform and heal that which was lost, and To show Light on the Pathway back to Source from which we came. As we lead the way forward, we are reminded to be of Love and Light, for all of our Brothers and Sisters, who are each experiencing their very own Ascension back to the Light. The way they choose to go is based on their personal soul contracts. Many do not choose the way of Light and will experience a much different reality, then those who choose the Path of Love, and Service to Others.


Many of you may have noticed that the Sun has been Very active Lately. I am being shown that These are higher vibrations being sent by the Infinite Creator, through our Sun, to cleanse us, from the Negative AI invasion that was taking place. The Natural Solar Reaction of our Sun is a direct connection to the Central Sun of this Universe, through a Natural Wifi, which is considered the Physical Heart of God. So Yes, GOD is sending us Love. These very High Vibrational waves are transforming and cleansing this Earth and all of humanity. With all of these intense Energies now actively transforming Darkness, we will begin to see many more real disclosures taking place. As this information becomes public, many more will awaken to Truth, of the Extraterrestrial presence, The Knowledge of the Living Universe, and becoming more compassionate of the Living Planet.


Humanity has a long way to go to reach such mentality, when we still see such division and hatred. However, as Workers of the Light, we are intentionally shown Darkness so it can be transformed. So, as we are shown Humanities fear, we can direct these higher light Energies like a Conductor directs a Piece of Music. When you noticed people dwelling in Fear or Hate, Focus the Energies that are being sent to you by our Creator, in their direction. When we consciously focus our intentions of Love, it helps to heal the fear that Humanity may be projecting.


I am being shown that The dark ones are scrambling to keep control. But all their False Flag attempts, are just waking more people up to all of the Deception. They use each incident to cause extreme emotions from one side or the other. As long as you fall for their emotional train wreck, you stay within the lower vibrations of Fear. We must remember that the Dark ones use our emotions to control us.




As beings of Light we are instilled with Gods Love. By focusing those pure Love Light Energies, of Non Judgement, Compassion, Peace, and Unity, we can begin to Change the Vibrations of The Collective of humanity, to a more Positive mentality.


Anytime we ourselves place judgement on others, or lack compassion and care, we feed the Fear and Hate of the collective. Intentional focus of Love during meditation or prayer, counters the negative vibrations from any lower emotions that is being projected.


As this Earth ascends, we too must rise to higher vibrations. If you allow the Dark to determine where you are at emotionally, you allow their control over you. As soon as you step out off of their emotional roller coaster, they can no longer manipulate you. You then take control of your own Frequency in which you wish to be.


Once you can control your emotions for yourself, you then can become a conductor of the Light. Being a Conductor of the Light is being able to hold and project Love Light Energies. The key to holding the Light is Love, Compassion, Gratitude, and forgiveness. As long as we stay within the higher vibrations of Love, and service to Others, we rise in this ascension. As a conductor of the Beautiful Energies, you help Raise Humanity and this Earth to Higher Light.


And so it is and it is so,


Channeled through Divine Light By Chellea @






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