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BATTLE FOR THE EARTH from Zlota Swiadomosc

 Many, many thanks to ground crew member, Gerd, from Germany for the following. He received the information from a Polish Magazine written in German and had it translated into English for me. It is extremely timely and important.  “It is from a source from Poland. I don’t know them.”

Source: Zlota Swiadomosc, Wojna Bogow 8.30.2019

Battle for the Earth

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On August 29, 2019, there was a great battle fought between dark alien forces and the forces of light. It was directly about the earth that was being fought for. The battle, in which 100,000 people and 250 million positive light forces fought against 1.5 billion representatives of the negative aliens, lasted 4 hours. These negative aliens consisted of three civilizations: the Anunnaki, the Higher Vampires and the Phenoloids (?). The forces of light triumphed, even though they were outnumbered! During the battle, several alien groups were expelled from their hiding places. Several portals were also destroyed, others were cleaned up. One of the portals that was destroyed was one located between the Black H*** in the center of our galaxy and Earth. It was at Sirius B, near Vega. At the edge of the galaxy a planet was discovered, which served the negative aliens as a station. By means of a portal, which served as an energetic shielding field, this was hidden from us. From there, the three negative civilizations attacked Earth. In addition, several small civilizations were involved. But above all it was one of the factions that was very negative. On the planet, which is more like a space station, there were parasites and many negative beings, which are completely unknown to us. This planet was taken by the positive forces and the shielding field was deactivated so that the planet, which is 30 times as big as Earth, was unmasked. Its inhabitants are now in detention there, on several dimensions. Two other systems in our galaxy have also been cleaned up and freed from the dark forces. At higher levels there was also a massive dismantling and cleanup of the nearby cosmos and intergalactic space affecting 403 galaxies.

It happened on August 29 because Earth would have passed through a portal 2 days later that would cleanse Earth and bring it into a new energy field and raise the vibration of Earth and humanity. Obviously the negative forces wanted to prevent this.

It was a very difficult fight. That was probably the biggest battle ever for Earth. But not all negative forces have come out of their hiding place. They have been greatly reduced, but have not yet completely disappeared. It could still take a while until they have completely disappeared, says the source of this explosive information. The battle ends when they have completely disappeared from Earth. The three civilizations with their assisting smaller civilizations had in the past put a matrix around the earth that had an emotional negative effect on us and blocked us in our freedom. It was connected with a parasitic consciousness of the ruler of the earth (Marduk), who is now in panic because he has to leave the earth. This parasitic consciousness has also affected us humans (which of course explains a lot!). The old matrix was neutralized and dismantled, which is a liberation for us humans. The positive forces now begin to create a fifth matrix of the 3rd density for the earth, which reaches into the 8th dimension. The complete infrastructure of the negative aliens in our galaxy has been destroyed. This was long overdue, because now a cosmic cycle of 50 billion earth cycles is coming to an end. The earth is very important, because from here a new cosmic civilization is to emerge, which is to function as buffer to negative civilizations. For this the earth must be independent and the people free.

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Comment by amparo alvarez on October 5, 2019 at 11:46pm

YES indeed we are...Peace, Love and Light to you and to all...

Comment by Roberto Durante on October 5, 2019 at 10:47pm

Comment by amparo alvarez on October 5, 2019 at 9:18pm

No photo description available.

Comment by amparo alvarez on October 5, 2019 at 8:29pm

Galactic Power

By Valerie Donner


Galactic power makes me feel good.

I look in the sky and feel understood.


Galactic power is strong and bold.

It can transmute the darkness with a single hold.


 Galactic power is true to form.

It puts things together into a new norm.


 Galactic power that is true to the light,

Is creating a turnaround for the earth all right.


Galactic power is here for us.

They will be giving us their technologies we will be able to trust.


Galactic power is smooth and easy.

It helps us deal with 3D and not get queasy.


Galactic power comes straight from Source.

It is full of light and force.

Comment by amparo alvarez on October 5, 2019 at 8:18pm

What a great message...Thank you Galactic brothers and sisters and all human being that participated and to all Divine Beings of Love and Light...I truly resonate with this message of Love and Light...

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