Back to One.

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    Back to One

  • You and I are One
  • somewhere on a very high layer of consciousness
  • Here on Earth in compaction have we forgotten
  • that we are One

  • Division reigns Polarization at its best Reflected the tearing apart from Source
  •  Apart from you and I are One
  • A forgotten memory in the deep unconscious
  • It creates experiences from God (consciousness)
  • Living in duality, quite a challenge

  • Where is that Unity that frees and connects
  • That lets love flow in unison

  • When you are not capable to feel the Oneness first in yourself
    You can't recognize these either in the world around you

  • Forgotten Covenant
  • divided and reigns

  • The way back home, to Source
  • to Unity starts
  • in your Self
  •  As part of the Whole
  • As a spark from Source
  • it is your responsibility right what is distorted
  • Transcend polarization and find the way to Source

  • When you dare to admit  your shadow and pain Recognition,
  • embrace
  • Then healing can be there
  • Honesty is necessary see the wounds
  • that separated you Of One (ness)

  • It is your freedom whether or not to make that choice
  • The way back to One first in you, then with the other

  • Fear is the guiding principle that divides
  • Love that connects
  • Courage is needed to see what has been created
  • But also to see what will be when Unit is restored

  • Too good to be true ego thinks
  • Too good to be true soul says

  • Back to Home is contained in your Self
  • You can exercise for it Go inside first and then reaching out

  • The way to Unity Connection with Al is enclosed in your heart
  • Love is the key
  • And it is already there
  • You are invited To re-member them!

    © Willemien Timmer 20-1-2021
    Conscious Center Apophyllite



(Transelated from Dutch)

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  • Thanks Albertha...I feel this too, that we're all soul-sparks radiating from the Infinite Source, along with everyone and everything in this multidimensional creation, interweaving together through countless expressions.

    I always feel that at the Heart of Creation, the divine impulse behind and expressing through all creation is pure Joy, simply creating and expressing itself through all these sparks for the Joy of Expression, the Joy of Creation...and that all our creative impulses, and our impulse to evolve, to ascend in frequency, comes from that Primary Love&Joy.
    This pure impulse has become obscured in galaxies or cosmic regions that have become veiled in dense energies, but we can all connect to it instantly by focusing into the Source spark we are, in our Inner Heart sacred space.
    As that Joy and Love and Oneness is at the very foundation of our being, our soul essence...all radiating together...and way beyond all the dualism of politics, ideology etc at this 3-4D level...yet anchoring the Light of Love and Joy and Unity through this whole field.

    Gratitude, Love, Peace & Joy to you & all here. 🥰💛✨
  • Again, I log onto this site and right off the bat I find the above. Since I have begun to wake-up, I feel as though I am being led precisely where I need to be, such as pondering "ONENESS" and "UNITY" all day long just to hop online and read the above... Things like this reinforce my belief, give me strength, determination, and tenacity.
    Thanks for posting.
    Peace, love, unity, and light to all
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