Keep a fire-free Australia in your prayers and your 8@8 meditation.

Collective Meditation: 8 Minutes @ 8 AM or PM Holding and Sending Love

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An invitation to join, wherever you are,

8 M I N U T E S @ 8 A M or 8 P M

with our Collective H E A R T


H O L D I N G friends and families,

communities, countries, nations

in L O V E & sending L O V E


January 2020

Our focus is on the bush fires in Australia,
staggering 35,588** murders in Mexico,
Wuhan, epicentre of the Coronavirus,
and other issues around the world


Please join with us at 8AM and/or 8PM
holding everyone in Love and sending LOVE.

Purification Visualization from Archangel Michael for opioid crisis:

To suction the impurities from mountains of opioids (visualizing the Rocky Mountains) and from the opioid energy, the collective energy which is very dark, and to infuse clean energy, pearlescent or silver

To vacuum, to suction the impurities, the damage, and the desire to do the drugs from the ones using and to infuse with them with clean energy — a pearlescent or silver — for the instantaneous healing

Below are four meditations, three with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, and one a rain visualization, if you prefer something to watch and/or listen to:

Rain/World Love Meditation
with Archangel Uriel

Immersive rain visual
with thanks to Kim for this

Audio Player

RAIN Meditation
with Tara Brach

Golden Rain/World Love Meditation
with Archangel Gabrielle

World Peace Meditation
with Archangel Michael

We are One with our leaders in the inter-connectedness of everything. World Peace (forgiveness, compassion, gratitude for this incredible journey) is within each of us as we more deeply surrender to our Divine Connection, Alignment with the Mother/Father One, Sacred Purpose.

Holding each of us in LOVE,
we come to that place of PEACE within
so as to create that in our without;
as within so without.

The Divine Blessings, Virtues, and Qualities,

Universal Laws, and the Violet Flame

create Balance and Alignment

with the I Am and LOVE





We recommend setting a phone reminder for 8 AM and/or PM.

Meditating, wherever we are at that time we join in the Now where, as Archangel Uriel likes to say, “Now is the future.”


Also, we welcome your suggestions,
world situations for collective focus.

Please email us at:
Contact Us

Australia’s capital declares state of emergency over out-of-control wildfire

AP/CBC, Jan. 31, 2020

Fire is burning at emergency level — the highest on a 3-tier scale of danger

The Australian capital region declared a state of emergency on Friday because of an out-of-control forest fire burning erratically to its south.

It’s the first fire emergency for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) area since 2003 when wildfires killed four people and destroyed almost 500 homes in a single day.

The threat is posed by a blaze on Canberra’s southern fringe that has razed more than 214 square kilometres since it was sparked by heat from a military helicopter landing light on Monday, the Emergency Services Agency said.

“The state of emergency sets a clear expectation for our community that we need you to be vigilant,” emergency services minister Mick Gentleman told reporters. “This is the worst bushfire season in the ACT since 2003.”

The fire is burning at emergency level — the highest on a three-tier scale of danger — and embers have created dangerous spot fires nearby, agency officials said.

Residents of southern Canberra suburbs and surrounding villages have been advised to prepare to either protect their homes or evacuate.

Roads were blocked to the village of Tharwa, about 40 kilometres south of the capital Canberra, late Friday because the fire posed too much danger for residents to evacuate or return to their homes.

The fire is the most dangerous of dozens of blazes burning in Australia’s drought-stricken southeast.


Massive wildfires have raged across southern Australia since September, claiming 33 lives, destroying over 3,000 homes and burning more than 106,000 square kilometres. (David Gray/Getty Images)

Unprecedented fires across southern Australia have claimed at least 33 lives since September, destroyed more than 3,000 homes and razed more than 106,000 square kilometres, about twice the size of Nova Scotia.

The fire danger is forecast to escalate across the southeast in the ACT and the states of New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria as summer temperatures rise over the weekend.

The state of emergency gives Canberra’s local government additional powers to block roads, direct people’s movements, control their property and undertake firefighting work on private land.

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