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I think that ascension is the wrong term for what is occurring on the planet. It has been important for me lately to realize that English is a vhttp://jaredbroker.netery limited form of communication in all regards. Worthless words and worthless labels.

Many light workers are not going to be comfortable with this, but I think the source of suffering for us in these late stages of the transformation are because we all see ascension as something which will take us away from the planet into a new realm.

This is not the point of the exercise ladies and gents. In my view, we are all descending our higher selves and higher Earth expression into the here and now. This point is repeated endlessly, but I am finally learning to accept this.

Opening and embracing this fact will lessen all of our suffering. Once this is completed on a large scale, then we shall be free to go and do anything.

It is a catch 22 that it takes a long time to release the confines of time.

I am sick of this ascension talk as if we are going to burst into light and “be somewhere else”. It has always been that our job is to bring the higher reality of Earth “down” through our actions and clearings. Maybe once this is accomplished, some will choose to burst into light. That is fine. But, we are still within time.

As we accept and clear all that went before in our timelines, we accomplish this. This subtle forgiveness of the most horrible crimes is obviously the most difficult, but the process demands it. I don’t see an other way forward.

We are all in this together, no matter our roles of light or dark.  We are coaxing the higher realms to this magnificent planet surface through our body/souls.  How could it not?

It doesn’t matter at all to me whether this has been done “before”, is a regular thing, is unique, etc. etc. Time does not exist, so these points seem pointless to ponder. To me all that matters is that we accept every single person as a lower expression of all that is. Will you forgive the crimes of your perceived god or judge your thoughts of the highest?

That is how “I” see “myself” and “others” in these lower dimensions. I have found that being calm and releasing any notions about a future at all is the easiest way forward. And easy is what I am looking for in the here and now. I have had enough of the madness and chaos in self.

The very simple and basic ways of being is what we are all returning to. The chaos of immense change is powerful, but you are more powerful than the highest expression of any being that you can conceive.  This is not arrogance, only the power of imagination.

You are higher than angels, archangels, ascended Ones, Universal creators and on and on. You create yourself and surroundings in any form you wish. When you calmly integrate this truth, you will help the collective to advance “rapidly” and smoothly.

Peace and unity to you all.  Be gentle with your thoughts and blames.

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