Are you a child of Sirius ?


Are you a child of Sirius ?


Only the children of Sirius will understand and vibrate with the following message: The people who are encrusted will not understand this message ...
Dear child souls of Sirius A, B or C, you came to earth more than one cycle ago ... Others came later ... And still others came directly with their physical bodies from Sirius to add adamantine and rainbow light to increase the vibratory rate ...
Amarutikia, Kalirani, Cézakilamanou,
These terms may seem illegible to you, but say them several times and they will do something very special to your physical body but also to other bodies.
I introduce myself I am Feline of the High Council of Sirius and it is Patrick who receives my message.
Right now you feel like you're on a boat, tossed about by the rough ocean, rocking you and that's what it is!
Remember to anchor yourself to mother earth Gaia for now Akouananéh Akounaneh, Akolemnabeh Gaia Urantia Nova, loba ne me.
You deeply know that something is brewing and that your intuition is right, but that others do not understand ...
Is it important to trust others or your heart which knows everything that is going on inside you and how you vibrate? Chananeh Kalimara Atuya
My dear children you know that you have come from Sirius and will return there in a next present moment and that the present earth of vibrations that revolve around money, power is no longer suitable for you.
You made the choice internally to return aboard the healing ships, then the mother ship. Before joining your planet Sirius. A, B or C ...
I send you all full of unconditional love on behalf of Sirius' High Council and hold on, the ascension is near ... Trust your heart!


These words actually contain vibrations that allow you to get out of you which is no longer useful to move forward ... Tears of joy, of sadness ... They also express unconditional love. It is not for nothing that Féline put them in this message.
KAMALARI, ETAKOUDA AND JIKANAMOUIA are three terms which will cleanse the rest of your body (causal, physical and emotional) but which will help you to better integrate the next energies which will arrive ...
Dear sisters and brother of light, the rain abounds to nourish the earth and the trees, .. It is a beneficial cleaning for us also open your windows and benefit from this rain which brings positive energies for your interior.
Those who do not understand these terms or who do not care should seek their stellar origin.
Here are other terms if you come from the Pleiades instead:
Astahlmeia! Nebadouié, Walishmanniah, Alcynemahi!
If these vibrate for you. Mira from Sirius High Council will welcome you and guide you to the right group!
Regarding the Lyre:
Pchkamataï, Lymaina, Namastaneh, Pikariyayaï
Regarding possibly Vega:
I am Lyrachaïa de Véga: If you are our brothers and sisters, these words will vibrate in you: Pschkamaï, Ehrdanamaneh, Ouka-ouya-nem, Kalitepinaou
If you are more from Venus:
Aaamchaaïaanou, Daleschnamiya, Kikinameh, Akawaouia, Wouna-Wouna

From: Patrick, The White Wolf ...(Shared with his permission)

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