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Archangel Valdar Reports on the Ways that the Delegations are being Managed

Thanks to Andrew Eardley (Elias) for offering us this excerpt from his reading with Archangel Valdar.

Please, anyone else who has readings with Linda and wishes to share excerpts from them, do send them to “Contact Us.”

Andrew Eardley in a personal reading with Archangel Valdar through Linda Dillon, Sept. 25, 2019.

Elias:  I wonder if you have any further information or updates about the progress of the Delegations that I might share with others for everybody’s general interest?

Archangel Valdar: Well, as you well know, … the meetings with various widespread Delegations have not only begun but they are underway and they are… ‘tiered’ would be a good way to put it and those that are meeting, as you also know, are being sworn [to secrecy?] – not in the way of coercion, not in the way of ‘NDA’ – that is a very human thing, so that is not what we are talking about.

The Delegations are being gathered, and as you well know they are being gathered from all the various corners and sectors of the Earth and of leanings, professions, etc.

And this is really important because it is vital that this not be seen as an undertaking that is belonging to any particular individual religious belief system, institutional belief system, financial belief system, national belief system.

This is far above anything to do with the stratified structures, institutionalised ways of thinking, behaving – and coercing – that are currently in existence on this planet.

Very often these meetings are taking place in the various portals and cities of Light that continue to be anchored and opened all over the planet. The individuals that are coming forth, be they scientist or philosopher or civic leader – in the true sense of that word – are chosen for their purity and their clarity and their lack of self-interest, self-aggrandisement.

Yes, we have talked at the beginning of our time together this day about the surrender of ego. Well, the individuals that are being called in to our meeting with the Star Delegations are in fact not embedded in their egos – their primary focus has always been and continues to be the expansion of human awareness, of human learning, of human experience – whether it is in technology or philosophy or simply the ability to live in community.

So these are well underway. The reason that they are being kept rather quiet at the moment is that this is the groundwork that is taking place and the groundwork cannot – will not – be interfered with or intervened with, and so in that… then there will come a time when these points of Light – these portals of Light – of these small groups, these Delegations all over the planet, will disclose all at once the same information.

So that is what is underway at the moment and they are going very very well… very quiet, very low key, very hidden… for the moment. …

The point of the Delegations – yes, of course – is to say that they have met with our Star family, Star Delegations, who not only come in peace but bring gifts – of technology, of science, of wisdom, of language, of culture, etc., etc., etc.

But the entire point of this is the building of new community. Now, these people that are engaged with the Delegations, for example ‘XXX’ premier astrophysicist [here AAV names a prominent astrophysicist]– their job is not going to change, their job does not transfer into being a full-time Delegation person.

These are pillars of truth that will speak truth, anchoring the knowing and the awareness of the peace and the truth, but it does not mean that he is leaving his laboratory or his research program and becoming engaged full time in, shall we say, ‘Star business’.

So that is the role of the Delegations. For example you, who will be engaged in the Pi expeditions, that is an activity that it in fact becomes your job. The astrophysicists are not leaving their jobs.

Now, will they have new insights upon which to build? They most certainly will – as do the culture builders, as do the healers – so, yes, it is not about them leaving their current professions, it is about them beginning to receive new information that can in fact explode and expand what it means to be an astrophysicist, a physician, a doctor, a healer or a cultural attaché.

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