Greetings dear ones! I AM Archangel Uriel, Archangel of Love and Holder and Keeper of the Grayelsha Flame and Bringer of the Bright Future, you friend and companion always, and I come today to bring you Love and support as We all do on a daily basis, and to encourage and remind you to use my Silver Flame more often to assist you with these chaotic and confusing times that you are traversing, to help you to see through the illusions and the veils, to discern the Truth and the best way of action and moving forward.

It is your intent and willingness to see the Truth in yourselves, to see what it is that is holding you back and/or causing distress, that you can gracefully and swiftly release and clear the blockages and move on with your plans and journey, and because you are never working alone and you have many that you have promised to assist and that at the same time they are helping you, by using the Flame and illuminating their hearts and fields you will be able to send the proper and specific assistance, which is of course Loving healing energy and compassion. 

This is not a difficult task for you, when the ones that are directed to you for help are coming peacefully and through the front door, I might say, asking for counseling and advice, but it may be difficult to understand and hear the cry for help and love from the ones that are angry, acting in an aggressive manner and even attacking you and others, and as you know these are the ones in need of reassurance and lots and plenty of Love. You do not have to work and handle any of these situations all alone for as you know We are always here to protect you and assist you and others in any way possible, but We do not want you to get engaged and involved in the drama and the low vibe energies of the ones that are acting out in fear and anger, and it is easier for you to maintain that balance and heart centered attitude and stand when you see their real reasons and the motives of acting out in certain unacceptable and irrational manner. You can then decide of what it may be the best course of action, and base your decisions eliminating the fear and emotional factor, by either removing yourselves gracefully from the situation and responding lovingly from the distance or by quickly end the apparent conflict using the exact and most appropriate words and reassurance, having given the insight and clarity needed, from the use of the Silver Flame. 

I am overjoyed to Be with thee today and every day, to assist you in moving quickly through the release of the old energies, through your lessons, growth and expansion, but mostly through the challenges of Our main mission of anchoring the Light and the Love on Earth!

I thank you for your service and commitment!


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