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Greetings , I AM Raphael,

Archangel of Love . Universal Healer and Physician , Servant of the Mother and The One , and I am coming today to bring you my encouragement and support and my congratulations for your graduation and successful moving and stepping into the New You .

And what does this means my dear Ones ? It means that the major healing and removal of the core issues has been accomplished and that you are all moving into the maintenance of the wellBeing and the high vibration .

Now you are all becoming quite good of recognizing the early signs and feeling of the dis-ease and discomfort , you are all learning of how to “see” the pathogens and the culprits of the disruptions into your physical body's integrity , into all of your etheric , mental , emotional bodies and you are learning that you have so many options to restore the health and the wellbeing , either calling on Me and the Masters and The whole COL , or remembering that you and YourSelf can and it is more than capable to send Loving  and healing energy , and matters not what color your Ray is , what it is important is that you are sending that intent to heal , transmute and eliminate the old , sending into your physical , down and deeper to your cells , molecules and DNA , and/or sending it to your energetic , emotional and all of your bodies at the same time.

Yes, you are all healers and physicians , you are all able to bring miracles and restoration of your self and your lives . You are that powerful my dear hearts and you have been told so in the past and it does indeed applies to creating disease and misfortune as well as creating health , abundance and peace , love and joy ! We know what it is that you would rather choose to bring forth , now and in the future and it is becoming easier than you think to bring only the highest good , for the blockages have been removed and you are all ready ! 

Learn how to tune into your bodies, learn to listen to its subtle and early signs of discomfort and adjust what you bring into your awareness and what you focus upon , at it start with your thoughts and mental chatter , followed very shortly by the emotional body's response and your physical body that is communicating to you at all times . Ask questions and then listen and expect answers from your bodies and from elementals and then follow the insights and the advice !

It is as simple as that and the more you practice these skills , the faster you remember that you have all that you need to create only beauty, love, stamina and strength.

I will leave you now with my Love and peace, though I AM always with you !


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Comment by amparo alvarez on March 20, 2016 at 6:39pm

We need to keep in mind that all messages are not entirely for everyone for not everyone is at the same level of spiritual development. Each one of us takes whatever we resonate with...Some of these messages are directed to a large group of people that are already at the level the message conveys, and these people have been in their path for many years now...Those that are advanced or the frontrunners  make the path a little bit easier for those that are just beginning their spiritual journey...



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