Archangel Michael: In Alignment with the One

Archangel Michael: In Alignment with the One

I was doing some research in my readings with Michael and came across a passage from Oct. 30, 2020, which I overlooked at the time and which I’m sure he wanted posted. It’s a tall order he makes of us here at GAoG. I hope at the end of the day he’s happy with the results.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 30, 2020.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, Archangel of One, Servant of the Mother, Servant of the Father, Servant of All, Servant of the Love.

You see, beloved, what is the difference between an Archangel and a human being? When you truly sit and think about it, or feel about it, what is the difference?

Yes, there are various capacities, talents, abilities, things that we do that you do not and things that you do that we do not… The difference is simply the deeper alignment into the heart, mind, will, consciousness of One.

It is inconceivable that we veer away not because we do not have free will and enormous choice but because the mere idea, let alone action, of veering away from the heart of One would be such an abomination, such an anathema.

It is the greatest joy to be in the alignment, to share and to know with clarity the path that is current, the path that lies ahead, the path that lies behind and knowing that they are all one and the same.

This you know is the task of this collective and it does not subtract in the slightest. It is a multiplication factor beyond belief to truly come into that place.

The old illusion of free will, the old illusion of individual freedoms and authority … that never meant control and certainly not abuse.

It meant the alignment, it meant the embrace, the inclusion in all aspects of one’s being, one’s life with that which is sacred and that which is true.

This is the greatest opportunity and the greatest challenge that is directly in front of the human race, this collective of beauties.

At this moment, in this infinite and very concrete moment, the door is open and the invitations to rebirth have not only been issued, the midwives are all standing by. And you are the midwives, and you are the birthers, and you are the infants.

It is curious, the attempts of so many to simply ignore what is directly in front of them. But being ignored, as Archangel of Peace and Warrior of Love, that has never deterred me and it certainly does not move me off my path or mark of standing directly here with you, in front of you (and I mean you, all of you, the collective) to say, “Come! Come and join in the love. Come and learn. Come and be the truth”

Yes, it is a path of courage and bravery and it is the willingness to be scoffed at or sometimes even shunned but it is also the knowing that those who dismiss you … are your greatest ally, your greatest teachers.

Because those are the ones that you reach out and embrace and quietly and gently allow to come into the fold. This is the purpose of our platform [GAoG].

Never to divide, never to set up false divisions, never to encourage deceit. But rather to invite, open-heartedly invite, all Beings into the love and that is what you are doing and that is what is necessary. (1)

It is really quite simple for you would say to me, “Lord, what now? What is the task at hand?” And it is not about this or that political, economic, societal intrigue.

It is about engaging, inviting, enfolding all beings and demonstrating through personal integrity that which is of love. And yes it can be a pathway that feels at times quite singular and even quite lonely.

But that is also why you are in absolute alignment with us. So that through that, you are filled, infilled, supported, uplifted.

So is this a time that many are at this crossroads? Yes they are. But the good news is is that they have reached the crossroads!


(1) I confess this goal remains out in front of me. Not so for some of the others here.

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