Archangel Metatron: Setting Standards


Archangel Metatron: Setting Standards


There is a moral standard, a set of rules, that each society uses to govern the lives of those living within it. Over time, the rules may change, to accommodate the advancement of the culture, so that the quality of life improves for everyone.

When guidelines, established by society, parents, or peers are neglected, it may cause conflict; however, it can also result in the creation of new rules that support the progress of the society. In simpler terms, things change and sometimes for the better.

Personal standards and belief systems extend to all areas of daily life, including choosing a life partner, how people treat one another, raise their children, connect to themselves and others, and relate to the universe and the concept of divinity.

Personal reality is not set in stone, it changes constantly and can be influenced by both external events and other people.

Standards can also change when you intend to improve and raise your vibration to a higher level. As you become increasingly connected to your inner guidance, you are more aware of what you truly believe. You create a standard based on your knowing and what resonates with you, even if no one else feels the same.

When this conscious human evolutionary process begins, you may start to receive higher vibrating information that is filtered through your Higher Self, allowing you to evolve even further, so you can adopt a more refined set of beliefs and standards. Then once the new consciousness is integrated into your Light Body, you are living in a new reality

Your expanded sense of awareness will alter your focus, so that everyday aspects of life may no longer appeal to you. You might not want to watch the same shows on TV, read the same kind of books, or even listen to the same music. You may be drawn to more spiritual endeavors.

New information begins to download into your mind in the form of channeled messages from the higher realms. When this happens, you can feel an idea swirling and germinating just above the crown chakra, until it finally becomes a clear thought in your conscious mind, and you become inspired by it.

There will be no nightly news in the New Era, instead there will be the latest channels.

Perhaps you will use your higher standard to inspire others, through your words and actions. A simple act of kindness has the power to move a person to tears as they experience the grace and goodness inherent in each human being. In the space of a moment, a person can be transformed into a kinder one.

What you believe to be true today may not be true tomorrow, but as long as it is a truth that resonates with you, and it is in the best interest of everyone, it is true.

When you take the time to examine and accept what you truly believe, you become empowered. Then when you choose to live according to those beliefs, you flourish.

Once you embrace the beauty of the flow of life, you are forever changed. Then you can expect events to unfold in magical ways.

**Channel: Wendy Ann Zellea

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  • Blessings Soulz83...I am so glad that they do...I love it too...
  • This is beautiful words, they resonate highly with me, thank you
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