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“ Greetings , I am AA Gabrielle . Lily of Love and Trumpet of the Truth , Servant of the Mother and Messenger of the One and I am here  with you today and everyday not only to bring you my Love and eternal support , to infuse you with my bubbles of Joy and Golden energy but to congratulate thee for your steadiness and diligence on maintaining a high vibration and loving stand even during these intense energetic times. I wish to speak to you about this eagerness you all have to advance and to expand and to move on ! It is understandable and encouraged and greatly supported by all of Us , but you need to exert some patience for all of it is being paced and monitored by you and YourSelf, Guardians and Guides .

This is why you are all being tested and challenged by old and recurrent issues , to see if you were able to recognize the lesson and to overcome it this time .

Do not loose heart if is not yet completely mastered my sweet ones, for there is plenty of time to work on different angles and views until you and are completely satisfied with that particular assignment . Using your heart based monitor , it will become easier and easier to discern the Truth and to understand and incorporate the lesson with the more subtle aspects and facets of it , and once done and completely mastered, you will not be confronted again .

Release all judgments , regardless where you find yourself in the testing period , be happy and joyful for you have recognized the lesson , there is no failing , there is always learning and expansion , so lets move on and forge ahead . You are all graduating my dear ones , and you are all in the forefront , yes all of you are graduating with honors and on the top of your classes .

You are doing extremely well , so open your hearts and let Us fill it with more Love , Peace and Joy , and then send and direct that love and nourish yourselves first , for you are all worthy , and more than deserving !  And then use the rest of it and bless everything in your awareness , in your vicinity or remotely at the distance , send it to all . There is always enough and more my dear friends , for you can come to Us and replenish and refill and repeat the process as many times as needed . 

We are overjoyed to work with you and we thank you for your service! You are loved beyond your imagination!

Farewell “

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Comment by amparo alvarez on March 19, 2016 at 10:14pm

Hi Sky...I can only speak for myself...for I know I have issues coming back...But I understand at his point why... I receive a lot of help so I am directed towards those things I need to work on...In my case and I am sure most are going through this same thing is that we finish a phase of learning and then we are hit with another and another, until we master them all... We all have different issues coming up to be transmuted and allow them to be released.. .As far as I have learned, we cannot take any discord with us to the fifth... We have to leave them behind, they have no place beyond this 3rd. D.....With much Love always...

Comment by amparo alvarez on March 19, 2016 at 9:19pm

I don't know what you are talking about but this message makes perfect sense to me...We cannot judge the experiences  which we are going through for the only thing to be done is to keep the balance while we acknowledge them and then release them for good.   Anything that is not of the truth and expansion of the Creator needs to be let go of and all of us that had been on the road for a while are at this point now...Many things keep coming back because we don't learn the lessons...and this happens to everyone for if not, those that think they are perfect they would have already ascended...With much Love always...

Comment by MarQus Boo-C-Ay on March 19, 2016 at 8:17am

you work with Urselves  ,  off of Our energy.

U contradict each of Your paragraphs ,,,  U say to stop Judging,, and then in the next paragraph,, U say , 'you are doing Well',,, night and day Stuff,

let Me tell U how to say it,,

" We sit in a Pool of Love,,, without any judgement,,,, a Pool of Joy and Peace Eternal,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

and that's why We are doing Well"

Stop thinking separation, and start thinking Together forever.

I luv U,,, I AM,,, and U are 2


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