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Antithesis to the “Deep State”

We have here some welcome insight to this high-profile meeting, shared by the lovely Petra Pixie McGuire on FaceBook.

By Magenta Pixie, July 20, 2018

A unified world (as in true cooperation, communication and peace) is antithesis to the ‘deep state’ and the controllers (STS Elite factions) (1) as it is the absolute opposite of their agenda.

They must have battle, war, enemies and division. They have to distort the potential peace relations between Trump and Putin and continue the illusion of the US and Russia being enemies as this is their biggest ‘Trump card’ (‘scuse the pun) and it is slowly being destroyed by the Trump administration.

Even Trump himself is beyond surprised at the media reaction to his peace talks with other world leaders, especially Putin (this is because his awareness of the Deep State does not extend to the full STS agenda on multi-dimensional levels.)

The most critical aspect to this for those of you who are ‘spiritual warriors,’ if you will, is to know that Trump’s goals for America match the frequencies of the STO agenda and the ascension timeline. Stay out of the drama and the duality/polarity game but remain fully informed of third dimensional movements (especially politically.)

Trump is striding firmly into the creation of the ‘New World’ right now (the opposite of the New World Order) high energies of Atlantean and Lemurian New Year on July 27th – re-opening the Sirius gateway August 8th, is ‘shaking things up big time’ here on 3D Earth.

~ Magenta Pixie


(1) STS ~ Service to self

STO ~ Service to others

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