Adamu: This is What is Going on Right Now


Adamu: This is What is Going on Right Now

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While looking into the channeled perspective on the mainstream media, I came across this passage from Adamu in October, which merits being reposted on its own at this time.

There’s some partisan language; eg., “Delete,” “useful tools,” etc.  I personally “make the translation,” if it’s not central to the piece, depending on the value of the credible remainder of truth. With Adamu the value is high.

“Adamu Speaks: Coronavirus (Part 4) – a Time of Choosing…,” October 9, 2020, at

The “Delete” [Dark Elite] offer you idols to place on those pedestals, in the form of all of their useful tools. In the form of [the] press, the figures of authority that appear on the news, in the form of their politicians and they make a business of possessing politicians, of buying them in a variety of ways, of controlling them, of manipulating them. …

You know what’s true for you and when you see these talking heads on television, these authority figures, you listen to what they say and you start to see through the lies. You start to look more broadly for your sources of information. You start to find alternative streams of information and you have your own filter in place. You say, “This is true and that is not. I’ll go with this and that doesn’t resonate for me.” Self-responsibility dawns. …

So, this is what is going on right now and it’s very interesting to notice that you definitely do seem to be moving strongly towards the self-responsible timeline. When we notice that [fewer and fewer] of you are believing the press: something like two thirds of all respondents to a recent survey in the United States said that they find the press to be largely not believable. About one third said utterly unbelievable. So, these kinds of indications are interesting. …

Those of you who have been watching carefully, those of you who have been using alternative media sources, will know that the last four years of the present Presidency have really been about putting everything in place, in preparation for a seismic shift in the political landscape, in what has been happening in American politics. Because there has been so much dirty business. All of this is going to be brought to the surface.

It’s going to be quite a shock for many, for those who have been attached to their other-responsible position. We see what is coming is that if you stay in the self-responsible timeline, a big shock for the other-responsibles, an opportunity for grand awakening and they may take it or they may not. It will be interesting.

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  • They can only be as powerful as we allow them to be...
  • I concentrate on the fact that the Light has won...Nothing will bring us back to the way things were...Yes, we are still in the middle of the storm, but it will pass...Let us concentrate of what WE WANT, not on what they want...They are on their way out, but we need not give them any more of our energy by accepting their creations over ours...We outnumber them...Now we need to be ready for and believe in our Power...Let us stay together and project out thoughts to the reality we wish to create for all of us...Blessings to all
  • Division among the masses, is a far from sensitive subject when you look at the objectivity behind the root cause of the problems that are being faced currently.
    Many Terrans are concerned regarding corona Virus, and the Political War between medicine and status quo. Controlled by the media, the status quo reflects a percentage of views expressed by subscribers. When this view is narrated against the will of the people, either a coalition or a direct imperial order system is formed trying to entice people to obey what the then ruling elite wish for you.
    No doctor, government authority or media outlet can predict who you are without them knowing everything about what your potential is. And this is what their ultimate fear is, that you are beyond and above the reach of someone who can enforce as much as possible on you while maintaining your perceived happiness.
    Known as the matrix haven for a reason, such a perceptual hive mind has been used from religion to scientific concepts for a long time now, in an effort to control the artistic imagination of minds without limits. The world you see now, is most threatened when things left unsaid are cleared away, because problems that are made up provide profitable false solutions where imperial conquest is utilized.
    No channeler has the power to guide you on what you should believe. this responsibility literally falls to you and you alone. Let me explain.
    In the world today, we're facing what is called hot button issues. They are temporary things, which go away once the attention is not placed on them. Things you don't normally spend a lot of time concerned about, unless someone is up front and in your face about it, making something you're attached to, by choice or by nature, a problem.
    the solution is to either accept what you have and move on, or change what you can't live with. Not fight over what's the right or wrong thing to do. Because there are way too many shades of grey that can effect the outcome of the reality we all share.
    As such, it is important to realize, that politics is just a reflection of who we are by how they are aligned with the choices we make. they do not reflect how people think, and the more distant the news and media and people outside your regular circle of people you communicate with become, the greater the divide is where everyone else starts to notice their isolation.
    this isn't so much a part of waking up, as it is apart of knowing who you are in the face of what confronts you. Waking up, would mean taking responsibility for more than you need to. Accountability has gone by the wayside for many a year on all sides, to be replaced with something more immediate at that time worthy of our collective and individual attentions.
    As I've said before and likely will again, distractions are the result formed when there is a belief that bliss is ignorance. Lack of addressing issues altogether only exacerbates or enhances ones acute awareness of the developing situation at hand.
    The hands of a leader are the hands of a healer. Too much emphasis has been placed on an accepted version of a leader in recent times, in order to make ones image more appropriated and or softer. For instance, would you accept Adolf Hitler as a school boy if you had him in your classroom as a teacher who people see you as being fair and honest? Would you regret knowing him, rather than being proud you taught him something worth a lot whether it was taken to heart or not? Has seriousness come at a cost now days, because ones job or attention is on the line? In other words, how do you heal someone when their focus isn't connected, only their image is?
    You can put the same line of questioning towards the Corona Virus. In many respects, illness is temporary, even if the effects are long lasting. This is due to the fact that cells are used in accordance with the creation of a virus in the first place, which makes bacteria thrive in the right conditions or environment. What you really need, is environmental control. In Terrans, this means boosting ones immune system or diet. Making conscious choices in order to prevent further deterioration of the vessel that embodies you.
    Health is wealth. Sometimes, you have to take accountability for enjoying who you are while you're here. There's no set time for your life to be fulfilled, but there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing you had a great one if you took control of the time you were gifted. It is a right to live as you wish, and to respect others for doing the same. You cannot do so when you are dictated how to do it, unless you truly have no knowledge in where to start. Otherwise, you are empowered by that which directly effects you and your actions alone determines how others may be attracted to you through the things which you embrace on an action by action basis.
    Things will get better and more clear as we prioritize our life as integral with spirit. That ultimately is what extraterrestrial disclosure is waiting for in order to present itself as known in the physical dimension.
  • Some experiments have shown that DNA is not the determinant of your heredity! Take the human genome sequencing for example. Scientists once thought that if they knew human DNA, then they can cure all diseases. Indead they thought that DNA is everything about you. They were wrong! They thus eroneously predicted the number of genomes in human and worms. It turn out that the numbers don't add. We, for instance, differ so much from worms than we can explain it by differences in DNA!
    DNA is not all you are. Consequently no elite have mastered you and 'how to control you'.
  • t elites are very dangerous here on earth and they control everything ...everything!!!. who are the elites well one has to go back thousands of years. Since the virus has claim lot of lives specially those with lower immunity and the elderly. The elites have already have the light body for everyone through their technology and they have a place in the astral planes and have created a heavenly place for those passed on. AI has taken control on earth though 5G and covid19 was part of this process. Humanity has implants located near the forhead, and navel area. People will see small size things when they go shopping including smaller size packaging of food and other essential products. Some products will not be there and many will see a gradual process of empty shelfs and evictions will get worse as the covid19 worsens in Decemnber and though winter months. This is what seems to be the future of humanity for now or maybe things will eventually get back to normal again. The month of December will be a lot of powerful changes.
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