In the time of Lemuria we faced a similar situation when we experienced a long period of war between Atlantis and Lemuria.
Even in the face of the potential threat of total destruction of both continents, the warlords would not stop. The rest is history, and you all know what happened. You also know that there were no winners, as the wars weakened both continents to such an extent that both perished 15,000 years later. Many of the souls responsible for initiating the wars between Atlantis and Lemuria and their eventual destruction are the same souls presently attempting to do it once more.
This time, however, the situation is different. Your Earth Mother’s time for ascension has come and her wishes will be honored. From this time forward she will cleanse herself. She will no longer tolerate the abuse of Her body and of Her precious children. We ask you to allow Her the cleansing through the Earth changes. The third dimension will eventually roll its energy into the fourth dimension. There will no longer be a third dimension, as you know it today. Your body will mutate to a fourth dimensional body and later on to a fifth dimensional one which will be much lighter, but will still feel as physical. Closer than ever, you now stand at the dawn of a golden age of love and true brotherhood.
( From Telos Book 2 by Aurelia) 
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  •  Your Inner Universe is a Fertile Ground

    I AM Adama, the Faithful One,

    Faithful to all whom my heart has loved for a very long time

    Dear Beloved of the Light, it is an important time for each of you to truly examine the way you treat yourself, the way you consider and see yourself.

    Are the thoughts that you hold when you think of yourself always infused with love? What language do you use when you speak to yourself or when you observe yourself? What is the nature of these words?

    Why is this important?

    If you took some time each day to really examine yourself, to listen and feel these words that are inside of you, you would quickly discover the nature of the inner beliefs that you still hold about yourself and about life.

    Why is this important?

    To help you more deeply understand this question, I could also ask you these next questions: Are you happy? Do you find life beautiful? Your life beautiful?

    You see it’s entirely due to your way of thinking, of judging, of deciding, of comparing and of believing that has right up until this very moment defined your life exactly as it is right now. And so we ask, is it important to be aware of each thought that can either nurture or deplete your life as they emanate from you?  You cannot see as we do how these thoughts and beliefs color every aspect of your life. It is these very thoughts and beliefs that make you feel life the way you do when you first open your eyes in the morning.

    Spring is a wonderful season, a season of renaissance. Why not take advantage of these energies? You inner Universe is a fertile ground. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your wounds, all of these are part of your inner Universe/ground and all these energies are malleable, you can manipulate and transform them to change your life!

    This spring, you can use the Flame of Resurrection to re-activate and resuscitate your perfect life (blue print of perfection). Know that the image or ideal of your perfection is alive within you. Visualize the Flame of Resurrection, visualize its golden orange color envelop you and feel the perfection that you are for all eternity expand within you. Let it transform every aspect of your life, all your thoughts, your beliefs and your entire inner Universe.

    With infinite love, I AM Adama, the eternal heart of living light

    Message transmitted by D. Laberge 

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