Aaahhh Sweet Liberation!

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Along the path of awakening, it is quite common to play out lingering unconsciousness through patterns of neutrality and engagement. Not that neutrality or engagement are inherent forms of the unconscious, but both are common spaces for a remaining unconsciousness to hide during various stages of expansion.

When this occurs, the ego uses neutrality as an attempt to spiritually bypass the emotional body. It is here where personal engagement becomes aloof, disembodied, non-committal, and avoidant. When the pattern flips to an opposite form, as all patterns do, a willingness to engage becomes so personal that an awareness of personal conduct is replaced by a desperate need to be right.

Whether one or both of these patterns have played out in yourself or currently control the will of those you know, the key is learning to hold loving space as the unconsciousness of human patterning continues to dissolve through time. This may help you remember that just because someone may be interested in the evolution of consciousness, it doesn’t mean they are ever done evolving. Whether choosing to hold space up close or from afar and in whatever way supports your personal needs and the evolving state of your nervous system, it is the gift of time that ultimately brings the healing anyone desires and needs. I'm not referring to time as something perceived as a conceptual illusion, nor the time that can feel like a commodity running out. It is a dimension of time, manifested into form, as your eternal presence of being that ultimately makes everything right through your willingness to slow down, catch your breath, and find safety and strength in vulnerability — no matter who can and cannot meet you there.

From this space, you are naturally rooted in a state of neutrality the ego cannot learn, impersonate, practice, or ever ‘get right’. It is a neutrality that washes over all areas of your life through the grace of time -- allowing others the right to their own experience, without tainting the ethics of your personal engagement or negatively influencing your subjective experience.

This is the heart of true liberation.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

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