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                                                                   THE SKY OF MERCURY


The Second Work of Hercules becomes transcendental and transcendent: the destruction of the Hydra of Lerna, a symbolic Monster of immortal origin, endowed with nine threatening heads that regenerate each time they are destroyed, threatening the herds as well as the crops.


Hard struggle in which the solar Hero is accompanied by "YOLAO", his charioteer and inspirer, whose remarkable role is very similar to that of Sri Krishna in his relationship with Arjuna. (See BHAGAVAD - GITA, THE SONG OF THE LORD).


Even though this magnificent work can be interpreted as a supplement work in a marshy Delta like the Sacred Nile that Multifaceted Hydra is also an allegorical image that clearly personifies the Mind with all its psychological defects.


As a constellation, such a symbolic Hydra, has its front between Leo and Cancer, extending south to the shining feet of Virgo.


With burning coals, "YOLAO" burns the reborn heads, instead of the ones that Hercules crushes with his mace, after which, having cut off the immortal head, extraordinary symbol of authentic love, he hides it under a rock that obviously has to serve as "Philosopher's Stone" of his regenerated exquisitely spiritual life.


Written is with characters of fire in the book of life: "Whoever wants to go up must first go down". "To every exaltation is always preceded by a terrible humiliation."


Unquestionably and I really longed for and with all the strength of my Soul, to go up, to ascend, to the Heaven of Mercury, the Devachan of the Hindustan, the Higher Mental World, the Abode of the Archangels. However, it was essential before to go down, descend, to the Hells of the Mind to destroy the Hydra de Lerna there.


Those psychological defects of multifaceted structure, which in the Lunar Hells had reduced to cosmic dust, continued to exist as the abominable heads of the fatal Hydra, in the various folds of the mind.


Horrifying animal creatures, disgusting abysmal monsters, clearly personified each of my own psychological defects.


One can afford to understand any psychological error, without for such motive has captured its deep significance...


Unquestionably we need with maximum urgent cannot be postponed, not only to understand but also to catch the deep meaning of what we want to eliminate.


Eliminate the Heads (psychological defects) of the Hydra of Lerna, is only possible through the transcendent Sexual electricity, during the "SAHAJA MAITHUNA" in the "FORGE OF THE CYCLOPES".


Since the "Metaphysical Copulation" in the "Ninth Sphere" is a form of prayer, I begged Devi KUNDALINI at that moment...


Goethe, the Great German Initiate, worshiping his Divine Mother KUNDALINI, full of ecstasy exclaimed:


"Pure Virgin in the most beautiful sense.

Mother worthy of veneration.

Queen chosen by us

and of equal condition to the Gods ".


Longing to die in himself here and now, during the Chemical Coitus that Great Bard said:



"Arrows pierce me;

Spears, submit me;

Maces hurt me.

Everything disappears,

Let everything go

Shine the perennial star,

Focus of eternal love ".


Unquestionably I always proceeded in a very similar way and the Hydra of Lerna, little by little, slowly, was losing each of its abominable heads...


On one occasion, when I was in Eastern Tibet, inside a monastery, I had the idea of telling my Divine Mother KUNDALINI the following:


You and I talk and we look like two different people, and yet we are the same Being. It is not too much to assert emphatically that the answer was certainly extraordinary:


"Yes, My Son!.. You and I are the same Being but DERIVED."


In the name of Truth I confess frankly and unambiguously, that without the immediate help of my Divine ADORABLE MOTHER, in no way could I have to radically eliminate the Hydra of Lerna ... (My Psychological defects in the Intellectual Subconscious).


"Before the golden flame can burn with serene light, the lamp must be well taken care of in a place free of all wind, earthly thoughts must fall dead at the doors of the temple."


"The mind, which is a slave of the senses, makes the Soul as invalid, as the boat that the wind mislays on the waters".


When the Sun of Midnight shone victoriously in the spiritual firmament, I returned to the Archangelic state that I had once lost and entered joyfully into the Heaven of Mercury...




                                                                       THE SKY OF VENUS


The third feat of Hercules, the Solar Hero come about, is now extraordinary: I want to refer emphatically to the capture of two animals, soft one as fast, turbulent and threatening the other. The Cerenita deer and the Erimantea boar.


We can and should even identify these famous quadrupeds, with the two resplendent austral constellations closest to the stars of Gemini, which are close to the two Centaurs, with whom Hercules holds a bloody lid.


In the doe of bronze feet and golden horns, sacred to Diana and disputed by Apollo, the Fire God, we can see a clear allusion to the Human soul (the husband of WALKIRIA), the SUPERIOR MANAS of THEOSOPHY.


And in the terrible Boar, wicked as none, is the living symbol of all low animal passions.


It does not hurt to assert in these instants that I longed very sincerely and with all the strength of my Soul, to enter the sky of Venus, the Causal World, the abode of the PRINCIPALITIES.


However, it is clear that I needed first to make merits, to reduce to cosmic dust the frightful Boar...

Getting down is necessary before going up; to every exaltation a terrible humiliation always precedes him.


Descending to the Venusian Hells was indispensable, urgent, cannot be postponed, before the ascent.

Previous information needed and this, in itself, was certainly urgent, peremptory...


Accurate, extraordinary indications came to me during the meditation; it is obvious that the Initiate is always assisted...


On a large table, very similar to the attractive plank of a game of chess, instead of the usual pieces of the aforementioned game, I saw many animal figures of disgusting appearance...


Unquestionably, with the help of my Divine Mother KUNDALINI, I had eliminated defects of Psychological type, already in the Astral World, already in the Mental World, however, the causal germs of those, continued to exist within myself, here and now. ..


Within the field of the purest experimental psychology, we can state the following statement: The radical elimination of any psychological defect, absolutely fails when its secret cause is not dissolved.


To remove from my psyche such intrinsic causes, was certainly my task in the Venusian Hells...


It is clear that then had to pass victorious through frightful carnal temptations, such as those suffered by the Gnostic Patriarch St. Augustine, at the foot of the Cross .. .


"The mystery Gnostic is present

In the still flight of the dove,

And the sin of the world in the serpent

That bites the foot of the Angel that tames it ".


"On the eternal night of the past

The eternal night of tomorrow opens.

Every hour, a larva of sin!

And the symbol the serpent and the apple ".


Immense is the multitude of crimes, whose causal germs I had to eliminate, and even if it had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues and an iron voice, it could not enumerate them all ...


In the Tartarus, where the wicked are punished, I also found two old friends of youth; one, still alive, the other is already dead...


It does not hurt to remember those Titans of ancient times, who wanted to climb the sky; they suffer now in the abyss, chained by the wrath of Jupiter.


There also reside the insolent Lapitas and the daring Ixion, who attempted against Juno, and Piritoo, who wanted to abduct Proserpina...


In the underground world lives also the proud Salmoneo, King of Elida, who claimed for himself the Divine honors, being he a mere mortal, a vile worm from the mud of the earth...


Moments before finally leaving the abode of Pluto, I saw something frightening, terrible, as if a giant huge monster wanted to devour the entire humanity. Oh! Oh! Oh!


Later I felt transformed between those atomic infernos; the Cosmic Christ entered into me I got lost in him...


Then, many Mothers brought me their children and I, full of ecstasy, exclaimed: "Let the children come to me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven".


How happy I felt with the transformed Causal Body! After blessing all these tender infants, I left the Submerged Mineral Kingdom and entered victoriously into the Heaven of Venus (The Causal World).


This was how I re-entered the state of the Principalities, which I had once lost, when in the central plateau of Asia I made the same mistake as Count ZANONI...

Falling surrendered to the paradisiacal feet of the exquisite feminine beauty, drinking the liquor of Mandrakes, eating of the golden apples of the "Garden of the Hesperides", was certainly the aforementioned error. However, working later with the transcendent sexual electricity, I had to return to the path that I had once abandoned...


That wonderful Causal World or World of Conscious Will, so often cited by Lord Leadbeter, Annie Besant, Arturo Power, Rudolf Steiner, HPB, etc., ostensibly is terror of love and law. Undoubtedly the Venus Sky is not of time and is beyond the mind.


It is clear that the AKASHIKA substance, as a natural element and vibration or TATWA, constitutes in itself the living and philosophical background of the World of Cosmic causality...


The deep electric blue shines wonderful in that region and sparkles here, there and there, saturating us with an exquisite spiritual indescribable voluptuousness...


It is the World of Natural Causes as an ocean without limits or edges; the incessant swell of action and consequence, flows and re-flows there from moment to moment...


It is evident that there is no cause without effect or effect without cause; to every action is followed by a reaction; of any act always is detach a consequence ... Or better said, series of consequences ...


At that time of my current existence, I received a lot of objective and demonstrable information.


EXAMPLE: Before the speaker of a certain audience I present myself in full assembly; I do not keep my composure, I put my nose where I should not, I refute concepts ...


Result: the speaker - a man from the Causal World - withdraws indignantly...


Later, the lecturer comments my attitude with others and this becomes in fact a whole chain of consequences...


In the Causal World I also saw, with mystical astonishment, the future that awaits the planet Earth and the human creatures that dwell in this physical world...


Dressed in the "Causal Body" I suddenly found myself inside a large railway yard...


Certainly the Gnostic Movement is a moving train; some passengers go up in one station and get off in another; rare are those that reach the final station...


Later I had to submerge myself among the infinite starry space; I needed to investigate something in the Amphitheater of Cosmic Science.


Surprised, admired, - since I have not yet lost the capacity for amazement - , I can perceive with the "Eye of Dangma" or "Eye of SHIVA", something unusual and incredible ...


Before my spiritual sight appeared the Earth besieged to death by twelve enormous giants, black, sinister, threatening ... (The twelve zodiacal constellations, arranging the definitive crystallization of the KARMA World).


People from other worlds do not ignore the Great Catastrophe that will ensue.


That is the Apocalypse of Saint John, in full swing. Collision of Worlds. Oh! Oh! Oh!...

It is appropriate to quote in this part some extraordinary verses of KORAN.


“Among the signs that must precede the arrival of the las hour, is that the moon will split in two,but in  the spite of this the unbelievers will not give credits to their eyes”.

( Obviously, it cannot be a geological or physical division of our satellite neighbor, Interpreter this in political and military form the great powers will despite the moon )



"When the trumpet is played for the first time ...


When the Earth and the mountains are taken

by the air and crushed in one fell swoop ...


When the sky tear and fall to pieces...

That day will be the inevitable day. "


(Collision! It is the precise term: Planet Earth will collide with another world that is coming dangerously close). (Electromagnetic collide at the first place). "


The blow that is! It will be the Day of Judgment.


Those who have works that weigh in the balance, will have a pleasant life. Those who are light will have the fiery pit as their abode. "(The Hell Worlds).


"When the earth trembles with that trembling that is reserved for it ...

“When he has vomited who rest in his entrails…the man will prepare to be judged 


"The sun will be torn, the stars will fall, the mountains will be set in motion and they will end up crashing to the ground, the sky will explode into a thousand pieces and the seas and rivers will confuse its waters, the tombs will be ajar and the dead will be resurrected. The ones who had been practicing the good will have happiness without limits, but the reprobate will also be punished without restraint ".


Unquestionably before the inevitable collision, excessive approach of that planetary mass will cause horrific storms electro - magnetic.


It is ostensible that the presence of that sidereal world, exerts attraction on the liquid fire of the interior of our terrestrial globe; then the igneous element will look for an exit giving origin to innumerable volcanoes.


In those days, the Earth will shake with terrible earthquakes and horrifying tidal waves...


Villages and cities will fall fatally like miserable house of cards, made ruins.


Monstrous waves never seen before will fiercely lash the sandy beaches and a very strange sound will emerge from the depths of the seas...


Undoubtedly the extraordinary radiation of that planet will kill millions of creatures and everything will be consumed in an apocalyptic holocaust.


Peter or PATAR, the Great Hierophant, said:


"But the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will be destroyed with fire, and the earth and the works that are in it will be burned."


In the Causal World I contemplated with mystical astonishment the Great Catastrophe that is approaching and since that is the region of Ineffable Music, the vision was illustrated in the "current of sound".

A delicious tragic symphony resounded between the deep depths of the Heaven of Venus.


That score amazed, in general, by the greatness and majesty, and by the inspiration and beauty of its trace; for the purity of its lines and for the color and nuance of its wise and artistic instrumentation sweet and severe, great and terrifying, dramatic and dismal at the same time...


The fragmentary melodic pieces (Leitmotiv) that were heard in the Causal World, in the different prophetic situations, are of great expressive power, and in intimate relation with the great event and with the historical events that will inevitably precede it in time...


There is in the score of that Great Cosmic Opera, fragments of symphonies related to; delicious and unfortunate sounds, gruesome events, atomic bombs, dreadful radioactivity throughout the Earth , famines, total destruction of the great metropolises, unknown diseases, incessant battles here, there and there, etc., etc., etc.

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