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The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message March 26, 2020

Channeled Message

Are you happy in your life?  An interesting response as I said that is that I heard a number of people say, “yes I am”.  Then the ones that always make me chuckle say, “Sometimes I am.  Does it count if I am only happy when I am doing this?   If I’m happy only 2% of the time does that mean I’m happy?”  It’s as if that human mind always tries to reason, or analyze, or figure out an answer to something that should be instinctive within you.  Are you happy? 

An important aspect of that question is that happiness is different for every single person.  Just as each one of you is living your life on your own pathway what is happiness for you is what it is.  Some people if they are pain-free for a period of the time, they are happy.  Some people it’s an intrinsic part of their life.  They just look at the world through happiness.  Does it mean they don’t get sad, or question, or become frustrated, but that intrinsic place inside of them is happy?

Sometimes you are just living your life and not taking the time to stop and consider. Here is a chance to consider your life.

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