A Few Thoughts!


A Few Thoughts!

Amazing thing this – the world as it is easiest to live verses the world the watcher wants and knows is the best way. This used to be called having a conscience – not a word that is understood today. The simple view of conscience is having a choice to choose the right thing to do in any situation. You have the Devil on one shoulder and an Angel on the other, like the old cartoons.

This is to be written in two perspectives. The first part is the way this mortal chamber would have it and the second the way of our eternal consciousness. There will be a conclusion as to the best way forward and what action to take.

So, here is the scenario for part one. There is freedom in this life but that freedom comes with consequences. Life to be lived ‘my way’ means a huge loss of options and less doors to be opened on this world but does leave time to develop ways to open doors to our true destiny.

The normal everyday life is a trap which could leave you repeating life until you finally learn you have been searching for the wrong way all along! So you lose some of the trinkets during life but you cannot bring anything material with you anyway.

The blame lies with those who teach the young the way life is and brainwash them into living as slaves from generation to generation. For the majority, the most important thing in life is worthless money. They give their entire life away in service to a con. Money is backed by nothing and is the biggest pyramid scheme on Earth.

The fact that you figure this out and the money just keeps getting printed out does not improve life. It would be insane to waste time working when you are paid with worthless paper. This leaves one living a minimalist lifestyle. There sure is not a big carbon footprint here.

It is easier to trudge through life and be negative about world events and personal circumstances. It is easy to point out the causes and who to blame for our current now. It is not so easy to find solutions to world problems. At the moment it seems hopeless.

NATO seems intentionally to be pushing Russia into a pre-emptive strike. It seems they want it to happen. They have already pushed too far and if Russia sees no way forward with diplomacy they will fire their nukes with the slightest mistake on their border. They have only five minutes to react if they are attacked so will fire at the least provocation. Their borders have been surrounded.

They used to think that nuclear bombs were enough to protect their country from any attack because it would result in destroying the planet. It seems there are psychopaths in the world right now who want this to happen. It is that close to mass destruction of all major cities in Europe. The missile defence is useless, just a bluff. None of this situation is ever reported by the useless media.

Here is the scenario for part two. Yes, all of this is happening and the Russians will not be fooled into total destruction of Europe to suit some other agenda. Those pushing all of this are not affected by it themselves. They will drink their own poison! It has come the time for them to reap what they sow. They will no longer profit off the backs of others or gain from creating evil and ruining good lives while they live in splendour.

They will pay for what has been done, an equal measure of misery will be in their personal reality as they have knowingly created for others.

Just as beauty is only skin deep the same can be said for the appearances of grandeur in their lives. All is not what it seems and soon the consequences will be felt for those who deserve what is coming.

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