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6:44 / 14:09 Mark Levin: Pelosi’s Unhinged Meltdown Shows Just How Much She Hates America -

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Comment by amparo alvarez on Sunday

I have a feeling this is her last term in office...Nobody in the right mind and heart wants someone like her...So egotistical and without any substance...No compassion in her heart...All those that are in it to serve themselves can and will be out the door...

Comment by Alan on Sunday

Why is she still here, she is 80 years old & none the wiser, she has outlived her usefulness for any Party, she is so money hungry, has sold many of our secrets to China & other countries.  You don't get a bank account with 100s of millions in it on a work salary from our Government, she's a crook thru & thru, cares not for the American people.  Another Face Lift for her would require Heavy BarBells, let's get rid of the uncaring icecream eating fossil, Witch.  Go, President Trump, our eyes are open to the uncaring, deteriorating, antique ways of the Speaker of the House's antics, we see & we understand, now, thank you for the eye's wide open posture. 


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