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I am not sure how to start...I am trying to allow the words to flow...Here I am sharing in the Love and Light of my heart...I have learned that ancient wisdom is coming back regarding harmony, compassion, communication and so many qualities that want to be acknowledged, remembered from deep within us...Today in my meditation I went through a deep diving with the beautiful energies I was sending to earth and humanity, especially the Violet Flame...These energies I felt them surrounding me and I felt so immersed in a trance like state of beingness, a kind of bliss I can say...Love was flowing and flowing...and I shared that love with all of humanity's consciousness...I for some reason started to chant a deep song from within, without a fixed rhythm...It was magical since I am not a singer yet here the notes were flowing high and low with an easiness that felt so much coming from within my soul...I let go of the limitations that bounds us at times and attuned more to my true Self...I know many Light Beings were surrounding me and I invited them to participate in this flowing of Love through me out into the world...I envisioned us all in this state of bliss and Mother Gaia...I sent Peace, Love, Light Abundance, Freedom and Joy to all...I am humbled by the Love that is so immense in all of us and I envision our days ahead being always in this state of bliss...Love is the way, It is all there is...We are Love, We are One...I Love LOVE, I Love YOU...

Thank you for allowing this Love to flow here and now with all of you...I am grateful that I am opening more to communicating what is deep within my heart...

JULY 25, 2020

(Yesterday meaning on July 24, 2020)

Yesterday I had a beautiful experience with a sparrow...I was about to leave to do errands and as I was walking to my car I saw a sparrow not being able to fly yet was trying very hard to...It was limping...I knew that she would be eaten by cats...I saw a few roaming around the area...close to where the bird was...I decided to approach very gently while the bird tried desperately to take flight...When the bird saw me reaching down it just turned over legs up like saying: I am stopped struggling like waiting for the end... I picked  her up very gently and slowly to not scare her even more and I proceeded to place her on a higher garden ground...Then as if knowing it took off from my hand and flew away to that same garden...I was very relieved and thought .. Ok..Now you have a chance at making it...What made me very happy is how I felt such compassion...I felt the bird as part of me and I understood the need for her freedom and chance at life....I hope you enjoyed my experience...Do you have one?, I am sure you do, please share with all of us...Life is beautiful...We are part of Life, which is such a miracle...This is the greatest experience there is right now in the whole Omniverse...Blessings and so much love to you from my heart to your heart.. 

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Comment by amparo alvarez on August 10, 2020 at 3:11am

Valana I am so glad that all is alright...Things happen for a reason...No coincidences...You will be with us no matter your age...It is about your purpose here and mission...I am glad you are...Blessings dear friend and much Love to you...LOVE HEALS ALL...

Comment by Valana on August 9, 2020 at 8:07pm

Amparo dear, this is so very neat!  This shows that not only are we all multi-dimensional beings and at the subliminal level we are all ONE but that there is silent communication on higher dimensions that goes on between us at all times.... the closer friends we are the more powerful the communication.

I think this is a case in point.  I wrote you about the problem, then for no reason you said you were sending St Termain's violet flame and healing angels to surround me...I thought it was because of the email but you had not gotten it as yet... so see how the communication went through a higher level...this goes on all the time with everyone but the closer friends people are and the closer they are on similar vibratory level the more powerul the communication.

So you answered my email before you received it....that's why I thanked you for the healing!

So uif all realized how much their thoughts and feelings affected others, especially those closer like family and loved ones they would be much more careful of their thoughts.... 

This is so great and such proof that we all are really ONE Infinite Being...  

Comment by Valana on August 9, 2020 at 6:03pm

Amparo, the picture is so beautiful, I wish I had it on my front page but I'm having problems posting on my own site!   The email you mention was sent last month!  Look at the date! Funny however if you just got it then something is really wrong on my site... I know it's been at least a month does it have a date on it?  I have not been posting anything as it does not show on my front page so I put up a message today of what I had done as far as posting....   however, I can't even get into myy private mail I will have to write Ning and get them to fix it...yes I did write that email but it's been long time and I am since healed..I thought you had it and had prayed!   You said you sent Light os I figured that was the prayer and anyway I am now healed...haha I believed you got the ehamil and sent prayer    !   This is sort of funny wow.... thank you anyyway...Love ya'    Valana

Comment by amparo alvarez on August 9, 2020 at 10:56am

Thank you dear Valana...Are you filling better today...? I just read a message I found in my e-mail...I hope all is well..Blessings...

Comment by Valana on August 9, 2020 at 10:45am

Oh deareest Amparo, I must not have expressed myself correctly, I presume everyone knows my teachings... I hafve taught since bck in the 50's the ministry of healing from the Bible... It is always God's will to hyeal...God does not cause sickness it is a product of the mind of man that does not realize his divine power of creating his own world by what he/she thinks, speaks and feels...Feeling is the secret of healing... Just as you believed you channeled the violet fire of St Germaine and healing Angels, also, Patty Brown thought I had said the symptoms were gone and believed me totally free and rejoiced, that also was a part of it, we must believe the healing complete in fact the secret of prayer that Jesus taught clearly and we in the healing ministry knew, was thart there is truly no sickness...the Kingdom of God is within and God holds us perfect, complete and whole and when we see ourselves as God sees us the healing completes....

The secret in the Lord's Prayer is "Thy will be done on earth as it IS (now done) in Heaven...and there is no sicknwss in God therefore no sickness here except in belief.... it seems to be real and people die every day but one day that will be different when all realize and see the truth of the truth Jesus taught, not the falseness of religions built around Him.  Most of my problem was caused by the hatred of those that do not like my story of Commjander Thor being told in fact I wrote about hearing the helicopter or ship over my lace and feeling the was definitely caused the same way Dr. Greer's assistant was killed but God didn't allow it to happen...there's still reason for me to be here and i'll be here until my work is finished then thankfully I can leave.  that's what I meant... I still have purpose here so God will block any malpractice sent to try to cause me to die.  We all have purpose and nothing can interfere with it.  It is never God that causes illness the Bible tells us "God is of purer eyes than to behold evil"... God see us perfect, complete, whole and when we see ourselves in that way we will never be sick's up to us.  That is the secret of healing.  But until one is ready they will not understand it so it's safe to say it, they will just dismiss it as foolishness... when it's seen, lives will be changed and the world will be the Kingdom of God.  Love you so much....

Comment by amparo alvarez on August 9, 2020 at 3:10am

Dear Valana may I suggest Mount Shasta in northern California when things settle a little next year? I am planning to go there in the future...It is a dream of mine...

Comment by amparo alvarez on August 8, 2020 at 1:04am

Dear Valana...Doctors say many things and at the end it is only the Will of God what matters...I am happy you are doing better and it is up to you and God what it will be...I know that healing is possible...I did it on myself in 2005...I was going to explain how I did it but I changed my mind...Explanations are not necessary...But people should realize that they can do it...On others it has to be done with their permission...I also healed someone I knew but only I asked her first if she allowed me to intervene...and I told her that I would do my best...I also did it more recently with a family member about two years ago...also with his permission...Both of them are here and healthy...Anybody can do it, the key here is Love,Compassion, and Trust...Thank you dear friend...I always knew of your wisdom...It can be read with people's written answers, even if I don't personally know you...Trust that all will be alright and I know you know this...You can always ask for healing directly to God, or Archangel Raphael...or Mother...It is up to you...

Comment by Valana on August 7, 2020 at 9:11am

 I also want to give credit to you for taking time in your meditations to specifically see me surrounded by Healing Light of the Healing Angels, as I ask never to see anyone with an illness but to see them perfect in God therefore that picture of perfection will be taken up by the universe and reflected upon the person...the way Jesus taught us to pray.

As you knew, I was diagnosed with a metastisized condition and healing was not an option, only the possibility of  slowinjg or stpopping temporarily to give me a bit more time and I was definitely told surgery had to be done and soon.  As I've walked in divine health since preaching it on the saw dust trail of the healing move of the 1950-s, I choose to go God's way though I did take the pill once a day that was only to perhaps stop further advance of the already terminal problem "they said" could not be reversed...I've been meaning to write an article about it with my testimony of the very,, very small scar, hardly visible which is still getting smaller so maybe I'll wait until it's gone.

Thank you for your part of sending Germain's violet flame and Hilarion's healing blue radiance with the healing angels in your prayer and meditation time specifically.  

The time is soon coming the medical profession will be no more and we will all simply heal each other with our love and light as we walk in complete love with no more pettiness and jealousy of the immature.  The world can be changed and we, along with others awakenened to their true identify as sons and daughters of the Creator, are here to change it.

I did promise God when healed I would tell it on the mountains so perhaps here is a good mountain on which to tell it, so I can consider it told.  It has bothered me that I think, well, people think I'm bragging but I didn't heal myself, and I am bragging on your taking the time to send prayer, you were not the only one, I know claudia Lee prayed very hard to see me back to my old self again. 

(That may not be so good though, haha)

Blessings of Light, Love and Peace to you my Sister in Light

Comment by amparo alvarez on August 7, 2020 at 4:29am

Dear Valana...Thank you for your kind words...I am finding that the more I am in tune with my inner self the happier I am...and  it  is becoming easier for me to just be within the essence of who I am...There is so much to be discovered...It makes me very happy that you feel uplifted by my experiences...I share them for that reason only...To help others in any way possible...We are really headed towards a world where these experiences will be constant occurrences...Blessings dear friend...and much Love to you...

Comment by Valana on August 6, 2020 at 10:53pm

Dearest Amparo, just happened to find this post now.  I have not been online much lately.  You have always been such an inspiration to me and i know to many.  Your posts have uplifted and brou8ght light into darkness.  Your Ligh has been farreaching, much more than you realize at this time I believe.

Love, Light and Peace ever be with you.Valana


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