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Adult Film Producer Confirms Murdered George Floyd Was One Of Their 'Actors': Protesters rally in Berlin, London in solidarity with U.S. ;VIDEO

You're not going to like this.

The video also shows us that like the "crisis actors" the NWO hires to pull their false flag stunts like mass shootings, there are also places to hire protestors.

And the massive fund raising people donated to the George Floyd fund...  ~ BP

Adult Film Producer Confirms Murdered George Floyd Was One Of Their 'Actors'

There are reports of the "hacktivist" group Anonymous taking down the Minneapolis police website. Thanks, L.

Minneapolis Police Website Goes Down After Anonymous Video Message

And someone who checked into it can find no trace of an arrest of George Floyd's alleged killer, Derek Chauvin, in the Minneapolis records. The CIA always take care of their own.


Is Humanity falling for the same old story line scripted by the global "El-ites" who have been driving everything that has happened on this planet? How many times will we have to do this?

The eerie resemblance is uncanny to the video below, isn't it? Detroit in 1967. Riots. Burning. Shooting. Death. Suffering. Senseless violence. Pitting the citizens against the police. Black against white.

I believe we're going to get it right this time. The People are seeing the "George Floyd protests" for what they are; New World Order domestic terrorism. A fabricated narrative to drive a wedge between us. An attempt to destroy a society.

What is actually happening is that Humanity is unifying, and the division is between us and the globalists { NWO }. The one percent must go. They are the virus that must be exterminated.

The whole world knows who the criminals are?, and they are protesting in solidarity with America in Berlin and London.

We might not all have it quite right, but at least many more a paying attention and willing to sacrifice a little of themselves for a valid cause.

Many? have followed the Q movement and understand what is happening. The Great Awakening. Freedom. Knowledge.  ~ BP

Waki Waki Starseeds and 2nd Wave,rebel light-warriors and light workers, its time to wake up the mass who are sleep walking! JS

George Floyd death: Protesters rally in Berlin, London in solidarity with U.S.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on June 1, 2020 at 8:09am

Let us hope and pray that the mass of sleep walkers who are now protesters, wake up soon and realize that they are protesting a false flag murder,. That was planed by the NWO and paid for by George Sorros. There anger is not for the death of one man but the lock-down and the loss of billions of jobs and business's world wide for a Medical Marshal law and the real enemy is not the police but the Deep State, NWO. Who has now risen up and showing its evil intent to kill most of us off and take over this planet for themselves. But they have already lost in 4 D and 5D, Making there last feeble stand in 3D.Waki Waki Starseeds, We are Won, Love is One. Adonai


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