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Me: (Sharon) Hello, Herberon, how are you?
H: I am well. Thank you for channeling me to introduce me to your people.
Me: You're welcome. I'm sure they'll be really excited to be introduced to you. Can you tell me more about yourself please?
H: My station in the multiverse is of divinity. I am a Lyran, a 12th dimensional which many will recognize as being of the highest light, and I am here to be of service to you. I sit on the Lyran council as head of this group, and we are reaching out to you on earth collectively to be of assistance during this time of ascension.
Being Lyrans, we are the grandfathers and grandmothers of all of the human races within the galaxy. Our physical DNA is within every body in this universe and we feel we can help all those whose lives are less than desirable, to live as we do in infinite love.
Me: You want to help us to ascend then?
H: Yes.
Me: Okay. Question. You appeared to me as a human holding a trident but when Christine Kesara Dennett portrayed you you wanted to be seen as a feline. Now why is this? Do humans have a genetic link to the felines, moreso than other animal species because I realize we're comprised of all species of animals we have on this earth to some degree or another.
H: Yes. There is a greater link. Our minds are more like the feline mind.
Me: That's interesting because there are many on this planet that don't like cats. They think they're standoffish.
H: Many on your planet have a habit of projecting their own faults onto their animals.
Me: LOL Yeah, I keep admonishing my cat for wanting to eat so much.
H: As an example. They wish their animals to make up for what they lack. They wish to have a pet that reaches out to them in love such as a dog simply because they cannot do this. They wish a pet who is more obedient because they want control. The feline is very autonomous in its thinking. The feline sees the human as someone it needs but by and large, it looks after its own emotional needs. The feline has less need of being in a group although it will enjoy groups as well.
Me: So you're saying that humans are like that as well?
H: Humans are independent, thinking of their own, but yes, social as well, needing and relying upon others. But more time should be given to independent thought than is generally done upon your planet. You will find when you enter the universe, that the minds of your Ivo and his colleagues are always going, thinking, strategizing, however, they have a need of each other as well. All is about achieving balance.
Me: Thank you for that. So in what way can you help people on earth?
H: I wish to offer my services as counsel. Whatever ails you, I can help to put you on a path of ascension and enlightenment. Whatever you are dealing with, I can be very helpful. However you must be willing to do the work.
Me: Yes, there's always that caveat, isn't there?
H: Yes. When two are joined in any type of union, such as myself and a lightworker or an earthling, there must be reciprocation and cooperation. Otherwise the union is fruitless.
Me: True.
H: You are a whole being, but in partnership, you are half of the partnership. And each half must do its share.
Me: True. So how do they contact you, then?
H: In meditation. Call to me and I will answer you. If your channel needs clearing, we can work on that.
Me: Okay. This is very exciting for me! Being able to introduce members of the universal family to people on earth.
H: (smiling) I see you do a lot of that and will be doing more in this respect.
Me: Yes. I will be.
H: Very well, then. Thank you for your assistance, Sharon.
Me: Herberon, it's a pleasure. I'm sure we'll speak again. Be prepared to be busy.
H: I am of service to you all.
Me: Thank you.
H: Goodbye.



​“This is Kyloni of the Arcturian Council of Light, 8th dimension, with a message to the lightworkers on earth. We of Arcturus watch you with interest and guide you in your nocturnal forays to our home and abroad.
We guide you with love and care in the hopes that you will one day connect with us in your physical mind. As you become multidimensional, we of Arcturus are interested in your development and particularly in seeing that your world is one of peace rather than war as it is now. Your people are undergoing a complete change. Our race was once warlike as yours is and we learned to have peace for the betterment of all and simply for our survival. War is contrary to the human condition. We wish you peace and know that we are with you always.
Please contact us in your meditation. We will be of assistance to you.
Thank you
With much love,
The Arcturian Council, 8th dimension"

I was later told that Kyloni is coming to be born on earth (she had told me that in another part of the channeling) and her name will be "Kyla" and she'll be born in the U.S. most likely before 2024.

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