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I have always tried to see the good in people. I figured there had to be some good in everyone no matter how bad they were. I figured there had to be some good there somewhere, even if it's really, really deep down........... way down. But I'm really starting to rethink that. I have been 'awake' for many years but I don't know what happened.... but the last two days, all I've been seeing how things are that I wasn't aware of and it's really discouraging. My 2 biggest things that upset me the quickest are injustice and abuse of ANY form because of things I've had to endure and maybe one day I'll share but for now... seeing how people are, how cruel, mean, heartless, no compassion and seeing what the elites are doing... are so discouraging.

But, that's not all... I would see something, then it's gone. For instance... I would see a news article and it would say one thing but I would see something else  typed for a split second. Like the word "Briefing" I would see the word "tracking" instead then look again and it would be normal. Then I would see a pic... for example I saw a pic of a woman (HRC) in the pic I saw a snake tongue, then I looked again and it was gone!  Makes you think you're going crazy.

Yes, I have dreams and visions but I'm not used to seeing things then they're gone. I told my husband and son and they both said I'm seeing messages and I'm okay with that, just not used to it.

Seeing what people are doing in the world as far as 'those in the swamp' goes... it really mind blowing and the extent of evil... for so many decades and centuries that it has gone on... is mind blowing. I just looked up to heaven and it's like... "Lord????"

I know there is a lot I don't understand and I don't know if I ever will. It seems the more I learn, the less i know. I've lived my whole life feeling like it was about  the "Love". Love for one another and I lived my life that way but seeing so much evil in the world and seeing how vicious people really are, it's discouraging. I always knew there was evil in the world

but holy cow...........

I'm sorry... I just had to express my feelings to you guys. I hope you make sense of this.  Much love and blessings to you all.

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Comment by Shirl Spencer on May 28, 2020 at 4:05am

You're welcome!!  They have Zohar and Zohar gate tv.  They have 2 YouTube channels.

Comment by Pet Rock on May 27, 2020 at 1:05pm

Zohar looks awesome-thanks Shirl

Comment by Shirl Spencer on May 26, 2020 at 6:02am

I heard about that experiment actually not that long ago. I like coasttocoast and I also like Zohar Gate TV. They're really informative with the proof the back it. I could watch Zohar all the time. Really amazing people on there.

Comment by Pet Rock on May 25, 2020 at 3:37pm

I know Shirl-I'll bet satanic 'churches' have meetings or whatever they do-so many 'people' love being sadistic-this is a little off topic but a guest on coasttocoast was a psychologist prof who performed an experiment with students-some were gaurds and others prisoners-the guards became so sadistic that the experiment was cancelled after 4 days instead of the planned two weeks

Renowned social psychologist and creator of the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, Philip Zimbardo, discussed this landmark study which saw ordinary college students transformed into either sadistic guards or emotionally broken prisoners. He explained that the intention of the project was to see how certain situations can shape a person's behavior, but it quickly grew out of control. Zimbardo lamented that the faux guards were "almost competing with each other to see who could be most creatively evil" towards their 'prisoners.' Amazingly, he said, even though the victims of this increasingly cruel treatment could have exited the experiment at any time, they opted to endure it until he put an end to the experiment after only five days.

Having explored how ordinary people can become evil by way of the proverbial role that life has thrust upon them, Zimbardo turned his attention to the opposite effect in his subsequent research by looking at heroic behavior. Specifically, he focused on "everyday heroism" wherein individuals "stand up, speak out, and act with integrity," especially when it could come at a cost to them personally. He pointed to someone diplomatically confronting a colleague who is acting like a bully as an example of this desirable attribute at work. Ultimately, Zimbardo said that people facing similar circumstances can tap into the hero inside them by asking "what is the best approach to change the behavior that is undesirable" and then put that plan into action.

Comment by Shirl Spencer on May 24, 2020 at 9:04pm

Pet Rock.... that is so cool.  That is amazing! It's astonishing how many people think life doesn't exist beyond earth. We are all one in the Universe.  I keep a blog on my dreams, visions and things like that. You can check it out HERE if you want. I haven't posted in a while but maybe something in there will be useful to you. I will try to get it updated soon. 

This is also what I'm talking about.... So many people are evil. Anything to defy the President. If he would have said to close the churches... they would open them up. Maybe he needs to use some reverse physiology on these monsters. 

Court upholds ban on in-person church services in California

Comment by Pet Rock on May 24, 2020 at 5:18pm

I forgot to mention that after back spacing to the results the first result disappeared , screen flashed and it was gone

Comment by Pet Rock on May 24, 2020 at 3:00pm

About a year ago I searched for 'where is earth in the milky way galaxy'- 'earth is located at the tipof the saggitarius arm' just as I remembered it-then I backed spaced to check other results and they all said 'earth is located on the orion spur-25,000 light years away-but wait, there's more-I have this painting from the 1990's;

Comment by Drekx Omega on May 24, 2020 at 10:11am

Seeing HRC would make anyone reach for eye drops..;-] These "Covid" [power] obsessed times are driving many good people to a salient realisation, that evil is making one last effort to keep it's control, but fails, with each power-play debacle. People need these optics. Being told about evil is not enough. To see it [personally] and then choose your own side, in this very real war between Light & darkness....WWG1WGA


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