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My inner knowing  today while in meditation

This morning I felt during meditation we are moving towards more openness with one another and are able at the same time to receive more from others in this same manner...When aware of our oneness we perceive not only our divinity but other people's, and accept it and honor it in humility celebrating who we all are...

As we progress in our path we leave behind old habits and ways of doing things, that felt normal to us but are no longer accepted  for we can clearly see how it limits us..It keeps us stuck in the old matrix thought patterns so deeply rooted in our psyche...

We might not even be aware of how much we are growing and changing day by day perhaps because growing and changing is a constant process...

When I woke up this morning I felt different, this world seemed so at odds, I felt I was coming back to the dream instead waking up from it...Although I knew the dream was the real deal where I felt so much joy, so close to my real Self... My first words where: Oh I am back...!

In my dream I was a peacemaker, balancing and sharing my Love with all...I believe I am beginning to have a taste of the New Earth that awaits us...All that I saw including people had an important purpose and all was being created with Love for a specific reason of Beingness, and Oneness ... 

I realized how connected we all are although is not so apparent just yet...and that our thoughts and actions whether negative or positive affects us all equally for these are energies we give it form, and they flow endlessly looking for a place to rest...Contemplating these truths it allows me to see beyond the self imposed limitations or habits we practice...It made me realize the importance of not allowing old patterns of doing things to dominate my/our reality...for we are forming New Earth and we wish to leave behind the obsolete behaviors which don't serve us any longer, and in this new awareness we can create anew better ways of doing/manifesting from the heart not just the mind..Creating from the mind alone has brought us to this world of chaos and destruction...

I had the need to share this with you for I believe that sharing is caring and my vision can inspire or spark a new vision in others...The Love I felt this morning whilst I meditated was so expansive I felt my body could not contain it...It felt like a constant flowing river of Life expanding smoothly but powerfully ...It felt so familiar, it was so empowering, it was Love...My body felt the warmth, the peace, the Love...

Thank you for the opportunity of sharing with you...

Much Love always from my heart to your hearts of Love... 

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Comment by Indo on April 26, 2020 at 6:57pm

hey everyone- just found this one!

listening to it now: california doctor exposing more truth.. VALANA.. please watch

Comment by Valana on April 26, 2020 at 6:57pm

Indo, I'm listening now, thank you.

But I still have not received answer to my question...

Why has the death multiplied over the world?  There's something killing people, the numbers are not normal...can you explain why NY, which is the only numbers I know for sure...ordinarily 150 die a day then it went up to 750 what is killing them is my question? I got my numbers from someone that lives there and knows and has no reason to lie.  The death rate has gone up here in Texas, what is killing people all of a sudden?

I'm hearing the nurse trying to say people don't understand nutrition and are scared but that still does not answer my question...and what did she say when it was over? She didn't answer the question what is killing people all of a sudden?  Let\s forget Covid 19 what is it that's raising the death toll all over the world?

Now let's go with it's all a fake, who is forcing all the med people all over the world to lie? Our President has to be in on it, why would he destroy his economy and give up the election to do such a thing?  I'm sorry but you all are not thinking...can you tell me who is at the head of what you are calling a false flag and why?  Just simple answers is all I'd like to have.

Now as far as David Ikes...when he said,

"YOU KNOW, the hospitals are all empty"  I shut it off as that's a known public speaking trick taught in classes to say "YOU KNOW"... it causes people to think you are including them in your small inner circle of wise ones and know what the rest of the world are not smaert enough to whatever you put after you say "YOU KNOW" most will go along with it and say"sure I know that"... Now how do YOU KNOW the hospitals are empty? I've never seen an empty hospital..

I will say what I know is true, a doctor I happen to know for years as an honesdt man and Christian put on his website few weeks ago when it first started...that they were fooling the public with numbers as it was much more than they were telling the public and the hospital was full of it and they were saying there was one in the county...the ICU was full of it not the whole hospital I mean... I tend to believe him rather than someone I never heard of that really said nothing to answer any questions I've asked..can anyone answer my question? What is killing more people today than ever before and if you have a preexisting condition does thatr mean you cannot die of Covid 19? If so I said before where is Superman, he can die of Covid 19 no one else can as we ALL HAVE PREEXISTING CONDITIONS...

Now I got to post on my site awhile and I'm done;...if someone answers my questions send them to me in a message and I'll see it but I'm going Minnie Pearl a stand up comedian of my day, "I'm going to the wagon folks these shoes are killing me!" IOL

I told myself I'm not getting into more arguments here, everyone believe what they want to...and when people believe that the ETs are little tinty sweet things with white hoods and a great granddaughter of the President that sold us all to a group of off world beings to use as guinea pigs in testing and allowed them to take us without permission.... interviews and tries to sell the world ton a lie that the ETs are all tryhing to help us translate or ascend... OMG it's time for me to retire... I promise I'll say no more... I'll leave you all with your little sweet fairy ETs with white hoods...OMG   

Comment by Drekx Omega on April 26, 2020 at 6:51pm

This fakery over "Covid-19 deaths" is also happening in the UK too, Valana. Any pneumonia, heart attack, seasonal flu death, is attributed to coronavirus novel strain....

Comment by Indo on April 26, 2020 at 6:08pm

@valana have you watched/listened to this 30yr ICU nurse?

Comment by Alan on April 26, 2020 at 6:04pm

Its self explanatory Valana, everything is being called Covid 19, which is nothing more than the Flu Virus, you better read it again Valana, you must have missed something.  A report of any wrong doing would go no where, you know that.  just take a deep breath and calm down, then get with the program, you are over thinking things again.

Comment by Valana on April 26, 2020 at 5:08pm

Alan are you saying there is no Covid 19?  Could you explain to me why the death rate has suddenly gone up as it has over 700 percent everywhere? What is killing people are they all suddenly dying of heart attacks... ? I'm serious, what is causing the death rate to go up so much?  Does anyone think? If so, think of an answer to my question, why is the death rate not the same, what is killing people are they suddenly all dropping dead with heart attacks?  I'm sorry but I'd have to hear a tape recording of the coroner saying he was told to do what, that's not lawful and he could go to jail for it if you can prove he said it...;what was his name? Let's report him as that's illegal to manifpulate records....Let's get his name out in public I know where to report him and let's bring him up to testify who told him to say that and get the truth out, what was the coroner's name? Let's put our money where our moth is as the old timer's used to say.

Comment by Indo on April 26, 2020 at 4:17pm

Alan, yes unfortunately that is consistent with what we are reading. prayers for your friends family. these truly are troubling times, and to lose someone during this period must be incomparable. My uncle lost his mother almost a month ago (definitely unrelated to covid-19) I didn’t dare to ask him about this but as time has passed I think I will see if it is consistent with what you and the rest are claiming.

Comment by Alan on April 26, 2020 at 3:13pm

A friends mother in-law died yesterday, of a heart attack, when we saw the death certificate today it said her death was from Covid 19, when we confronted the coroner, he said that is what they were told to put down on all deaths and it could not be changed. I just thought everyone should know this LIE we are all being fed and told to endure it no matter what.  Who told them to put that down on all deaths so far, our Government, that's who. The change, our change has to come from within, we are the ones who have to sponsor the change.  Thank you & Blessings

Comment by amparo alvarez on April 25, 2020 at 6:10pm

With so much Love to you Dear Alan and Joanna...We Are One...

Comment by Joanna on April 25, 2020 at 12:55pm

Hello dear Amparo, this is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. In the Love, Peace and Oneness with you and all, Star Sister. <3


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