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by Conscious Optimist

Greetings once again Digital Soldiers and Digital Spectators,

I’m back again to talk about my two favorite things: Q Anon, and the subject of Hypnosis. Why? Because, in case you haven’t figured out the plot of the movie yet, hypnosis is at the heart of what’s happening in the battle for freedom.

The deep state uses it to create chaos. But, as I’ve shown in this series, the good guys are also using it to reverse the damage, and restore prosperity. And what’s coming next will blow your mind!

Hypnosis is a tool, which in the right hands, can be used for good.

Have you ever tried getting someone’s attention when they were glued to the TV in a catatonic stupor? Then you know firsthand what it looks like when someone is in a trance.

Have you ever tried to explain the Great Awakening to a normie? Then you know how hard it is to get someone OUT of a trance!

Trance states are a part of nature. Sometimes they can be useful — think: the lucid focus of a NASCAR racer on the race track. Or the scientist seized with the intuitive sense that comes right before a breakthrough, or an artist rapt in inspiration…

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In a trance state, the subconscious mind assists the conscious mind by providing it with ENERGY/EMOTION and DIRECTION, which enables it to FOCUS DEEPLY on certain information (trance substantiation!) while AUTOMATICALLY discarding irrelevant information. (Does your mom telling you to do your homework have ANYTHING to do with World of Warcraft? “Irrelevant!” says the subconscious…) In return, the activities of the conscious mind provide the subconscious mind with more experiences and information that it uses to produce new (and hopefully improved) trance states.

“To those have, more will be given; to those who are without, all will be taken.”

While I’m no Bible scholar I can tell you that a beneficial trance state tends to reinforce itself; similarily, a destructive trance state tends to reinforce itself too. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, as the saying goes…

It’s about perspective and framing. The reason this principle holds true is that someone who thinks they’re a victim will often create more victim-hood. Someone who thinks their success will often create more success. As strange as it sounds, if you don’t prepare the mind for success, you won’t appreciate it when you’ve got it.

This principle becomes really obvious in life situations…

Think: a wife who earnestly believes that her husband doesn’t “support her”, even though 80% of his disposable income is set aside each month to cover her costs… If the trance takes a deep enough hold of her, a trance of “I don’t have enough,” even a million-dollar yacht won’t get her out of it! Her subconscious will STILL find ways to convince her that the million-dollar yacht was not “sufficient” to change her mind, thus allowing the underlying belief to remain unchanged. It’s like if you had the Midas touch, but instead of everything turning to gold, everything just turns to shyte…

This analogy, as cliché as it is, underscores the point. If part of our mind is stuck, if the brain chatter refuses to stop, then this IS A TRANCE STATE. It’s not that we want to get rid of them completely. It’s that we want to create constructive trance states that are under our control, which we can break when we’re done using them.

Conversely, think: the athlete who believes so strongly in himself (or herself!) that, no matter how many times he falls down, he sees it all as part of the process of becoming the great man who already knows he is—he has a positive trance-state guiding his self-worth! Everything in his world reinforces his belief in himself, including his mistakes. In fact, through his mistakes, he WITNESSES the small increments in improvement that comes with practice, and that fills him with enthusiasm to keep going. It’s almost impossible to NOT become a great athlete if that’s your trance!

What you focus on is what you witness, and what you witness informs the pattern-matching machinery of the mind…

Get what I’m saying?

The MSM has used knowledge of hypnosis and trance-states to deliberately engineer a population incapable of dealing with reality, if I may be so blunt about the matter.

To most modern people, celebrities are prophets. And I’m not just talking about ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’, but “celebrated figures” in general (what is a celebrity if not someone who is celebrated?). This includes public “thinkers”, athletes, cultural heroes, rich people, priests, etc…

The relationship between “celebrities” and “fans” is essentially the same as between a hypnotist and hypnotee. The celebrity/hypnotist “commands” his/her fans/hypnotees using a variety of hypnotic formulae — something, I assure you, the media and military know a lot about! We pay extra attention to celebrities (narrow focus = hypnosis) and in turn we are influenced by them — they enTRANCE us. Why do we pay extra attention to them? Simple. They look good, have nice things, and are objects of collective approval… the perfect “bobble” to lul your mind into a trance state!

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“Influence” is a neutral tool — some people use it for positive purposes, others for destructive aims. And on the saga goes…

At a subconscious level, we tend to model those who are deemed “important”, “worthy”, “attractive”, and so on. Celebrity worship fulfills a basic human need to model ourselves after “successful” people. It’s a similar thing as what children do with their parents — they adopt the style and mannerisms of Mommy and Daddy in order to successfully navigate reality. Too bad most people aren’t born with a lie detector installed in their brains.

The point here is — and what I’m about to say ties into the Q movement, for those waiting for a connection between all these points to emerge — that trance states can be created, induced, maintained, and also dismantled via the competent application of hypnosis. Re-read that bold text again.

The key to de-programming any trance state is to know the PURPOSE of the trance; for behind every trance, no matter how absurd, is a reason and a destination.

Put simply, what is the person actually trying to do? What end do they have in mind when they do behavior x, y, or z? As Seinfeld might ask, what’s their deal? The key to understanding behavior is to ask yourself what people’s goals are, and how their nervous systems are navigating reality to achieve said goals. Don’t assume people know the real reasons for what they do. Most don’t.

Is it any coincidence that they never taught you about hypnosis in school? If you know yourself and you know your enemies better than they know themselves, then, according to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, you will be the victor…

Do you think Trump, who has already proven himself to be a master persuader, and therefore, hypnotist, might know the Deep State players better than they know themselves? Do you think the traumatized, blackmailed and bullied agents of the Deep State might be stuck in their own trance-state? One that they themselves aren’t aware of?

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This brings us back to Trump and Q!

By the superior use of persuasion and hypnosis, Trump has succeeded in tying the MSM in knots.

He has successfully used their own trance against them.

Trump knows how to use their vitriol and hatred for him and his base to make them play their own hand.  The elitist mentality of the MSM is their Achilles heel, and Trump knows this. What we’ve been witnessing for several years now is a process of “unraveling” — the use of their trance to put them into double binds. (Hypno-nerds like myself would call this “trance utilization”.)

Trump is using the MSM’s trance state against them in order to expose them as the over-zealous hypocrites they are; this, in turn, is mitigating/countering the sway of the MSM over the masses. This is one component of what Q calls “The Storm”. He knows that their smugness prevents them from accurately gauging their strengths and weaknesses – that they are terminally blinded by their own egos!

The media puppets have lost the plot. They seem to be working against each other now, which is what Trump wants and Q predicted! Look no further than this clip of MSNBC correspondent Mika Brzezinski trashing CNN from six days ago:

The core strength of the MSM propaganda lies not in its sophistication (ever watched Don Lemon for more than a minute?), but rather in its illusion of public acceptability — but the snobs who have made a living talking down to peasants like you and I have forgotten this. They think they are beyond accountability in the court of public opinion, drunk as they are on their own inflated sense of power. Getting away with something for decades, admittedly, has a way of making people feel confident…

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Regardless, Trump’s persuasive genius is his ability to expose the smug elitists for who they really are. Point blank.

So what does panic look like? To get an idea, ponder the following, deeply…

  • Does the MSM do anything BESIDES talk about how evil they think Trump is?
  • Is the MSM condoning violence while de-humanizing Trump supporters? For example, by calling them racist?
  • Is there even a hint of civility glimmering in the recesses of the swamp?
  • Are the MSM constantly bombarding the public with so-called “breaking news” about Trump’s alleged foibles?
  • Do these so-called “foibles” ever turn out to be anything real? Or is the public being served an endless buffet of “nothing burgers”?

Despite almost universal negative press, Trump has succeeded in securing and growing a base against all odds. If you don’t think that’s a demonstration of real power then you’re kidding yourself. His presidency – not to mention his popularity in general – is itself living proof that the machinery of cabal-funded illusions is breaking down in our society.

Take a moment to feel joy for that because, as far as I can tell, it is really happening!

The MSM are losing their grip on the public mind, and it’s only a matter of time now before the process is complete.

Remember: the key to de-programming someone in a trance is to know the purpose of their trance. MSM viewers watch the MSM because it gives them a sense of orientation with regards to culture/society, government, current events, etc… Most human beings adopt their worldview from those they regard as “experts” or “authorities”.

When the illusion of public acceptability and “majority” opinion falls by the wayside, propagandists are out of luck!

This is the moment the collective trance breaks.

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The election of Donald Trump was the real-life equivalent of Dorothy’s dog pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. After all, the vast majority of MSM apparatus reported that Hillary would win — and then she didn’t. Even Trump’s fans didn’t see it coming!

“They never thought she would lose.” – Q

Trump won the election several years ago, however, he is also going to decimate the False Dominant Narrative before too long. He is allowing the evil MSM wizards to believe that their magic wands still work (to a degree) — that they can still cast powerful hypnotic spells over the masses, and win back power. Goading them, if you will, into playing their hand.

But I predict that by the end of the impeachment proceedings, the psychic/hypnotic force of the MSM will be all but neutralized. The stage is set for an avalanche of declassification if I’m reading Q correctly…

I also predict increased levels of backstabbing among-st the evil MSM wizards… And I predict that such behavior will further destroy their hypnotic sway over the public mind.

The MSM is caught in a death spiral, I reckon. (Plan accordingly…)

Their magic wands are broken. Let’s see what happens next.

-Conscious Optimist


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The preceding is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely. 

About The Author

Conscious Optimist

I am a researcher, writer, and, mostly, a guy who wants to see the cabal’s presence wiped clean from the face of the Earth. I’ve spent my whole life learning how undo the evil spells of the Satanic elite; I know a thing or two about hypnosis, and how to undo curses, and I structure my writings deliberately to accomplish this aim. Many blessings to you and yours — and to those who have swallowed the kool-aid of MSM propaganda, I sincerely hope you ditch your mental training wheels and learn how to think for yourself. Wake up!

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Stillness in the Storm Editor: Why did we post this?

Q Anon is one of many curators of information that is helping raise awareness about the manifold conspiracies and corruption of this world. Despite the controversy surrounding this individual, or group of individuals, the information provided is effective in alerting the public to a great many truths. Additionally, the method in which Q Anon provides information leaves it up to the individual to discern and evaluate, providing an excellent opportunity for people to develop their critical thinking, discernment, and philosophic skill sets.

– Justin

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 26, 2020 at 6:09am

Here is the most important vid, that did not copy it is extremely important that you copy it and send out ASAP, before they take it down. It contains inside info on how we,with the help of the white hats are taking down the Deep State and the christens are part of the alliance now. This is inside info never before released to the public ! Adonai


Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 25, 2020 at 4:51am

Hellen,very good you hit the nail on the head, you are seeing the bigger picture. I don't watch TV because of the Hypnotic suggestions and 95 % of MSM is lies because its all controlled by the deep state. And all of the programs of violence and people always doing each other wrong song. Instead I get my info from the net, were I can choose what I wont to see , read or watch, which has already been filtered down , so I get just what I need to know and not all the garbage. And Yes your right about the people of the western world and even the 3rd world like here in Belize where they now get 200 channels of Hypnotic Garbage and lies.

They are all living in a Matrix and they haven't the slightest clue of the outside real world. I watch Belize go from 1 channel 4hrs a day to 200 channels 24 hrs a day and from land line phones to 4G smart phs. They used to be social and now they are always on there smart phs. or watching there TV'S and very unsocial. They use the net as well but usually to be popular. Its time to go back to the old ways of small communities and learn to live off the land. We are all one. Adonai

Comment by Hellen on January 24, 2020 at 4:08am

After reading this information I now understand why hypnosis does is part of enslaving people's minds and the media. Hitler and others like him used hypnotic manipulation to control the minds of people and I see this every day in the media and arguing and not listening to what they are saying. I just get physically ill when I listen to them and I shut the TV off. I would rather be doing something that brings joy into my life such as animals, painting, drawing pictures, listening to beautiful music, etc. yes it is psychological warfare. Everything is energy and I know this just play being aware and I know there are different kinds of energies and people can hypnotic suggestions of unaware individuals I had this happen to me a few times. So be mindful at all times. And the technology is used against humanity and they keep add more in space more satellites, more surveillance cameras install in every corner of streets,stores,protest rallies, in space, drones spying on every individual. Take a look at China and its credit system.It's my belief that the earth is a holographic or virtual reality and people do not know or are not aware of this. Life goes in many layers of existence.Is there another earth realm ? yes, i do believe there is.  

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 24, 2020 at 1:36am

This unknown writer, reporter, is the best I have seen in over 3 decades. Not only does he take the mystery out of Q and Trumps part in it but he also explains how the deep states work, there form of mind control to keep us as slaves. This War that we are fighting is not just a physical war but an emotional and mental war, a psychological war fought on many fronts. I am educated but still had to go back and read many parts of his blog over again to understand how to use and turn there own weapons against them. I plan to speed up this war by going back and reading this blog again. This could be our turning point if we learn to use it. Enjoy, copy and send to friends, OK Adonai 


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