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It is becoming increasingly apparent that the citizens of today's world are a very self-focussed bunch which seems to be a world away from the world preached in the Christian eras which is still being preached in a decreasing number of churches to this day. 


This leads me to consider the best course of action to lead one's life, religion aside, and how an individual life can impact those around them leading to a worldwide change-of course you will always find rogue minds, yet it seems the mindset (or ignorance) of the majority dictates the state of the world as a whole. 


I have therefore, considered two courses of possible action in an effort to bring some understanding to this thing we call life, based on personal experience and observations.


Course 1: Love/Service to Others


The first course of action is to love others in order to feel fulfilment. This would mean to live with a selfless nature and although seemingly good and holy at a glance, I cannot help but feel completely drained of all personal energy/resources to the point where I would end up poor and lonely, having given up all I have to serve another. Of course this would depend on how others receive my charity and whether or not they wish to give back. But would it actually be seen as a righteous act, to give expecting the same back from another in return? Also how fulfilling would this be to my own self? Sure, I would feel good for a little while to help out others but perhaps this is not a wise course of action to seek true happiness and personal fulfilment as this is based on help in return from others. What if the charity is not returned? I feel if I have worked for my gains why should I share with those who have not gained due to slothfulness or distraction and what good does this do them? What does this teach them? This is where I feel most religions are going wrong. How can I possibly be a light to others if I am under their feet constantly lifting them up? Also from a physical point of view, what would that leave me with? What would that leave the future generations of my family with? Which brings me to question the alternative.


Course 2: Love/Service to Self


The second course of action, which did not initially come naturally to me due to being quite a coy child, is to think of one's self first. This made the most sense to me after studying the way today's society seems to work. Of course it makes perfect sense to love yourself but is increasingly taken to extremes by various individuals attracting attention for various reasons. I guess this could play a negative role also, but in the case of the individual, any publicity is good publicity as 'they' say. Looking at most successful people in the world, it seems very fulfilling to think of one's self by indulging in all things one would desire such as money, fame and power and if you can get it, why not? But would any of that truly make me happy? For how long can these pleasures keep me happy and how would I overcome world judgement but to train myself to just not care? I like to see myself as a considerate individual and would like to help benefit others without losing out personally. I want it all, but in order to have that I have to work to achieve it. So if these material manifestations of periodic fulfilment help to lift me up spiritually and mentally while I work on fulfilling my personal talents/goals perhaps concentrating on personal fulfilment is the best path to true happiness? When I take care of myself and my own needs this would have a positive impact on the world around me, or at the very least, I can work to build a world I want to live in and have a greater say on how this world should look. If everyone did this, I am positive humanity would collectively and in time start to see a much more sustainable and welcoming environment to meet our collective needs and the needs of our children and future generations to come.




Maybe the best course is to learn how to love self, then focus on projecting that image as a beacon of light that inspires others to do the same. One thing is for certain, the future of our planet and possibly our existence depends on the choices we, as individuals make. Of course there is a third course I will not even entertain and that is to do nothing. For in the end we only have ourselves to blame when things go wrong.

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Comment by 1 darkstar on November 24, 2017 at 10:47am

Two types of beings/people:  Service to Others, and Service to Self.

Comment by jose' on November 22, 2017 at 12:57pm

our actions depend heavily on people who are close to us on television and movies that we look at then there are the microwaves that to our senseless condition our brain, then there are the economic conditioning the blackmails and therefore very very very difficult to behave the best .......

Comment by Feather Winger on November 21, 2017 at 1:31pm

I think a better option is to come away from the dualistic 3D idea of self and other.  If we live in a way that is best for everyone....then everyone includes ourselves as well.  I think this is called ´´world service´´ or service to source. This also includes things like being happy, singing, dancing or doing anything that brings us joy..

Comment by Joanna on November 21, 2017 at 11:50am

Hi Michelle,

Or...consider a third way: Course 3 = Service to Source/Service to the Highest for All....which goes beyond the polarity game of service to self v. service to others altogether, and encompasses the whole polarity in Oneness, rather than trying the balance within it.  From that encompassing, embracing of self-and-all as One in Infinite Love, everything naturally comes into balance within us...we know our centrepoint, and allow the highest light to flow through it, knowing that in this vibration of surrender and trust of our unshakeable inner connection to the Source, our focus and energy will always go exactly where it is most optimal, most beneficial, in the Overall.

Blessings, Joanna. <3 


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