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Comment by PRASAD, TATINENI JAYA on September 20, 2017 at 12:29pm

Great. Thanks for your comment Amparo.


Comment by amparo alvarez on September 20, 2017 at 1:41am

Thank you for sharing...All the symptoms are not the same for everyone...I woke up in 2005 and I have been going through most of the ones you describe and others which were very  intense (the  pain)... Several times my spine was curved up which cause one leg to be shorted than the other...I was releasing vasanas and once I did the pain would disappear...I also accepted my pain and learned to love it...That was very helpful in the healing process...I never had experienced such an intense pain like these ones before, not even when I went into labor of my two children felt as painful... ...I am talking about a pain that kept me immobilized in bed..Another very uncomfortable experience was when I had a rash for about three months all over my body...Also in the summer I would be extremely cold, shivering and it would not stop...I had to rap up in clothes...But it did not help...Until it decided to leave....My hands and feet were icy cold...

We are ascending slowly...It is a process that takes time since we are being recalibrated in all the systems of our body..Our bodies can take only so much and if overcharged we could burn and being damaged...




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