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Mainstream Media Executives Shamed By Donald Trump For Their Brainwashing Lies

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Lamestream media, you're fired by President Trump.....


About time....!!

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Comment by Valana on January 25, 2020 at 11:35pm

I do not know if the UPC was involved in Galactic business as I would not have been involved so I have no way of knowing unless Val told me and I don't remember his mentioning it...trying to place what happened in 1994, I had been back here a year and that was about the time he manifested in the car, pulled me off the highway to keep me from being involved in a serious wreck around a curve, said he would bend every law in the universe to keep me alive to tell our story,'s against ship law and Universal law to take or do anything to one on a planet without their permission...a Government cannot give permission to do anything to a citizen... according to the UPC rules... and Val asked me three times quickly to get off the highway and I would not do it as I thought he wanted to sight-see he's big on sight-seeing when I'd go somewhere in the car...backseat driver, too... so I didn't do it and he had to manifest to the physical level quickly and put his arm round me and put both hands over mine and took me off the last exit ramp, he'd said it's the last exit ramp get off now and I said "no"... then when I got back on beforfe I got to the curve...this was over Old Smokey mountrain going down to Ashville, N.C... the traffic was stoopped, an 18 wheeler driver had gone to sleep evidently and  was across tghe highway and the three little cars that was driving along with me and we'd pass each other back and forth, same color, were smashed against it and other cars in the wreck, worst I've ever seen, the helicopters came in and when got to pas by

, bodies were covered lying on the side of the road the helicopters were taking injured first... I would have been one of them but Val broke the ship law by forcing me against my will... the ETs doing the abductions regardless of what the government says, is wrong and they cannot be in the UPC nor their planet be under the protection...

I need ato say this, the UPC is not Altairan, it's based there under the big dome...they usually just don't bother the GFL and a separate group totally, unless something is involving Universal law, then they come in and work with the GFL... which is what Val is not doing...they like to see colonized planets join the UPC because they are then within their law to protect them as we all as the Galactic protecting them... this planet sedems usnprotected but both groups I would think have to abide by universal law and not force their will on planets..and ythis planet signed with the wrong group... 

Do you know what group that is that is saying tghey are the gods that created us and we have failed to develop so they are coming to bury us another 25,000 years or so?  Someone dared to post that on my site and Val told them to come ahead …!   That's why there's the UPC Black Eagle squadrons in this solar system...they are ready for them... is that the Sibiru bunch?  I presume you know what I'm talking about... the UPC works with the Galactic on situations such as that... someone called to my attention there were a lot of cards posted about some aliens we are supposed to worship?  I just took them down and put the poster off...I don't put up with that stuff...

Comment by Drekx Omega on January 25, 2020 at 10:59pm

Cosmic politics is never static and has moved greatly to the Light, since the tensions of the 1950s...So many formerly dark star nations have now joined, or seek eventual membership of the vast Galactic Federation and affiliated commands....1994 peace treaty AA/GFL, got expedition of major resolutions...

Comment by Valana on January 25, 2020 at 10:28pm

OK a bout your question.  Val was nogt a part of the 1952 talks.  His 1950 proposal was considered but he refused to allow any of his technology to be used for weapons of destruction and the ones they signed with did allow it... there were a few other things... but he left back in 1950 and now he's joined with your Sirian group and I agree that it will be open after the 2020 election...the President could not afford to move sooner as they would use it against him, you know that... they've already tried to say he was not mentally fit...did anyone hear what his IQ was?

As far as I know it was only the Orion group and the Sirians in the 1952 discussions and Ike went with the Orion group... there are pictures of them at Holloman,,,Val's proposal was rejected in 1950 when the incident happened of the false report frofm me I didn't give... not going to repeat it here, it's in the book, thought you knew about it. Plus because of the memory block and my not knowing him, we got into a fuss there on the Island in front of the Generals and that didn't help him at all.  

Then on Okinawa when the officer asked me if I wanted to go with the Commander, meaning Val, to Washington to talk with Carter I said no, I was afraid of hijm, thinking he m;eant the Base Commander tghat Val had requested Carter to take down and off the Island, which he did in the reply to my message for Val to him...and he had already left gthe Island but I was afraid of tghe base Commander as we had him dismissed from duty! He had already said the Base Commander had left the Island for Washington but I was rather nervous as I didn't know what the private meeting was going to be about and it was afte I had taken the message in for the UFO sitting on the runway ib the north security of course I was scared...if there had nogt been Val sitting up there on that runway tghey would have locked me away and threw away the key! Thanak God he was there

And Jim Carter knew him and did exactly what all he asked be done...within 24 hours or he'd do it it was done, the Base Commander was called to Washington and never returned, I don't know what happened to him but I know he does not like me...but that's when I got the honorary thank you and apology for the 1950 assignment that caused me to be hurt... tghree officers gave the apology and roses, it was private of course, had to be as igt concerned my work for Val... and one gave tghe apology and thank you for the President, one for the USAF and one for Commander and he said the Base Commander could not be there in person as he had already left for Washington...

Then the head officer asked all tgo leave but me and he read to me Carter's reply to Val's message which told the Base Commander to see that I got home safely, see he had put me under Island arrest I would call igt as he would not let me leaved the Island...I was to be a witness in a Champus fraud case I was involved in while we were at Bossier City in Louisiana, at Barksdale... and I would nogt have left ever if Val had not come down ...

A lot more to the story, witnesses galore, that's the story Dr Greer wanted told and they could have called former President Carter and given him amnesty or talk, whether he could have or not I don't know if you can forfce a President, they are trying to do that now in the Impeachment so maybe not...but gthere were gtoo manhy witnesses in that landing... this was 1979.  The whole story is in my book too complicated for a message..but we could have forced an investigation then and it was a real story, that's when I was fooled that Val was here and if I went with Dr. Greer I would never be with him and we were going to the mountains to live like we planned in 1950 when he returned as what he was to do for my government he could do from here..supervise it... that wasa our plans in 1950.  I was a fool but I wanted to believe....that's when I closed my website and gave ProET to some guy named David and left the Internet then of course soon as Greer failed in DC then the email Val life has not been a bed of roses over Val Thor... 

I did not tell the important thing above...after the private ceremony was over and the officer sent all out and read  me the reply from Cartger, he said he would read it to me as it concerned me and then during the ceremony the one that apologized for the Base Commander said he had already left for Washington... when the officer asked did I want to go with the Commander to Washington he was meaning Val not the Base Commander but for some reason I was thinking Base Commander so I said "NO I'm afraid of him",  which was very b ad thing to say... one of the main reasons I write about our personal relationship publically is to try to clear that up. I have no official connections...  On Okinawa they wanted me to go under a security blanket, send all Val's messages direct gto the President but never talk about it or tell my story of meeting him in 1950...and 1957...but Val asked me nogt to do it as he wanted gthe public to know what's going on in their skies..he wanted us to write a book and he's not happy with my book published as it didn't tell enough of what he wants told... gthat's why we're writing anogther one more personal account to present Val as more friendly, to alleviate fear like Dr. Sprinkle said in my past life reading, that's why I'm here in this life, I'm not on the reincarnation cycle... I'm here for exactly what I do...trying to present not just Val but all off world beings that are realities.  Most of the public think we are all nuts that believe in life elsewhere... People want to believe the Bible but itf's not been taught correctly it does not say the planet is 6000 yeas old itf's this civilization, the Bible speaks of optgher civilizations.  All should read Val's Bible teaching on that, he quotes scriptgures that talk of a past flood and ice age and civilizatgion greater than this one..I have it posted called Prfe-Adamic Flood and Civilization...  .. 

Comment by Valana on January 25, 2020 at 9:40pm

Did you not read my book? I send the  text ffree to anyone sends me email address.  I bought my own IP number and not under contract it's on Amazon and Amazon Kindel but I'm not under contract so can give it away. No one can say I use the Val Thor name for financial gain, he does not like that!  You know that "Outwitting Tomorrow" was NOT written by a Valiant Thor but by an occult writer, first published in 1939 by Golden Dawn Publishing Co now defunct, under pen name Frater VIII by James Gardner, still can be bought from second hand book dealers..I have copy and also the one with the Valiant Thor only name on it, they are exact words...a lot of Ufology buffs bought the Valiant Thor book ! (suckers, sorry) Val didn't write it...he was not happy about it either so when we eposed it on our old website,, I no longer own the domanin name... it went off market a nd another with both nmes, Valiant an d Frank's came out and I do not know if that had the same words or not as I did not buy it...

I'll answer your question in another in case you don't want to post this one...but it's time to expose the truth as there's too much garbage in the Ufology circles.,...I agree with you on that.. Sorry I thought your Blue Lady was the one claimed to be Val's Venusian wife! I heard the Venusian blue lady was online and I'm looking for her, she's invited to Eagleshaven to discuss Val!  She and I need to talk...somebody wrong! And it's not me...hehehe 

I do apologize for thinking it was your Blue Lady...Val told me he had met her and she was very nice... he claims to stand so far from all laides that he has to yell at them! I wonder if that's true?  

Comment by Hellen on January 25, 2020 at 8:16pm

   Amiral Byrd went to north pole twice and so had others and they published books over the years about their experience of having met the Agarthans. The Agarthans sunk all of  the Hitler's ships there and it and took a matter of seconds to wipe out all their ships. They could worse.  

Comment by Drekx Omega on January 25, 2020 at 7:07pm

What Month in '52 did our Altairian friend leave...?

Comment by Drekx Omega on January 25, 2020 at 6:19pm

Admiral Byrd was a smart guy....Maybe you could research his 1946 work at the south pole....He became a messenger for the Agarthans, to his own country, when he realised the seriousness of conflict with "aircraft that can travel from pole to pole." Two main entrances to inner Earth...
A prolific diarist, they had to classify his notes...

Comment by Valana on January 25, 2020 at 5:19pm

Yes, you're right, Val was gone in 52 but it was 57 when I was taken to the small resort Island off Panama that was taken over by the military for his landing to do a proposal that I wrote for him for the two generals one was foreign, uniform was slightly green shade mostly the khaki... not sure and won't mention the country would be best noht to do so... the other was Army not AF.... the one that took me out there... I don't know about the Virginia landing, I know nothing about that, he could have already landed there but he came in his ship to the Island and they were prepared for him... he has more guards than our Presideent when he's here now... and also heard that Admiralo Byrd had no nephews I don't know anything about that situation, don't like to talk about anyone. I do know he came to the Island off Panama as there was no memory block to that one.

Comment by Drekx Omega on January 25, 2020 at 5:01pm

The Anchara Alliance is mostly defunct the former USSR on Earth....Without the Bellatricians to help them.....finito

Comment by Valana on January 25, 2020 at 4:40pm

That's correct, Drekx, they would share weapon technology and Val would not.  Also,they were allowed to

take a limiktedd number of "expendable" humans for experimentation to try to improve their body types....they were to give the names or just use from list of names given and a quota but they didn't do that, and went above their quota still doing it... For some reason Yahoo is deleting all the lists and few years ago I counted over 125 and stopped, of Abduction maisling why is all the evidence being destroyed at this time and they had special talking about Blue book which is not worth the paper it's printed on,  I posted discussion on how the gov investigates tghe real ones...they cover them up.

Val says on this new proposal he's working with the Sirians on, they guarantee to take them off and send them back to Orion..that's where they are from you are correct... 

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