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How Long Before Reincarnation and Sananda’s Curriculum-

Recorded: 10/17/95
Like anyone who visits this website, I am a student of the unknown, and every time I hear a tape I've chosen to put online is the first time…

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The Ascension Journals- People Bubbles, A Mental Shielding Overview-

   In part two of the ascension journals, we went over the power of the mind. In part three, we’re going to explain how you can use that power to add some layers of protection in a world where it is sorely needed. The necessity of metal shielding was emphasized by Omal when we started lessons on what shielding was and…

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Beginning Quantum Healing and Bunny Starts College-

Recorded: 09/09/97
September brings another timely entry into the archives of a channeling session from 1997 that coincides with 2020 though mostly in the fact…

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The Ascension Journals- Take This Life and Love It-

   It’s a universal truth that sometimes universes split into infinite versions from the original and, when they do, shift happens. We were reminded of this fact in the podcast from last month where Omal confirmed this in his dissertation. It wasn’t the first time he’s brought up the subject and each time he does it leaves the mind just a little bit twisted working out the details of the concept. What appears to be an…

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Everything Serves Its Purpose & the Deva Discussion-

Recorded: 07/14/95
   In what seems to be a continuing series of channeling sessions based on the headlines of today, this would be considered part three in the…

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The Ascension Journals- Me, Myself, and My Crystal-

   The following series of five editorials focus on the next dimension and offers a realistic look at just some of the elements helpful for those who want to know more about what it involves. We call the series the ascension journals because it has been the desire from Karra and I to be on the same dimension at some point in our future. While she has spent my whole life…

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Ode To An Oath Keeper-

Recorded: 08/25/98
Two months ago we honored Wing Commander Taal and the sacrifice he faces each time he leaves the base to patrol our skies. This month, we…

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What A Onederful World-

   Kicking and screaming, the world is experiencing a transition as it discovers one man can make a difference, even if it was his death that became the catalyst for this paradigm shift. History is full of such shifts with each beginning through a small, almost insignificant act that at any other time may have amounted…

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Birth of A Conference and A Daughter-

Recorded: 5/29/97
   We here at the Hades Base News are big fans of synchronicity but even we have to step back in amazement when the past continually meets up with the…

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Dolphin Lessons, The Human Superpod-

   Dolphins have a lot to teach us but understanding the lessons needs common ground between both species. We may in fact have to come up to their level to grasp those lessons as it’s been said they’re possibly the smarter of the two. We know the life of a human from personal experience and we know the lives of many of the humans we share the…

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From Under Officer to Wing Commander-

Recorded: 10/24/94
   This month's podcast comes with a bonus not seen in previous channeling sessions where we begin with one session and then switch to part two of the session five days later. In the first session we had set up the events we would complete in the second when the guest speaker in question…

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Where No Human Has Gone Before-

   Up until now, the farthest planet man has set foot on is Mars. The only reason that has happened is due to those humans who had been rescued by Ashtar Command from the craft that had abducted them and brought to Hades Base because their injuries were too severe. Our own forays into space have been as if our space program was quarantined and had…

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Survival of the Smartest-

Recorded: 02/11/97
It never ceases to amaze me that with these channeling sessions being chosen at random, more often than not they fit well with the previous…

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Fly Like A Seagull-

Is what we see, hear, taste, feel and experience real? This reality has always had a bit of unreality in the experience and it has seemed that way for a long time for me. I’ve never written about my earliest mentor and role model until now for the simple reason I had no idea that was the case until Karra and I were looking for things to use in this month’s editorial. It…

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The 2nd Best Pilot in Ashtar Command-

Recorded: 04/29/97
For the month of March, the staff of the Hades Base News would like to once more honor the unsung heroes to our world who keep our planet…

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Star Port: Hades Base One-

   When you timeshare your mind with someone of a dimension higher than yours strange things can happen, take for example the following analogy. How it came about is that Karra can see and hear through me what I do when she wants which includes her viewing of past and current television…

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Well Met, Hatshepsut, and General Patton-

   This month we are very happy to announce we have a channeling session recorded that is free of the usual background static. At this time in 2001, we…

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Where Are They Now?

   The third dimension needs a rearview mirror. As far as being able to look backward, the best we’re able to do is the memories gathered since birth and a few rare glimpses of the lives before that under the right circumstances. Life is so much easier to understand when the ones that came before are available to learn from like the search feature of a…

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Pink Pyramids and the 120 Skiers-

Channeled- 02/25/97
Welcome to 2020 and welcome also to our new website, the Hades Base Center for Ascension. For those new to the Hades Base News, we have launched a new site that organizes six years of…

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A Checklist for Ascension-

   While writing last month's editorial, Between A Rock and A High Place, Karra and I started a paragraph on ways to help in the ascension process and suddenly realized we had written out eleven different things as suggestions that would make it go quicker. That was more than enough for the basis of a new editorial if each of the suggestions came with a full explanation…

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