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Ascension Quest; Don't Mind Me- I Am Just Mutating #3 { Chem-trails & DC's Plan to Stop Ascension }


How many times a week does your  city or town get sprayed?        Ever Counted?…


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Poems, Prayers & promises For 2012; Change On The Inside

Photo: "Be not deceived by those who come saying here is the kingdom or there is the kingdom, for my Father's kingdom concerns not things visible and material. And this kingdom is even now among you, for where the spirit of God teaches and leads the soul of man, there in reality is the kingdom of heaven. And this kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit." "And this kingdom which I declare to you is not a reign of power and plenty. The kingdom of heaven is not a matter of meat and drink but rather a life of progressive righteousness and increasing joy in the perfecting service of my Father who is in heaven. For has not the Father said of his children of the world, 'It is my will that they should eventually be perfect, even as I am perfect.' "Entrance into the Father's kingdom waits not upon marching armies, upon overturned kingdoms of this world, nor upon the breaking of captive yokes. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, and all who enter therein shall find abundant liberty and joyous salvation."
"Entrance into the Father's kingdom waits not upon marching armies, upon…

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Galactic News Update; "Don't Mind Me, I Am Just Mutating #2 { From the Chem-trail Poison }

Chem-trails UPDATE; What In The World Are They Spraying On Us Now In the last days of our Ascension Quest ?!…

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Poems,Prayers and Promises for 2012; Journey With No End


Photo: It cannot be that it is hard to do the task that Christ appointed you to do, since it is He Who does it. And in the doing of it will you learn the body merely seems to be the means to do it. For the Mind is His. And so it must be yours. His holiness directs the body through the mind at one with Him. And you are manifest unto your holy brother, as he to you. Here is the meeting of the holy Christ unto Himself; nor any differences perceived to stand between the aspects of His holiness, which meet and join and raise Him to His Father, whole and pure and worthy of His everlasting Love. How can you manifest the Christ in you except to look on holiness and see Him there? Perception tells you you are manifest in what you see. Behold the body, and you will believe that you are there. And every body that you look upon reminds you of yourself; your sinfulness, your evil and, above all, your death. The message and the messenger are one. And you must see your brother as yourself. Framed in his body you will see your sinfulness, wherein you stand condemned. Set in his holiness, the Christ in him proclaims Himself as you. Perception is a choice of what you want yourself to be; the world you want to live in, and the state in which you think your mind will be content and satisfied. It chooses where you think your safety lies, at your decision. It reveals yourself to you as you would have you be. And always is it faithful to your purpose, from which it never separates, nor gives the slightest witness unto anything the purpose in your mind upholdeth not. Perception is a part of what it is your purpose to behold, for means and end are never separate. And thus you learn what seems to have a life apart has none. You are the means for God; not separate, nor with a life apart from His. His Life is manifest in you who are His Son or Daughter. Each aspect of Himself is framed in holiness and perfect purity, in love celestial and so complete it wishes only that it may release all that it looks upon unto itself. Its radiance shines through each body that it looks upon, and brushes all its darkness into light merely by looking past it to the light. The veil is lifted through its gentleness, and nothing hides the face of Christ from its beholders. You and your brother stand before Him now, to let Him draw aside the veil that seems to keep you separate and apart. Since you believe that you are separate, Heaven presents itself to you as separate, too. Not that it is in truth, but that the link that has been given you to join the truth may reach to you through what you understand. Father and Son and Holy Spirit are as One, as all your brothers join as one in truth. Christ and His Father never have been separate, and Christ abides within your understanding, in the part of you that shares His Father's Will. The Holy Spirit links the other part - the tiny, mad desire to be separate, different and special - to the Christ, to make the oneness clear to what is really one. In this world this is not understood, but can be taught. The Holy Spirit serves Christ's purpose in your mind, so that the aim of specialness can be corrected where the error lies. Because His purpose still is one with both the Father and the Son, He knows the Will of God and what you really will. But this is understood by mind perceived as one, aware that it is one, and so experienced. It is the Holy Spirit's function to teach you how this oneness is experienced, what you must do that it can be experienced, and where you should go to do it. All this takes note of time and place as if they were discrete, for while you think that part of you is separate, the concept of a oneness joined as one is meaningless. It is apparent that a mind so split could never be the teacher of a Oneness Which unites all things within Itself. And so What is within this mind, and does unite all things together, must be its Teacher. Yet must It use the language that this mind can understand, in the condition in which it thinks it is. And It must use all learning to transfer illusions to the truth, taking all false ideas of what you are, and leading you beyond them to the truth that is beyond them. All this can very simply be reduced to this: What is the same can not be different, and what is one can not have separate parts.

Journey With No End

Time is…


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Ascension Quest; France Denies Access to Refuge for Mayan End-of-the-World Believers

France denies access to refuge for Mayan end-of-the-world believers

Mayan ruins via AFP
Topics: France ♦ Mayan calendar ♦ Pic de…

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The Allies of Humanity

By Marshall Vian Summers

Final Words…


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My Poem- Please read; Remembering our 5D Dream


Photo: The Holy Spirit never uses substitutes. Where the ego perceives one person as a replacement for another, the Holy Spirit sees them joined and indivisible. He does not judge between them, knowing they are one. Being united, they are one because they are the same. Substitution is clearly a process in which they are perceived as different. One would unite; the other separate. Nothing can come between what God has joined and what the Holy Spirit sees as one.

Remembering Our 5D Dream

Remembering our dream of the past,…


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Ascension Quest; Working with Stint Germain and the Platinum Flame

I AM yours I AM Saint Germain.…

Photo: The Platinum Flame of Saint Germain 8 November, 2012 Working with Saint Germain: Sint Germain was one of the first masters that I can remember consciously working with as I remember having a reading with Archangel Metatron (that was the first time I had heard of this angel) in the 80’s and he told me that I was from the Great White Brotherhood under the direction of Saint Germain. While I did not particularly like the name of this group, I did check them out and understand that it means a vibration of light. I do however still think there is too much separation of race upon the earth plan for us to assume that name and therefore just chose to explore Saint Germain on my own. He has an interesting history as well as many different encounters with this master, as it seems he was adapt at transformation and is consider a master of alchemy. He is said to have not aged and to have discovered the elixir of life, the fountain of youth. There were many accounts of his not aging as well as being in different areas. The one thing that everyone seems to agree upon is that he was at home in whatever arena he played. He fit in with the noblemen as well as with every other class and was fluent in many languages. When I asked him about this he gave me this Cheshire cat like smile and said that he was able to shape shift into any environment and that is why there are so many different descriptions and accounts of his actual life. Saint Germain’s colour and vibration are a vivid violet tinged with platinum and the stone that resonates and helps you to connect with him is amethyst. Use his violet flame to slow down or cool the energy around you or a client during a healing session. Use the platinum flame to raise the spiritual vibration and open your centers of higher learning. Ask for Saint Germain and the guardians of the violet flame to initiate you and attune you to the higher energies of the violet flame and then to attune you to the higher wisdom offered through the platinum flame. Saint Germain is the Ascended Master of the Seventh Ray along with Archangel Zadkiel and therefore embodies the virtues and power of the crown chakra and connecting to your higher dimensional self. ***************************** The Platinum Flame of Saint Germain Previously we have spoken of the power of the Violet flame and how it can help to transform your life. Today I wish to take your teachings to another level of understanding and invite you to join with me and the angels of the platinum flame. It will add to you a spiritual fire and essence that will help you create and manifest faster, better and easier. Allow me to assist you upon your path of awakening. If it is transformation you seek, then working with me will delight you. Let me be your guide as I share with you the secrets of the Magi which can help you in transforming any aspect of your life, including living a longer, happier, and richer life. Let us help you remember your passion for your life and why you chose to do a human journey at this time. If it is direction and courage that challenges you, protection and strength are your allies and together we will persevere as the principles of the magi become yours. This is not a journey for the faint of heart so let there be no doubt that you would not be here right now hearing or reading these words in your now. They are timeless and come to you when you are ready, regardless upon when they stumbled across your path. It is truly a magical place you live upon and regardless as to what you currently see for there is so much love, beauty and joy surrounding you. Believe that you can create magical solutions to all of your challenges and trust that it is so. This is key to creating the abundant solutions you desire. Release your worried thoughts, as they only stand in your away, attracting more of those thoughts into your life. Focus on the positive, desired aspects, and what you want the most to create in your life. Feel the essence within you of what it will feel like when you get there and use that energy to create the drive that you need to proceed. Welcome the transformations that you seek with open arms and an open heart, let us be your support and your cheering section as you pass each marker, and know that you are always supported and never alone. So many times we hear you ask for more and yet when it comes, you say, ‘wait, slow it down, I am not ready,’ and then you ask again for more. Do you see the cycle of confusion that is being created in those thoughts? At first it is work to train your thoughts and mind, however once you master it, it becomes your first nature and you will begin creating the path of your desires. To increase your personal power, let us talk about the Platinum flame. In the past we have taught you how to use the violet flame of transmutation, which is a very important part of your healing and transformation process. Now we wish to share the higher vibrating Platinum flame to help you with your infinite creations. The platinum flame adds a spiritual essence that will help to elevate you and your desires to a new level of understanding as well as assisting you in the evolution and growth you desire. The more you love and trust yourself, the more your personal power increases. It is time to utilize and step into your role as the ambassador of Love and Light. You are a powerful co-creator of Divine energy, and it is safe for you to be that powerful being once again. Ask the angels to assist you in realising and releasing any thoughts, feelings, and situations that hold you back from taking your role in creating that which you desire. This allows for new thoughts, ideas and inspirations to come your way. Angel wisdom suggests that you take a moment each day and focus on your strengths, then focus on clearing and stabilizing your energy fields, then focus on the characteristics you want to foster and grow. When you feel strong, powerful and balanced, it is easier to focus on the goals and dreams you would like to create right now. Imagine them as if you already have what you desire and that they are a part of your vibration. Use your power with wisdom and joy. Then, enjoy the shifts you see around, and use your power to create a better world for yourself, and others. "I am a powerful creator force in the service to Light and Love." Which way to go from here? It often doesn't matter so much which way you choose, it is most important to just choose. You can always change your path, take a new one or go back the way you came. The most important choice is the one you make today. Indecision and no action are your greatest blocks and by the nature of the law of attraction, brings to you more of what you don't want coming your way. Regardless which way you go, you are on the right path for the now, and that is really the most important part. Let go of any unfulfilled expectations, regrets and wish I hads. Ask your angels to help you keep your thoughts and ideas forward thinking and your actions in alignment with your heart. Take some quiet time and feel the healing your beautiful group of angel lights have to share and when you come back, refreshed and rejuvenated, you will feel more comfortable and confident in the decisions you make and the steps you take. We are with you, beside you, behind you and in front of you, so you can take each step with the knowledge that you are safe, loved and supported. Go forth and prosper in ways you did not imagine, for there is such greatness yet to come. "I release the regrets of the past, with love and see the gift in what I have chosen and eagerly look forward to what is next." Appreciate the Divine within you. Appreciate the Divine within each other and everything. Ask your angels to awaken within you the memories that remember that it is you who shape your reality. Let us illuminate you with this divine knowledge and trust that what you need to know will come to you when you are ready to re-remember and you will come to know what you need when you need it. Develop your vision to see beyond your perceived reality. Expand your understanding and see the beauty and light that is all around you. You are surrounded by such illumination and love, feel it and then beam it into every project you tackle. This brings to you a spiritual peace and contentment regardless what is happening around you. Sometimes when you experience unpleasant situations and people on your path, it is to show you how far you have come in finding that balance and spiritual peace. It comes from within you and is a part of your authentic self. Ask your angels to surround you in the light of peace and balance and know you can achieve all that you set out to do. "I accept the gift of spiritual peace." Let your light shine. Share your presence with those around you. It is safe for you to be your true, authentic self for you are protected by a league of angels who are supporting you every step of the way. If you should feel like you stumbled, we are here to catch you. Call upon us at any time to offer you strength and courage to assist you along the way. Trust that it is so and believe that all is possible, even if it doesn't feel that way right now. Keep your unwavering thoughts and focus on all the beauty and the love that is around you. Trust the insights that you receive, as you have asked for a clearer understanding of your undertakings. We can share with you all sorts of clarity and information upon which to build and grow. As you do, your aura becomes clear and bright, drawing to you that which you desire at a faster, finer rate. Let that light within you shine and be so bright, it cannot miss. Wear your cloak of purple for wisdom and understanding and you’re Armour of light for strength and courage and you will go far indeed. "I am light and it shines from my heart for all to see and feel and be calmed by my light." Allow your spiritual transformations to take place. Work at the transformations of your thoughts and your feelings and always remember to nourish your soul. Remember the joy of celebration and celebrating, remember the happy times when you need to, and know that what lies ahead on the road is paved by your intentions of making your world and your life a better place. Wrap up all that you do in the fire and the essence of the platinum flame. I AM yours I AM Saint Germain.

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Big Brother Shuts All the New Age Forums Down, Once Again, lost my blog that I posted

Whats going on,looks like big Brother shut the site down again as I was posting my blog last night at 11,30pm. Its the same thing that happened earlier this year . DC shut down not just this site but many of the New Age sites. When they shut down I went to other servers and could not get any of them to work for this site. Then I went to the Federation and the Starseed sites which I am a member of and none of them…


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Arcturians Message for Nov.2012; We Are You


Photo: Arcturians message for 12th nov 2012 12 November, 2012 Greetings, beloved ones, we are the Arcturians and we are here to help support and to further free the human heart from the deeply held emotions that you as a human being have been taught to store and to prevent you from expansion. It is the wrapping of grief around the human heart that has contained and suppressed the human race and it is this grief that is now pouring out across and within the human race at this time. We are here to guide further on this process and help you gain clarity of inner vision in relation to this deeply held grief. As a race you have been taught by those who trained you to keep SELF in a lower vibration, that grief is inevitable and that you will be numbed by the grief that you carry for eternity. This is NOT TRUTH and we are here to help you dissolve this teaching so that you may reveal the TRUTH hidden in plain view. For you came to this planet to live life as a human being in order to experience all emotions available to you as a member of the human race. The teachings taught to this race over and over have created patterns of grief and hatred that have chained the SOUL to the human vehicle in a way that is akin to pouring concrete into your boots and asking you to walk miles. It is extremely difficult to experience life on planet earth when it is filtered so heavily and so densely. We are here to help you unlock the heart for the heart is the key to the universe. LOVE is the answer, no matter the question dear ones and we are here to help you move through this process with ease. Many of you may now be in the deep throes of grief, this grief re-activated by memories of those lost in wars that have taken place upon and within plant earth and we guide that this grief must now heal. For in the healing is the release that your SOUL craves and that your human vehicle now struggles with. For the grief is not only stored within the heart of the human vehicle it is stored within the very cells of the human vehicle. It is then transferred down through the generations of human vehicles that are born onto the planet. ALL holding the cellular memories of grief and hatred and all becoming harder and harder to function within. YOU ARE NOT your human vehicle, the human vehicle akin to a car which is able to transport you across the planet yet many are shielded from this TRUTH and now are experiencing the rapid break downs of their human vehicles. The denser, lower energies beginning to break down the cellular structure of the human vehicle in the form of illness and disease. This can be reversed but the process entails allowing the deeply held emotions a release and a healing and we guide we are here to help ALL with this process. The new energies are supportive and this is being shown across the planet as human being reaches out to human being and as the hearts of many now open fully. The outpouring of grief should be seen as the start of the healing process that it is in TRUTH and not something that you have been taught, for you have been taught to protect the grief at all costs. You have been taught to keep holding onto the grief and to use it for fuel for the human vehicle. The tears that are cleansing have been taught to be withheld, further patterning the cells of the human vehicle for destruction. For the human body was designed to be fueled with the LOVE that IS. This is the very fabric of the universe and this is the fuel for the human vehicle. Akin to putting diesel in a petrol car you have been taught to apply the wrong nourishment to your human form and this has resulted in patterns of disease and illness manifesting within the human vehicle and within families who work to keep hold of the deeply taught teachings at any cost. Now as the new earth energies begin to unlock the heart and the emotions begin to spill out we ask that you hold SELF in the LOVE that IS, that you allow the LOVE that IS to pour around you and through you for it is re-energising you from cellular level outwards. The process may appear to be challenging at first but as the LOVE that IS takes hold and begins to repair your cells and to support your energies then this will be shown clearly. For your inner vision will start to clear, you will start to remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH and YOU will begin once more to FEEL the family that has been denied to you for aeons. We are part of that family and we hold you now dearest beloved ones in a warm embrace. May our LOVE for you begin to dissolve the deeply held patterns of containment, may our LOVE for you begin to clear and hone your inner vision and may you realise that YOU ARE LOVED beyond measure, for ALL ARE ONE. We are your brothers and sisters from Arcturus and WE ARE YOU.

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Occupy Movement not Dead, just Resting,Occupy Sandy;From Protest Group to Storm Recovery

Occupy Sandy: From protest group to storm recovery


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