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Arcturians Message for February 23rd, 2013 ~ The Up's and Down's of Ascension. Year one

Arcturians Message for February 23rd, 2013 

As channeled by Karen Doonan…


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Allies of Humanity; 3rd Briefing "A Great Warning" about the Visitors.

Photo: Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. -Daniel 12:3

 Allies of Humanity  By Marshall Van Summers

Third Briefing      “A Great Warning”…


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HORSE-MEAT SCANDAL; Nestle Removes Beef Pasta Meals After Finding Horse-meat

Nestle office



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Issued 13 February, 2013 – 12:00 am GMT

by the Brussels Central Office,

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State


No 139 – THE REAL…


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Promise of the Golden Age;Poems ,Prayers & Promises,in Year One

Photo: "No man cometh unto the Father but by me" does not mean that I am in any way separate or different from you except in time, and time does not really exist. The statement is more meaningful in terms of a vertical rather than a horizontal axis. You stand below me and I stand below God. In the process of "rising up," I am higher because without me the distance between God and man would be too great for you to encompass. I bridge the distance as an elder brother to you on the one hand, and as a Son of God on the other. My devotion to my brothers has placed me in charge of the Sonship, which I render complete because I share it. This may appear to contradict the statement "I and my Father are one," but there are two parts to the statement in recognition that the Father is greater. Revelations are indirectly inspired by me because I am close to the Holy Spirit, and alert to the revelation-readiness of my brothers. I can thus bring down to them more than they can draw down to themselves. The Holy Spirit mediates higher to lower communication, keeping the direct channel from God to you open for revelation. Revelation is not reciprocal. It proceeds from God to you, but not from you to God.

Through the veils of the long dark night,

Comes the promise of the bright morning light.…


Added by rev.joshua skirvin on February 15, 2013 at 6:57am — 3 Comments

The Allies Of Humanity ; 2nd Briefing '' The Challenge To Human Freedom"

Photo: The Holy Spirit can indeed make use of memory, for God Himself is there. Yet this is not a memory of past events, but only of a present state. You are so long accustomed to believe that memory holds only what is past, that it is hard for you to realize it is a skill that can remember now. The limitations on remembering the world imposes on it are as vast as those you let the world impose on you. There is no link of memory to the past. If you would have it there, then there it is. But only your desire made the link, and only you have held it to a part of time where guilt appears to linger still. The Holy Spirit's use of memory is quite apart from time. He does not seek to use it as a means to keep the past, but rather as a way to let it go. Memory holds the message it receives, and does what it is given it to do. It does not write the message, nor appoint what it is for. Like to the body, it is purposeless within itself. And if it seems to serve to cherish ancient hate, and gives you pictures of injustices and hurts that you were saving, this is what you asked its message be and that it is. Committed to its vaults, the history of all the body's past is hidden there. All of the strange associations made to keep the past alive, the present dead, are stored within it, waiting your command that they be brought to you, and lived again. And thus do their effects appear to be increased by time, which took away their cause. Yet time is but another phase of what does nothing. It works hand in hand with all the other attributes with which you seek to keep concealed the truth about yourself. Time neither takes away nor can restore. And yet you make strange use of it, as if the past had caused the present, which is but a consequence in which no change can be made possible because its cause has gone. Yet change must have a cause that will endure, or else it will not last. No change can be made in the present if its cause is past. Only the past is held in memory as you make use of it, and so it is a way to hold the past against the now. Remember nothing that you taught yourself, for you were badly taught.

The Allies of Humanity By Marshall Vian Summers…


Added by rev.joshua skirvin on February 12, 2013 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

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