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2. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Wednesday 25 July 2007

Dear Beloved,

I am with you at last:

Today when I went to meditate, towards the end of my meditation something happened, not that it doesn't usually, but this was different. You appeared in front of me. It was like seeing you in a dream - my eyes were shut but I had not fallen asleep. From the moment I saw you, you just started talking to me as though this was perfectly normal; you didn't give me any time to be astounded. Your image was crystal clear… Continue

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More Fun With God

'More Fun With God' is a free e-book. It is a True Love Story about awakening, Heaven on Earth, God and, most importantly, Human Beings. I will be sharing it with you bit by bit, as blogposts, here. It isn't actually finished yet - in fact I doubt it ever will be, I will just keep writing it: I don't like finishing things. Anyway I hope you like it ~

More Fun With God

1. First Contact

I have learnt that…


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