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(GFL) Message from Matthew - September 21st, 2009

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1. This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. You are nearing the one-year mark since peoples of all nations jubilantly heralded the outcome of the US presidential election and the high energy of Change! radiated throughout your world. Now there is pervasive resistance to change, with hardliners seemingly as firmly entrenched as… Continue

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Universal Humans

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Chanelled Message from the GFL via Mike Quinsey: SaLuSa 17-August-2009

Between now and Ascension you will find that your consciousness levels will increase dramatically, and there will be little resemblance to what they are now. The incoming energies are intended to do just that, and you will find your psychic powers suddenly becoming apparent. Telepathy is already being experienced, although people do not necessarily recognise it as such. It would develop more quickly if you believed it was possible, and try using it with a partner by arrangement. Self-healing… Continue

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The Maya Of Eternal Time Drunvalo Melchizedek 2009 (14 parts)

This is a web broadcast of Drunvalo Melchizedek about the mayan prophecies about 2012, The leader of the mayan council of elders Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez has given his approval to Drunvalo to tell the world what the mayans themself have to say about the 2012 prophecies, this is the first time they reveal to the world what they think will… Continue

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This is a beautiful design. I haven't counted the small marks around the border but I bet they add up to 12 as well. I added the small 4 dots around the "crosses" and since there are 4 dots per cross (12) there are 48 in total which is 4+8 which is 12 again.

Take a look, really beautiful design ...


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NWO Kung Fu

I just wanted to write about a realization I had yesterday. It's not a novel or original thought. It's not the first time I've realized this but for some reason this time it really really sank in. I have somewhat of an obsessive personality so in some things in my life I tend to over do it. Be it reading, gaming etc. It seems that moderation is not easy in some cases for me. so I keep trying.

As with many of you, my eyes are open and I see the world for what it is and I see the ugly… Continue

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Message from the GFL: SaLuSa 15-June-2009

Waiting patiently is not something humans are renowned for at the best of times, and with the coming of many needed changes, it is a test of your endurance and faith. Yes, we know that your hopes have been raised and then you have suffered deflation, but that is because the events are so important they have to come in at a time when they will be successful. There has also been a lot of essential work that has had to be set up to provide the support that will be needed. Nothing can happen… Continue

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