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Magic: the case for

Hey I know I haven't been on here for a while, heh, but I wanted to run this by you people and see what you all thought of it.


So yeah, you're like b-b-b-b what?  Magic?  You're crazy.


The human body produces a field of energy.  Cellular respiration is the process where basically all the little mitcochondria are literally power plants, generating electricity to power things like your ATP thingys in you muscles going back and…


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The tale of Azerbithia

-Xfire chat, ~ 4:30 PM CST

[16:31] javissariah: Say

[16:31] javissariah: I thought of a history

[16:31] javissariah: Kinda idly playin with it

[16:32] javissariah: There was a kingdom called Azerbithia

[16:32] javissariah: or osmeething liek that

[16:32] javissariah: There were four races

[16:33] javissariah: The black men and a sort of short, Italian folk were the upper class

[16:33] javissariah: the black folk held government offices and merchandising,…


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I AM movement - What?

Read this and tell me what you think.

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What I Believe


It's been a long time since I decided to actually write something.  My intellectual exercise has stuttered to a halt, and I was trying to think of a way to get it started up again, and I thought, why not write?

I kinda feel ashamed... as in, not guilty, or anything like that, but, I have simply not used my intellectual capabilities since... Hmm.  Probably around the time school ended.  There was a time when I thought, and I thought much, and now it is gone.



Added by Unlabeled? on July 17, 2011 at 3:32am — 1 Comment

If It Says So, Then It Is So

Watcha… Continue

Added by Unlabeled? on June 30, 2011 at 6:00am — 4 Comments

Series of sketches

Well I wanted to post a big batch of pictures on Deviantart but that is going to be a long process so for now I'll just stick em here.

In order:

Man smoking cigarette

Various Heads 1

White Knight

Various Heads 2

Attempt at comic 1, 2

Various Heads 3



By the riverside

Various Heads 4


Various Heads 5

Power to the Magicians

Attempt at Non-Violent Violence



Added by Unlabeled? on April 22, 2011 at 7:28pm — 4 Comments

Huge essay on natures of stuff

Great name, eh?  The original is from:

That was my immediate response.

It helps to step back and re-evaluate one's…


Added by Unlabeled? on March 22, 2011 at 1:00am — 4 Comments

A lesson in Fear

Well, so my mom has found out which person I am on here.

If you're reading this, Hi, Mom!

Hahh... she coaxed it out of me.  I'm not entirely willing to divulge my identity, but why does it matter?

Well, one, if she knows who I am, and maybe some of the... less than normal stuff I've talked about on here, well, my irrational fear just goes haywire, apparently for some reason I am afraid that... what?  She'll look at me funny?

Heck, I've done worse things on the…


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The Word "Is"

"Is" and "Are" seem to be some of the most annoying words in the English language.  What they do, they allow us to think that whatever relationship we connect between the two concepts, IS true.

For instance, this post IS redundant.  Instantaneously, we shift from No Opinion to The post IS for all certainty and all eternity until I say so, redundant.

However, there is no "is."  "Is" is a made up term.  See how I connected it there?  To me Is suddenly becomes... a made up term,…


Added by Unlabeled? on March 3, 2011 at 1:30am — 1 Comment

Influencing the weather?

Well, not the weather, strictly speaking, but clouds.

I was sitting waiting for the bus when I decided, that perhaps what would happen were I to try to blow away part of the wonderful chem-trail cloud cover we were having today.  So, I laid down on some concrete, quickly disconnected from my body (as I imagined it) and flew up.  I was above the clouds, then in the clouds.  Murky and foggy.  I started to spin as fast as I could, while simultaneously trying to release energy.  This way…


Added by Unlabeled? on March 3, 2011 at 1:04am — 1 Comment

A thing.


Ehem.  I was in bed and I decided that before I go to sleep, I would ask that I would share either Rae's freaky dreams  (why would I do that?  I'm a Rat, and Aries.  Look it up.  Bold, adventurous, go where no one has before, including sizzling pits of acid) or someone else's dreams.  'Cause I want some interesting dreams, something that I could really go Huh, Weird, and Wow. 

Now I could just simply try to look at my dreams in a different perspective.  But I want more…


Added by Unlabeled? on February 28, 2011 at 4:38am — 7 Comments

Fifth, sixth and seventh installments of a very weird imagination

Well I want to put this all into one.  So I'll do it chronologically.

So the first one, is a couple weeks ago or so.  I was on a battlefield in a trench as an infantry man.  I don't think I fired one shot before the entire army was called to retreat.  It was incredibly misty.  I was running through muck and the beginnings of rain when I reached the base, and I had gotten there just as the gates were closed.  So I was left outside in the rain in hostile company.

I don't remember…


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Just what happened,

Hmmm... this energy stuff is very very cool.

Last night as I was in bed, I decided, hey, let's see if I can get the energy from my body flowing to my index fingers.  So I put my index fingers right next to each other, and shut my eyes, and move energy (as I perceive it) from, successively, my feet, my legs, my groin, my chest, my above-head, my head, my throat, and my arms to the tips of my fingers, and I do it over and over again until it go smoothly enough.  Then, as I'm…


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Today, a car crash

I was walking down the street to my house because school had got out early.  It was moderate traffic, light for those who live in big cities, and I heard PBOw, saw a red jeep-truck-thing go up onto the curb about right across the street from me, and hit a tree.  The air bag exploded immediately, and there was a loud pop when the car hit the tree.

It truly wasn't as violent or noisy as I expect most car crashes to be.

Apparently, the man inside the car had had a sugar attack…


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Fourth installment of a very weird imagination

Whew… that was vivid.

I laid down and pulled a sheet over my eyes.

First, I asked, how can I know that I’m actually projecting, instead of just imagining?  I’ve noticed that sometimes, before an event happens in two seconds, I’ll get a glimpse of what’s about to happen, and then it’ll happen.  Here, also, I’m starting to be able to predict what a person’s going to say two seconds before it’s said.  So how do I know what is actual projection, instead of just…


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Third installment of a very weird imagination

I'm tired.

I suppose this stuff is real.  I'm not sure if I've really come to grips with that, but I see just a little more of it, it's becoming a little more real.

And, I'm choking on the red pill.

Random thing:  reading Tamoharadasa the Wanderer's 'request' just now made me think:  Hare Krishna sounds like Herr Krishna, which would equate to Mr. Krishna.  Mr.-Mr.Krishna-Mr.-Krishna?

So anyways, I'm really tired.. I suppose I'll put down my latest…


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Second installment of a very weird imagination


I'm not entirely sure if this is fiction or not. Bugs me. Exciting, but I still doubt the reality of it. Either I'm really gullible to some extent, or I'm crazy to some extent, or this is REAL to some extent.



I lay down, and I close my eyes, and I'm off. I direct my mind out to above my city, and then above Earth. I'm in space, and then I hear a voice, it sounds sorta like a professor. I can't exactly remember all of this, but it was something…


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The Self Observatory

So, I was at school, and I thought it was time to start writing a journal, something where I could spill my guts into, and see if I could find a problem after writing for a while, and maybe a solution.

This is it:

"Well... there are a lot of things on my mind.

There's homework, or school. Um... man, I've been faltering in...language, algebra, and perhaps social studies Hmm..

Is it something bad? There are other questions that rack my mind...I keep thinking, "Is this… Continue

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A very weird imagination

Last night, I was going to bed. Unfortunately, I have an active imagination.

As I was lying in bed, I imagined I was in a cave, in a large spider's web, wrapped up, except for my face.

A large spider came upon me. It was sentient, and it could talk to me. It did. I knew in the first place that we had both agreed to be there, that I was there to learn. The spider detailed to me that we were going to see how well I reacted to pain. It explained to me that there was no…


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A big long ramble

Well, I been wanting to write for a while, and now I have some topics that I want to open up, so I'll just go ramble-style...


The weather has been heavy lately. I mean, an expected 6 inches in Tennessee, and it's already that way in Arkansas (which as far as I know has barely even HEARD of snow...); I suppose this earth-changing stuff has something to it, yeah? And the birds...and fishes...and crabs...well, that just sounds like fear mongering or ridiculing, but who… Continue

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